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Become a Boondockers Welcome Host

Who can be a host?

Anyone with property they control that can legally allow an RV to park overnight is welcome to become a host. You don't have to be able to fit every size of RV, even if all you have is a driveway that can fit a B-Class (campervan), we still welcome you to join! We also welcome hosts from across the globe, not just in North America.

You don't need to have any RV hookups available - that's why we're called "Boondockers Welcome" - however if you do have hookups for guests, all the better. While hosts are not permitted to charge guests to stay over, compensation for costs if hookups are used is acceptable.

Why become a host?

There are many reasons to become a host! Yours might incude:

  • Meeting interesting people. Many of our guest members have had lots of interesting adventures and love to share travel stories. Some amazing friendships have been built after sharing a night at a Boondockers Welcome host's location.
  • Learning about the RV lifestyle. If you're considering becoming an RVer, guests can share lots of helpful tips about shopping for your rig, where to travel, and how to do it affordably.
  • Earning credits for guest privileges. If you plan to be a Boondockers Welcome guest on your own travels, you can earn free guest privileges subscription credits with every member you host, and you get a discounted subscription just by having a host location listed.
  • Bringing in business. RVers may live parts of their lives on the road, but they need to buy groceries like everybody else. Many Walmarts capitalize on this by letting RVers park in their parking lots overnight for free. If you have a small business, now you too can be on RVers radar as a welcoming place to shop and spend the night.
Learn more about host rewards.

What's involved in being a host?

It's pretty simple really! Here's all that we expect of you:

  • Create a profile letting guests know about you and your location.
  • Respond to stay requests from members - you can decline or accept any request for any reason.
  • When your guests arrive, point them to a safe place on your property to park for the night.
  • Leave a reference for your guests after they're gone, and they'll do the same for you.

After that, it's entirely up to you. Some hosts love to socialize with their guests, others go about their business and can feel comfortable knowing that their guests are fully self-sufficient.

Have concerns? All guests have to agree to our courtesy contract and we encourage hosts to let us know of any infractions; guest privileges will be revoked for repeat offenders. Read our Host FAQ for answers to other questions, or contact us if you're curious about how it works and don't find answers there.

How do I get started?

It's simple! All you need to do is create a free account and then add a host location.

Click here to become a host now!