RV News Roundup

It is time for your March roundup. This is where we share ridiculously-priced items that our Members would love, a little bit of helpful information, and much more! So check out what we have for you this month. 

Baked Whole Apples

S’mores are some of the most famous campfire desserts. And as delicious as they are… once you hit your mid-30s, you start wondering what other campfire dessert options are out there. Well, trying some Campfire Baked Apples will certainly hit the spot!

These baked apples are fully customizable too. All you do is core the apple, stuff it with your favorite toppings, and then wrap it with aluminum foil. Place these beautiful apples next to some hot coals for about 20-minutes, and you will be good to go! It’s like having your very own baked apple pie. 

If you are looking for some ideas on what to stuff your apples with, check out the full recipe and step-by-step guide here

Rooftop Decks Are Popular For Vanlifers, What About RVers?

It isn’t uncommon to see a customized van with a rooftop deck, but this designer is proposing something similar for brand new RVs in North America. Do you think we will ever see a mainstream manufacturer in North America move in this direction? 


(Photo court of curbed.com)

This motorhome was designed with a pop-up roof top deck built right in. It is a place to lay out in the sun, or sit at a table under the pop-up canopy. 

This futuristic idea would be great, but how practical is it? What kind of leaking would we see from the seams? Who knows? Do you think this is realistic, or just another pipe dream from a designer? And is it something you think you would enjoy having?

Also, how do these people get paid to come up with these ideas? We are pretty sure some of our Boondockers Welcome community could come up with better ideas! What do you think?

Before you comment, check out more of this story and images here

Gone Fishin’… But What Do You Do If You Actually Catch Something? 

For many RVers, fishing is just an excuse to sit in a beautiful place and enjoy nature. But what happens when something actually hits the line? Obviously, you reel it in and remove the hook. But many RVers don’t ever intend on keeping the fish. 

But maybe you would keep that fish if you knew what to do with it. To help keep you prepared for this situation, here are 6 tips for keeping that fish: 

  1. Humanely kill the Ffsh
  2. Keep it on ice
  3. Have a clean, sharp knife
  4. Use airtight storage for any fish that you aren’t cooking up
  5. Always know the local fishing laws
  6. Make sure your fishing license is up to date

For the details of the story check it out here

Looking For A New Destination? Consider the Heart of Dixie. 

Alabama is a greatly underrated state for RVers. In this beautiful southern state, you can experience great hiking, beautiful waterfalls, and even caves. It offers great temperatures for a large portion of the year, fewer visitors than neighboring states, and plenty of American history. 

If you make your way to Alabama, there are several places we recommend that you visit! If you want to get underground, consider going to the Majestic Caverns. This cave system is only an hour southeast of Birmingham. Or you can visit Little River Canyon National Preserve. It offers one of the most beautiful waterfalls, called Graces High Falls, in the entire southeast United States. And for a region that is filled with hiking, head to the northeast corner of the state to see DeSoto State Park

Although Alabama is an underrated state for outdoor enthusiasts, don’t that deter you from checking it out! They have so much to do, see, and experience, and so much history to explore. Get down to the Heart of Dixie before everyone else finds out about it. 

Enjoy Your Own Adventures with Boondockers Welcome

The weather is breaking and it is time to hit the road. Whether you are in a van, motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, or a customized RV, Boondockers Welcome can help you find your way across the continent!

We have over 3,000 private property owners across North America just waiting to welcome you onto their little patch of paradise. Don’t keep them waiting any longer. Get your Boondockers Welcome Membership, put it to work, and all of what explore North America has to offer. 

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    When it comes to RV travel, Alabama is vastly underappreciated. This stunning southern state is home to fantastic trekking, stunning waterfalls, and even caverns. It has pleasant weather for a large period of the year drive mad, less tourists than its nearby counterparts, and a rich cultural heritage.