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Level Up Duck Hunting Season With Boondockers Welcome

In some areas, ducking hunting is practically a way of life – much like deer hunting and fishing. It takes some commitment, requiring hunters to brave cold, wet conditions and face pre-dawn hours. Although there are regional exceptions, duck hunting season generally runs from mid-October through early April. Many would consider “peak” duck hunting December through February.

One way to elevate your duck hunting season? Combine it with a Boondockers Welcome stay! Many of our host locations throughout North America have convenient access to excellent duck hunting opportunities. Below, we’ve highlighted 30 locations across 10 states to help you map out your season.

Of course it goes without saying, be sure to check local hunting regulations for permits, licenses, and other requirements. And above all, be safe and have fun!

10 Best Duck Hunting States

Whether you prefer public hunting on your own, joining buddies for a guided hunt in a wildlife management area, or even joining a club, the US has duck hunting opportunities for everyone.


It’s nearly impossible to discuss duck hunting without mentioning Louisiana. It turns out there’s a reason the guys behind Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander chose the Pelican State for their empire.

One of the biggest reasons Louisiana is a top duck hunting state is its geography. The state has far more coastline than much bigger states including Texas, Maine, and Oregon, plus the Mighty Mississippi River forming the vast majority of its eastern border. These very different waterways create equally diverse wetlands, including bayous, marshes, and swamps, all of which serve as important duck habitats.

Front of the Farm, LA

Front of the Farm – Rayville, LA

Rayville is just off I-20 east of Monroe, the birthplace of Duck Dynasty. The setup here allows RVers to camp in a picturesque pecan orchard! While there’s plenty of space, it may not be for heavier rigs, as the ground frequently gets saturated after rain.

KT & BJ’s Homestead – Bastrop, LA

Close to the Arkansas state line and north of Monroe, this is an excellent host location for duck hunting. Four wide open acres accommodate any size rig and if you’re lucky, you may meet the stable of farm animals.

Hico Hideaway – Dubach, LA

Many people think it’s northern Louisiana that gives the state the “sportsman’s paradise” nickname. Staying at Hico Hideaway, with its open pasture, quick access to multiple lakes and state parks, and some of the state’s best deer and duck hunting, it’s easy to see why. There’s plenty of room for multiple rigs here and the host generously allows stays up to five nights.


The Natural State is incredibly diverse, with mountains, rivers, natural springs, and flooded bottomland forests. Plus, like Louisiana, the Mississippi River makes up its eastern border. Arkansas has over 100 wildlife management areas (WMAs), with the vast majority of them prioritizing a healthy duck population. Truthfully, there’s virtually no “bad” place to go duck hunting in Arkansas.

Fun fact: the world-famous “Claypool picture,” the photo from the 1950s of over 300,000 ducks in the water and flying around, was taken in Arkansas.

Charlie’s Camp, AR

Charlie’s Camp – Jonesboro, AR

It’s easy to see why several reviews mention this is one of the most memorable BW locations! There are 18 pristine acres with a private pond and multiple campsite options, all with plenty of room for big rigs. Plus, the location is close to fantastic duck hunting along the Mississippi River.

Pyles Farm – Jonesboro, AR

Another Jonesboro host location, this one is a quiet rice and soybean farm with plenty of space for campers. Hunt the WMAs in the Mississippi Delta or cross into southern Missouri.

mstrshop1’s Host Location – Lonoke, AR

This beautiful rural property has plenty of space, but is just off I-40 and close to Little Rock. The host is an avid hunter and fisherman himself, so he may share some local tips! Electric hookup is available, and the RV spaces are level.


Is anyone noticing a bit of a theme so far — much of the country’s best duck hunting takes place right along the Mississippi Delta. Of course, then, Mississippi itself is one of the top duck hunting states.

This is primarily because Mississippi sits right at the center of what’s known as the Mississippi Flyway, a major bird migration route. Over 325 individual species of birds migrate through here as they make their annual trips between the South and Canada.

Back Forty Farm, MS

Back Forty Farm – Crystal Springs, MS

Just south of Jackson in a scenic rural area, Back Forty Farm is a great stopover for hunters of all kinds. Six miles off a major interstate, it’s easy to get anywhere! The property can easily accommodate the biggest RVs (and even semis, if needed!) and welcomes stays up to five nights.

Oak Lane – Hernando, MS

If you enjoy wide open green spaces and Southern hospitality, look no further than this BW location. It’s very close to the Mississippi River and a large lake, and has more than enough space for big rigs.

Enchanted Forest – Lauderdale, MS

It’s no secret that most of Mississippi’s best duck hunting is in the Delta (along the river). Don’t be so quick to discount the eastern section of the state, though. This unique host location is close to major WMAs, Okatibbee and Nanih Waiya, and as a bonus, there’s not nearly as much hunting pressure here.


Moving away from the Mississippi River but staying in the South, Oklahoma is what you might consider a “sleeper state” for duck hunting. Thanks to its abundance of public hunting opportunities and enormous, healthy duck population, Realtree assigns Oklahoma an “A” rating for duck hunting and says the state “generally isn’t thought of as a primary duck hunting destination, but it should be.”

There’s much more water in eastern Oklahoma, but the western part of the state has great opportunities, as well and bonus: there’s very little hunting pressure on that side.

Pokie Acres, Oklahoma

Mills Mountain Hideaway – Wister, OK

This BW location is close to the Ouachita National Forest and countless prime duck hunting land, including Eufaula Lake and Wister Lake.

Pokie Acres – Tahlequah, OK

A beautiful eastern Oklahoma property in a quiet rural area, that also happens to be close to plenty of hunting! Fishing is also huge in this area, thanks to its proximity to the Arkansas River.

Quiet Spot at the End of the Road – Marietta, OK

For vanlifers or those with truck campers, this 40-acre host location in south-central Oklahoma is a duck hunters’ dream. The property is close to the Red River, Lake Texoma, and numerous WMAs.


We already know that everything’s bigger in Texas, and it turns out that also applies to the variety of duck hunting opportunities. There are numerous pristine bodies of water in just about every corner of the state, many of them on public land. The duck species are equally diverse, with excellent opportunities for teals, mallards, pintails, and more.

Obviously, simply deciding where to start duck hunting in Texas can be overwhelming with the state’s sheer size. Farmland in the Panhandle is a perfect starting point, East Texas, close to the Louisiana border, has many great wildlife management areas, and the lakes and rivers in southern Texas (just a bit inland from the Gulf Coast) are also fantastic.

Bonus: Texas is one of the best places to enjoy winter RV camping.

Small Texas Farm

Small Texas Farm – Sherman, TX

If North Texas is on your duck hunting agenda, this is the Boondockers Welcome location for you. The small hobby farm with a pond is less than 30 minutes from Lake Texoma and about one hour north of Dallas, providing convenient access to everything.

Smalltownusa – Jefferson, TX

Close to fantastic hunting in east Texas such as Caddo Lake, this location offers hookups for one RV. The home is also within a short, easy walk of the historic downtown area.

Grow Moore – Shamrock, TX

The Texas Panhandle has plenty of duck hunting opportunities, not to mention Route 66 and other interesting sites. The farm has tons of space for big rigs and a level gravel driveway and parking areas.

North Dakota

North Dakota tends to “fly” under most people’s radar (pun very much intended – how could we not?!). However, duck hunting is so prolific here that the state is referred to as “the duck factory!” That’s mostly because North Dakota is situated perfectly along the migration route between the Gulf of Mexico and Canada. The route even has an official name: the North American Central Flyway.

Terrain varies a bit across the state, but the common denominator is all the lakes, ponds, creeks, and fertile farmland. The abundance of wetlands, combined with the abundance of publicly-accessible land, makes North Dakota a fantastic duck hunting state.

The Clarke Getaway, ND

The Clarke Getaway – Arvilla, ND

This Boondockers Welcome location is in the renowned duck-fertile Red River Valley and convenient to Grand Forks. The 3-acre borders a state park and can easily accommodate the biggest RVs.

Spirit Lake Retreat – Sheyenne, ND

Located in Devils Lake Basin and near the Sheyenne River, this host location is in one of North Dakota’s premier duck hunting regions. The hosts can accommodate two big rigs, one with electricity. Guests are also welcome to enjoy the basketball court and 9-hole frisbee golf course.

Washburrn, North Dakota – Washburn, ND

Situated right on the Missouri River, Washburn is a wonderful place to use as a basecamp for hunting. The host can accommodate one fairly large RV.


Utah is much more commonly associated with big game hunting, but don’t overlook it as a prime duck hunting state. If you’ve ever spent time in Utah (or anywhere in the Southwest, for that matter), you know the terrain varies dramatically across the state.

You’ll find the best duck hunting in flatter, more open land, such as the state’s many reservoirs and lakes. There are also several WMAs, but for the most unique experience, head to the Great Salt Lake. Hunters need some specialized gear (like an airboat, for example), but it’s well worth it.

Paul and Marshelle Farm, UT

Paul and Marshelle Farm – Corinne, UT

This farm near Ogden is a great basecamp for much of northern Utah. Namely, hunting along the southern end of the Great Salt Lake is easily accessible. There’s more than enough space for the biggest of RVs, and the owners welcome stays of up to five nights.

Access to Awesome – Ogden, UT

If you need a quick overnight stay while duck hunting in northern Utah, this is a great stop. In the center of Ogden, this host does indeed have great “access to awesome.” Note that there’s only space for a campervan or truck camper.

Salt Lake Layover – Salt Lake City, UT

Excellent jumping-off point for hunting the Great Salt Lake and nearby WMAs, plus access to everything SLC has to offer. Electric and water hookups are available, and the host can accommodate rigs up to 30 feet.


The Chesapeake Bay gives Maryland many unique duck hunting opportunities, with an abundance of tidal wetlands. Fortunately, the vast majority of these lands are public, between WMAs and wildlife preserves. As you might expect, the best hunting in the state is concentrated around the coast.

Also, while not technically ducks, Maryland also has a large population of Canada geese. In fact, in the 2021-22 season, Maryland hunters bagged far more geese than mallards — 52,000 versus 28,000.

The Woods in Lusby, MD

The Woods – Lusby, MD

Sandwiched between the bay and the Patuxent River, there’s tons of excellent duck hunting close by. The hosts also own the lot next to theirs and have made the RV space into a real campground, with a fire pit, grill, hammock, and picnic table.

davehardy0101’s Host Location – Lusby, MD

Another Lusby host location, the available space for a rig here is small, but ideal for campervans and truck campers. Your stay even includes passes to the residents-only beach!

Mudbunny Pond – Lexington Park, MD

Enjoy being close to just about everything, from top-tier duck hunting to the beach to great restaurants to the naval base. The host location is lovely and tranquil, with a pond and fire pit guests can use.

South Carolina

With so much coastline, rivers and creeks, swamps, and timber, it comes as no surprise that South Carolina offers prime duck hunting. Wood ducks are the primary (and most abundant) targets, but there’s also plenty of opportunity for mallards, green-winged teals, and ringnecks, as well as geese.

The coast provides the best and most diverse hunting, with a wide range of habitat and different waterways, plus numerous large WMAs. Like in other southern states, keep your eyes open for alligators when you’re hunting in South Carolina!

Lexington Hideaway, SC

Let’s Do Dat – Edisto Island, SC

This cleared lot is full of surprises for campers and hunters! It’s within 15 minutes of two beaches, plus has access to great hunting at Bear Island WMA. There are no hookups, but there is a port-a-potty. Charleston is also easily accessible, about 20 miles away.

Bugtussle – Awendaw, SC

Bugtussle serves up a healthy dose of Southern hospitality, welcoming campers for up to five nights. The location between historic Charleston and Georgetown is convenient to everything, and coastal duck hunting abounds.

Lexington Hideaway – Lexington, SC

It’s true that most SC duck hunting destinations are along the coast. Not all, however! This host just outside Lexington has easy access to Fairfield County and the Broad River WMA, widely considered some of the best hunting in the state. The rural creekside property can accommodate big rigs and toads.


Mizzou is often referred to as “Duck Hunting Nation.” This is mostly because it’s situated right along the major duck migration path, with the Mississippi, Illinois, and Missouri Rivers all providing an abundance of diverse habitat.

There are also an impressive 15 well-managed conservation areas, plus dozens of public hunting locations and over 200 private clubs. In the conservation areas, a hybrid system combining reservations, permits, and daily lotteries during the season all create plenty of opportunity for every type of hunter.

Suburban Oasis in Blue Springs, MO

Bella’s Backyard – Moberly, MO

This host location in northern Missouri puts you close to public hunting in the Yellow Creek Conservation Area and has plenty of space for oversized RVs. Enjoy rural life on 10 acres, just three minutes from town!

Suburban Oasis – Blue Springs, MO

Hunters will love being just outside Kansas City and convenient to Columbia, with numerous lakes and creeks between. The hosts have gone to great lengths to make campers feel at home, accommodating three big rigs for up to four nights, in a space that includes a fire pit and social area.

Mark and Paula’s Dream – Troy, MO

Basing yourself in Troy, just an hour northwest of St. Louis, puts you in a great position to explore the Show Me State and enjoy great duck hunting. The 10-acre property feels like a slice of paradise with its private small lake!

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