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Courtesy Contract

Date of Last Revision: July 10, 2020

Revised July 8, 2020

All guests must agree to our courtesy contract before they can contact any hosts. Please read carefully as any failure to comply will result in guest privileges being revoked without a refund.
  1. I agree to offer to compensate hosts (following these guidelines) for any costs they may incur if I use their hookups.
  2. I will TURN OFF MY AIR CONDITIONER when I leave my RV for more than an hour. If I need to leave the A/C on while Iā€™m gone for any specific reason, I will communicate that need with my host in advance and offer to compensate for additional use.
  3. I will leave on the departure date specified in my stay request. I will NOT REQUEST additional nights and may extend my stay ONLY at the host’s express invitation.
  4. I will COMMUNICATE about my arrival and let the host know the approximate time to expect me.
  5. I will let the host know as soon as possible if I need to cancel or cannot arrive by the agreed-upon date and time.
  6. I will ARRIVE BEFORE DARK. If I’m inadvertently delayed so that I cannot do so, I will phone the host to ask if it’s still okay to come.
  7. If I request more than one night and do not intend to leave the property during the day, IN MY INITIAL STAY REQUEST, I'll let the host know the reason for my visit so they can decide if that’s okay."
  8. I will NOT REQUEST access to any services or facilities not specifically mentioned and offered on the host’s online profile. 
  9. I will not ask for RV storage or to leave my RV on a host’s property on a night while I’m not actually using it unless this is specifically offered on the host’s profile.
  10. I will not dump grey water or dispose of my garbage on the host’s property unless the host offers. I will also not ask permission to do so unless this is specifically offered on the host’s profile.
  11. I will closely SUPERVISE CHILDREN AND PETS at all times while on the host’s property.
  12. I will pick up all pet waste and take it with me to dispose of it after I leave the property.
  13. Accidents can happen. I will REPORT DAMAGE to the host’s property immediately, no matter how minor, and offer to cover the cost of repairs.
  14. I will not invite anyone who is not a part of my travel party onto the host’s property without the host’s prior approval. 
  15. I agree to comply with all house rules posted on the host’s profile.
  16. The website will not allow a stay request for dates that are blocked or that fall outside of the minimum and maximum advance notice preferences set by the host. I will NOT CIRCUMVENT these restrictions by using conversation mode (“contact this user” tab) to request a stay. Not only does it disrespect the host’s preference but it prevents them from being credited for your stay.
  17. No matter how I rate my experience, I WILL THANK THE HOST at the end of my stay.
  18. I will COMMUNICATE about my departure time and not pull away on the last day without saying goodbye or letting the host know I’m leaving. (This could be just by text or private message).
  19. I will confirm each stay promptly after my departure (the website will send you a reminder). Your confirmation is needed for the host to receive their reward credits. 
  20. I agree to treat everyone in the Boondockers Welcome community ā€” regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age ā€” with respect, and without judgment or bias.
  21. I am aware my guest privileges may be revoked (without refund) if a host reports my failure to comply with any of the above terms or if the website administrators notice any infraction or disregard of the items listed above.