RV Bedroom Remodel: Maximize Space and Comfort

Your home away from home should offer you rest and relaxation at the end of an adventurous day. Updating the sleeping area of an RV can improve the look and functionality of the space. There are many ways to implement changes. Some create the illusion of more space while others actually use creative means to maximize space. Some changes can influence your sleep, while others simply improve the appearance of the area. An RV bedroom remodel can be as big or small of an undertaking as you want it to be. Renewing this area does not have to be a massive overhaul. There are plenty of small do-it-yourself carpentry projects that can enhance the RV bedroom. However, even a few small changes can grant campers a nice change in scenery.

Cleverly Add Storage

One of the most relevant issues that RV owners face is limited space. Where the bed is located, you may find there are fewer places to hide the clutter. A bedside caddy is one alternative to the traditional nightstand. These multi-section baskets, often made from polyester or metal, attach to the wall of the RV. They are somewhat slim in nature serving as a receptacle for remotes, phones, books, and more. For extra storage at the head or foot of the bed, custom cabinets can be built. This takes away from the possible bed size but makes up for it with hidden compartments. These can be used to stash clothing, toiletries, and anything else you want to tuck inside. Seem like an ambitious project for your skillset? In lieu of a cabinet, try a pocketed headboard for a place to store small items. This can be a much easier and less expensive way to add storage to the bed.

Strategically Decorate 

Switching up the décor can drastically change the RV bedroom space. A few simple adjustments and it can easily go anywhere from a vintage palette to funky fresh. Keep in mind that coordinating the colors of the walls and bedding will provide the appearance of a larger space. Better still, use light colors as they give off an airy, spacious feel. It may seem counterintuitive to add decorative pillows, but they can make the RV feel more like home. A couple of faux fur pillows can soften the look and be used to lean back on when sitting on the bed. Choosing wall decorations that double as storage is a plus! Be careful to avoid bulky items on the wall though. Rather, opt for flat designs such as wall decals.

Change Bedroom Theme

Upgrading the look of your RV sleep arrangements is much easier than altering the usable space. To accomplish this task, focus on a few main aspects of the room; the bed, the walls, and the floor. Use window shades, curtains, carpets, shelving, and bedding to tie the room together within your desired concept. You can incorporate a theme throughout the room or express your individuality through colors. Many RV bedroom themes are based on travel. You can use items acquired from your travels to adorn the walls, including postcards and trinkets. Maps are another way to display your travel experiences. If the lake life is for you, that’s another theme worth exploring. You aren’t bound to travel themes, either. Perhaps you would rather settle on a floral motif or use the space to share your passion for racing memorabilia. There is really no end to the possibilities.

Choose the Right Mattress

Replacing an old RV mattress can help you get better sleep on the road. A good mattress will be supportive and comfortable. What size to get is important because the bed’s length and width must fit in the allotted space. There is less standardization for RV mattress sizes than mattresses made for in-home use. For example, not every RV King Mattress has the same dimensions. The same is true for RV Queen mattresses as well as other sizes. Measure your current mattress and use that to guide you on what replacement size is needed. You will want to also consider the height of the mattress. A thinner mattress will offer more room from the bed surface to the ceiling. Fortunately, mattress quality is based more on its composition than on how thick it is. So, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a high-quality mattress that meets the specifications for your RV.

Before Starting Any Project

It’s a good idea to make a design plan before you begin any renovations. Within this plan, outline your expenditures so that you can stay within a reasonable budget. Determine how much you want to spend on creating extra storage versus cosmetic improvements. Recruiting others to help can save you money. For example, if you don’t feel confident in your construction abilities, you may know someone willing to help. You can also learn a good deal by watching video tutorials. There is an entire community of people who share their “before and after” RV remodels online. These often include a step by step guide to help others replicate the results. Deciding on what you want to do prior to beginning will help you stay on track once you get started.

Tips for Better Sleep in an RV

It is unlikely that adding a Wanderlust or Adventure theme is going to help improve your sleep. That being said, there are some things you can do to sleep better in an RV. For starters, park away from noisy streets and active campsites whenever possible. Noise from passing cars or close by campers may disturb you as you try to sleep. Outside lights can also hinder your ability to fall asleep. In the bedroom, window dressings are a good place to start. Sheer curtains can brighten up the space but at night they may let in too much light. This may affect your capacity for quality sleep as it disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Try blackout curtains instead. Even small modifications like this can have a big impact, leaving you more well-rested for the adventures ahead. 

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