Easy DIY RV Projects!

Easy DIY Projects!

Purchasing a new RV is a fun and exciting experience. These tiny homes-on-wheels can take you to some truly inspirational and scenic locations, while also allowing you to travel with ease, enjoying your own kitchen, bed, and bathroom while on the road. While many RVs can be quite pricey, some people buy used RVs to help offset the cost of the purchase and to find an RV with more character. Yet, many older RVs are outdated and dingy, while some of the newer ones may be just too cookie-cutter for many people. To combat these issues, many decide to renovate or remodel their RVs. However, this can be an extensive and lengthy process, resulting in high costs and months of time. 

The extensive remodeling process can be very worthwhile for some people, but for others, it may just be more than they are cut out for. Still, there are many simple RV remodeling tasks that can take less than a few days to complete, yet make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your RV. These include painting, swapping out old furniture, replacing the flooring, updating window fixtures, and adding decor. Stay tuned as we discuss these steps, what they entail, and how you can get started!

1. Paint!

Painting is perhaps the most time-consuming suggestion on this list, yet it makes the biggest overall difference. A couple of coats of white paint, or another light color, does wonders for an outdated RV, brightening up the space and adding new life and character. However, keep in mind that there is a good bit of prep work that goes into painting your RV. First, you must sand the top coat off of all cabinets and any walls that were previously wallpapered. Then, you must flatten out any ripples or imperfections in the wallpaper (which may or may not have occurred over your RV’s lifespan), and fill any nicks or dents in the walls with putty. 

Next, you must take off any cabinet doors or drawers, as well as outlets, light fixtures, and anything else you don’t want to paint over. Then, you must clean and tape off any areas that were not removable. Once the prepwork is complete, you are free to begin the painting process. Most folks who have painted their RVs recommend painting two or three coats at minimum. Be sure to choose a high-quality paint for maximum quality and a long-lasting paint job.

2. Switch up furniture

Switching out your RV’s furniture may be a little tricky, but this fairly simple process can result in big changes! Be sure to measure each space very well before purchasing furniture. Keep in mind that RV doorways are quite small and may not allow you to carry in pre-assembled pieces. For this reason, many people purchase furniture from IKEA and other retailers who sell furniture that you must put together yourself. You must first remove the old furniture before setting up the new furniture. Be sure to bolt down new furniture, as well. Many folks replace couches, accent chairs, dining room tables and chairs, and dinette cushions. Any of these choices will surely make a big impact.

3. Change up floors

Older model RVs are often equipped with outdated and dingy carpets. These are often not the best for camping, as they tend to trap dirt and debris and make it harder to keep the RV clean, especially if you have pets and/or children. Many folks opt to switch this out for laminate planks or tiles. This offers the look of hardwood or tile floors, without all the added weight (and cost!) associated with it. The two most common choices for these types of flooring are peel-and-stick and click-n-lock. Each of these types of laminate flooring has its own benefits, and either can be an excellent choice.

The hardest part of this process is removing the carpet. Once the carpet has been removed, you can lay your flooring, making any necessary cuts around the edges. This is another somewhat easy process that results in big changes!

4. Change window fixtures

This is another small change with a huge reward. Many RVs come equipped with bulky and outdated window valances, which can also make the RV feel smaller. Consider removing these and replacing them with more modern fixtures such as blinds, roller shades, curtains, or any combination of those. Be sure to measure the length and width of each individual window before purchasing supplies. RV windows tend to be different in size than the windows in traditional homes, but most hardware stores should be able to fit your windows for new fixtures and accommodate the custom sizes.

5. Add decor 

Decor makes the single biggest difference in an RV! Each person’s decor is totally different which is the best way to make your RV your own. Potential ideas include adding photos and wall hangings, including objects found along your travels and photos of places your RV has taken you. You can also consider adding blankets, throw pillows, new bedding, area rugs, and any other number of small items that will brighten up your space. Many RVers use earthquake putty, command strips, or other types of adhesives to hang things on the walls and keep their things in place while they are moving down the road. A well-decorated room always brightens the spirits, so don’t forget this important step!

For a more homey RV, consider any of these tips or ideas, and be sure to complete any other simple ideas you have! Remember that these changes will last for years to come, so even if this process takes weeks or months, the end result is a beautiful and customized RV that more closely aligns with your particular design style. Happy trails!

Have you customized your RV at all? What changes did you make? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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