Organizational Tips for Each Room in Your RV

Or perhaps you’ve had your RV for a while and it’s just never felt properly organized. In this guide, we will walk you through each area of your RV and provide you with some pointers along the way.


Let’s start with the kitchen. If you think about how much time you’ll be spending in your RV’s kitchen preparing food, it may be even more than your own living room! If you’re downsizing from a home to an RV, it’s obvious that your new kitchen won’t be the same size (and in fact quite smaller). This is where strategic organization takes place.

Pull-out cabinet organizers like this can help to provide more storage. 

Beginning with shelves, baskets, and hooks, the key to an organized kitchen is optimized space throughout. “Making the most out of a little” if you will. For example, you’ll likely be limited on cabinet space compared to your old kitchen, so use nifty things to create more space. Extra shelves within cabinets, using hooks inside the cabinet doors, slide-out cabinet racks to create easy access, and even over-the-door baskets can create space out of nothing! With so many options at your fingertips, you can even use these creatively as decor to spruce up your kitchen. It looks great and it serves a purpose!

Next, think about actual food storage. We personally love sticking with tupperware and deli-containers for leftovers due to their stackability and easiness to fit anywhere. The same goes for reusable water bottles and even reusable shopping bags. The more ways you can find to cut down extra “space” with your storage options, the less cramped you’ll feel while making your favorite meals.

Living Room

An RV’s living room is a work in progress, especially a new one. Many people consider a living room to be the “personality” of the home and a true reflection of the home, or in this case, RV! That means unique flair, originality, and organization are particularly prominent.

As you start decorating your living room (with organization in mind), think first about your furniture. From couches to tables, there are tons of ways you can create storage in the room. Look into coffee tables that offer great storage shelf space or even foldable ottomans that can house important items like spare blankets and pillows. You’d be surprised how many living room options can offer comfort and some extra space. Check out this guide for some recommendations to get you started!


While your bathroom will most definitely be the smallest room in your RV, it may seem like the most daunting room to keep organized. Limited cabinet space can make it feel cramped and the overall square footage can make you feel like you can’t fit all of your essentials into one place. We’ve got some tips for you!

Shower caddies such as this one not only help to keep items organized but they will also keep items secure while traveling. 

First, we would be remiss to not start with the most important bathroom essential for every RV, a shower caddy. Whether it’s a grab basket of every essential shower item or even one that clips over the shower door, a caddy is a must-have. It’s the perfect place to store shampoo, conditioner, and every essential in between. Next, let’s move onto shelves and storage. Some items to consider are a toilet paper holder to stockpile tissue and towel bars for hand washing. Be sure to use all wall space available without creating a sense of clutter!

Last but not least, your (probably minimal) cabinet and drawer space. What we recommend for cabinet space is stocking it with items you use, but maybe not every day. For example, dedicate one to be your medicine cabinet and another to skincare products. That way everything is sorted by one category and easy for you to find. One thing to keep in mind is not stocking up too much on these products because these spaces can get cluttered quickly. Instead of stockpiling supplies, consider over-the-counter medicine delivery to get your products delivered on-demand when you need them versus when they’re simply taking up space. That way, you can have your prescriptions on hand, but if you need refills of general items like Advil or Aleve, you can just order it from your phone, and send it to your next stop! This process will definitely save you cabinet and storage space in your RV bathroom.


When it comes to your RV’s bedroom, it’s all about clothing organization. And although you may spend very little time there besides sleeping and getting ready, it’s probable that this area will have the most amount of storage room and items (especially clothes!).

Over the door shoe organizers help to keep shoes off the ground and provide more room in the closet for other items.

To get started organizing clothes, it’s important to be strategic with your closet. Sort through your clothes and store them based on usage, seasonality, or even color to keep everything straight. If you find you have too many clothes and need extra room, you have options! Storage bins are a fantastic way to store away clothes from the main area of your bedroom. Sometimes these bins might be able to fit under a bed or on shelves on a wall. The same goes for shoes! A shoe rack is a must-have for any RV so you can keep all your footwear organized. The ones we’ve found to be the best are the vertical holders that can support multiple pairs and take up the least space.

Other ideas to keep in mind are everyday items that you use can be stored in your bedroom. Items like work accessories (laptop, office supplies) and any gadgets you may have (phone chargers, Google Home items, etc). If you’re not assigning certain places for these items, consider using baskets to keep these organized so you can have them at a close grabbing range.

Browse this resource to check out even more ideas to get your inspiration churning. 

We hope these tips will help you to get your RV organized so you can spend more time exploring and less time trying to find items in your RV. It will also make your RV a nice place to come back to after a busy day of sightseeing. 

Happy organizing!

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