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10 Genius RV Living Hacks

Regardless of what type of RVers you are — weekend warriors, full-timers who work from the road, or somewhere in between — or how much experience you have, actually helpful RV living hacks are always appreciated. And in the community spirit of Boondockers Welcome, we’re always happy to share tips and hacks that we personally have found useful.

From storage tricks and apps that make tedious-but-necessary processes faster to ways to affordably decorate your RV, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tried-and-true RV living hacks.

RV Living Hacks That Will Change Your Camping Game

Photo credit: Camping World

1. Use your shower space

Whether you have a truck camper or a 40-something-foot luxury rig, a bit of extra storage space would probably be tremendously helpful, right? If you have a shower, one of our top RV living hacks is to hang a simple tension rod across the top for extra clothing storage. You’ll have to take the clothes down to shower, of course, but that simple task takes just a few minutes.

This same strategy also works in tall cabinets. Even if there’s already a rod across the top, you can hang one lower down to create additional hanging space for shorter items or to drape towels, belts, or other accessories over.

2. Use small tension rods

Tension rods come in many sizes, and smaller ones are excellent for preventing items from falling. Put them across your refrigerator and cabinet shelves to combat surprise falls when you open them.

Photo credit: Pinterest

3. Utilize unused wall and cabinet space

When you look around your RV, there’s an excellent chance you have a ton of valuable, but unused, real estate: the walls! It may not be practical to install shelving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make great use of that open space. Invest (and we use that term very loosely — this is one of the cheapest RV living hacks!) in several Command hooks, then hang them anywhere you have room. Think beyond towel and coat hooks, as these handy adhesive hooks can be used to hang cooking utensils, wet gear, or photos.

4. Don’t discount the oven

Speaking of unused, prime real estate…if you have an oven, what do you use it for besides cooking? Or more specifically, what do you use it for when you’re not cooking? Consider using your RV oven for storage! It’s the perfect secure, easily-accessible “cabinet” space — just don’t forget to take whatever you’re storing inside out before using the oven!

5. Improve your oven’s heat distribution

Everyone knows that RV ovens tend to be a bit finicky and have “hot spots” where they cook unevenly. Another of our favorite oven-related RV living hacks fixes that! Keep a ceramic pizza stone or a simple floor tile inside the oven. The ceramic absorbs the heat and then re-distributes it evenly through the oven!

6. Rechargeable LED lights are a game-changer

Whether you do a lot of boondocking or you park your rig in a place where you pay for electricity, this is one of the most valuable RV living hacks. Getting a few rechargeable LED lights or light strips allows you to have light exactly where you need it, without drawing power or draining your battery. There are even several adhesive options, so you can stick them under cabinets or on walls.

Photo credit: Frugal Campasaurus

7. Pool noodles have many uses

It turns out the humble, inexpensive pool noodle is multi-faceted. Slit them open or cut notches in them, then put them over closet and shower rods to prevent things from falling off while you drive. Pool noodles also work great to cover sharp edges on your dinette or slide-outs.

8. Let technology do some of the work

With all the incredible technological resources we have at our fingertips today, we often wonder how the heck we all figured out this RVing stuff 20 years ago (heck, even 10!). Some of the best RV living hacks out there are apps. There are apps for everything from road trip planning and finding the cheapest gas nearby to the best free campsites and even helping you park your RV level!

Here are a few of our favorite RV-related apps:

  • RV Life – This ultra-comprehensive road trip planning app was designed by RVers and has just about every on-the-road tool you could want
  • GasBuddy – This app helps you find gas stations along your route, plus displays prices for gas stations in your area
  • Campendium – Widely considered one of the best apps for finding free camping, Campendium allows you to set numerous filters, including amenities, type of site, and more
  • AccuWeather – We know, checking the weather isn’t the most glamorous of RV living hacks – but it is one of the most important, as well as one of the most overlooked! Knowing the weather on your route or at your destination can help you decide when to leave (or even if you should change plans) and alert you if you need to prepare for a freeze or inclement weather.
Photo credit: Togo RV

9. Peel n’ stick tile can transform the look of your RV

It’s no secret that many RVs aren’t exactly the most stylish. However, it’s simple (and affordable!) to DIY your own refresh with peel n’ stick tiles. Create a kitchen backsplash, freshen up the look of your bathroom, or even add the coveted look of hardwood flooring!

10. Create kids’ caddies from suction-cup shower containers

Our final RV living hack is one for kiddos (but truthfully, it has many potential uses!). Get simple, inexpensive suction-cup shower caddies like these and stick them on windows to reduce clutter. You’ll appreciate not having crayons, markers, Legos, and other small items all over the floors, and the little ones will love having their own dedicated zones.

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