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Too Many Newsletters? Which Ones To Keep?

To keep current with the news about RVing, there’s nothing like a regular newsletter.  If you’re like most people though, you’ve probably subscribed to more than you actually have time to read. You know you can unsubscribe, but you don’t because you fully intend to find the time to read them – later. Meanwhile, they clutter up your inbox.

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Anna Buys her First RV

For those of you who’ve followed along, you know that Boondockers Welcome is the brainchild of Marianne, who has been RVing for 18 years now along with her husband Randy. Marianne knows the ins and outs of boondocking, RVing on a budget, and getting the absolute best experience when travelling across North America in your RV.

And then there’s me.

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Top 5 Podcasts for RVers

I love podcasts - they let me really feel like I'm multitasking and getting things done, since I can easily listen to them while exercising or driving somewhere. It seems that the trend lately has been to have a YouTube channel instead of a podcast, but I'm really feeling the podcast love, so I'm happy to share a list of the best RV related podcasts that I've found.