RV News Roundup

It is time for your January roundup. This is where we share ridiculously priced items, items our Members would love, a little bit of helpful information, and more! So check out what we have for you this month. 

Getting Away from It All

(Photo Courtesy of 50campfires.com)

Sometimes this is what it feels like when you are doing your best to get away from it all. Or you hear about those great boondocking sites in the west, but you would have to spend hours and hours getting there. 

Don’t worry, there are plenty of great places to boondock in the eastern United States too! A great area that is often overlooked is the Tellico Plains of Tennessee. East of this small Tennessee town, you’ll find yourself entering the Tellico River Gorge with plenty of free—or cheap—boondocking sites right along the river. 

If you find yourself traveling route 75, it’s located between Chattanooga and Knoxville, just east of Tellico Plains. The town of Tellico has what you need to stay a while, and there is plenty to do for those who like to trout fish, hike, find waterfalls, or even enjoy some paddle sports.

Come check out what eastern Tennessee has to offer!

A New Motorhome Idea

As if Class A diesel pushers weren’t expensive enough, some RV companies have decided to try to add party decks to their layout too, just like your typical fifth wheel models. Is this crazy, or awesome? 

While this hasn’t truly been created yet, we can just imagine it isn’t too far away from being a reality. The question is… How expensive will this type of motorhome be? What do you think? Comment below! Would you ever consider buying something like this? And how much do you think this would cost?

From What Could Be to What Once Was

On Craigslist in the Chattanooga area, you can find a relic of an RV. And while it definitely has an old school flair, there are probably a lot of Boondockers Welcome Members who would love to have this unique RV as their own! Think of all the crazy looks you would get traveling down the highway. 

(Photo Courtesy of Craigslist

The inside of this RV is simply amazing, and straight out of the 70s. Even though its style is quite dated, this RV has everything you would need to be happy, healthy, and safe on the road… Including matching snowmobiles in the basement. Just in case you’re feeling a trip into the colder weather. 

(Photo Courtesy of Craigslist)

If one of our Boondockers Welcome Members buys this, we would definitely need an in-person tour! This rig is definitely one-of-a-kind. So who is it going to be? Where should we meet you?

New Product Alert: Defend Your RV From Tire Blowouts

(Photo Courtesy of RV-DE-FENDER.com)

If you’ve ever heard that dreaded pop of a camper tire blowing, you know the vacation is over. It doesn’t matter how quick you slow down, or how slow you were going, there is going to be some damage to your rig. 

That issue is what RV-DE-FENDER has set out to solve for all fifth wheel and travel trailers. This company has created a fender that bolts directly to the axle, and is designed to stop blow out damage to your expensive RV. And it will prevent you from having to cancel your trips prematurely. 

Here is how it helps… First, this product protects you during the initial blow out by containing it to an isolated space. Second, it blocks the tire shreds from flailing around and creating more damage while you bring your rig to a stop. And lastly, it is designed to be long-lasting for potential future blow outs. 

If this is something you’ve ever had happen, you know how much damage it can cause, and the headaches you endure as you get it repaired. It is nice to see companies out there trying to solve this problem. 

New 2023 Ford Transit Van… Perfect for Van Lifers

(Photo Courtesy of Ford.com)

Ford introduced a van life prepped van for their 2023 lineup. This new van will be set up and ready for custom builds with things like the Maxxair roof vents, 3.5 inch lift kits, all-terrain tires, and swivel seats already installed. 

Between the adventurous set up and the standard technology packages that come with the Ford Transit, we have just one question for Ford… Are they making a real push to fight for the top spot for custom van conversions? And if they are, which van would you prefer as your base to build from?

Enjoy Your Own Adventures with Boondockers Welcome

If you’re ready to get out there on your own—whether in a van, motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer—Boondockers Welcome can help you find your way. With over 3,000 boondocking spots across North America, and no camping fees, what are you waiting for? 

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