5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Update Your RV

Well, there are several small updates you can make to your RV to help personalize it and make it your home on wheels.

1. Hang up pictures and paintings to give your RV a more homey feel. Command strips will become your friend, especially velcro command strips. They are great for any items that you might want to pick up or remove easily. Many RVers have a dual-purpose rule, meaning anything that goes into the RV should serve dual purposes. For instance, this Moose artwork doubles as a tray you can use to eat outside or on your bed. Velcro it on your wall to easily take it down or put it back up. 

2. Change out your drawer pulls for a more modern, customized look. If you change out all of the pulls, be prepared to purchase a lot of them. Most RVs have lots of storage (thankfully!) and therefore there are a lot of handles. Look for the least expensive option because you will have to purchase many of them. 

3. Remove the valances and hang curtains. The valances are held by brackets and are pretty easy to remove. Then you can hang curtains to give your RV a softer look. You can use command hooks to hold the curtain rod or install brackets where the valance screws used to be. You will most likely have to customize your curtain sizes but folding fabrics work as well and gives you added privacy. 

4. Add a backsplash to your kitchen and/or bathroom. There are some great adhesive backsplashes out there with different colors and designs so there is no need to add more weight to your rig. Just be sure to prep your walls prior to sticking the backsplash on to ensure it sticks properly. 

5. Paint the walls and/or cabinets white. This is relatively inexpensive but anyone who has painted a small bathroom knows, painting small spaces is hard! That's why it's last on the list, it can be a big pain but it really does pay off. Changing that bland color to a brighter color really lightens the feel of your RV. If you decide to go white like this picture, just be prepared that scuffs will show more. Purchase a satin color so it's easier to wipe off the scuffs and the light bounces off of it better so it appears brighter. 

Those are just a few of the many ways you can personalize your RV. What hacks and tricks do you have? We'd love to hear them. 

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  1. clux64
    9th February, 2020

    I think removing carpet in the walk ways (or all over) and adding vinyl plank wood-look flooring really freshens up an RV. Get rid of border paper and painting White any yellowing plastic trim with Rustoleum for plastic makes a HUGE difference. I’m also working on new curtains in our area over the cab, and painting the fake brass cabinet handles bronze. New floor and peel and stick backspalsh looks so fresh in our 2004, I’m sometimes suprised every time I walk in.

    1. BWadmin
      9th February, 2020

      Those are great tips! Thank you for sharing!

  2. dkwayman
    10th February, 2020

    I realize you’re referring to the velcro Command product but beware if/when you decide to move the strips. I’ve had bad experience with Command hook adhesive not “letting go”. You know, the kind that you’re supposed to pull straight down so that it stretches and releases. Well no, it stretched but it didn’t release so my RV wallpaper tore off in that spot. Ugh! I recently read posts on FB of RV people who will no longer use them because they had the same kind of experience. Just a word of caution.

    1. BWadmin
      10th February, 2020

      Thank you for your tip! You should definitely test out the Command strips on a discreet location before placing them everywhere. If you paint the walls it helps and the Command strips don’t typically pull the paint off.

  3. CherylRiley
    11th February, 2020

    I bought fabric on a trip to Africa and sewed curtains. Loved the brighter
    look! Wish I could attach a photo.

    1. BWadmin
      11th February, 2020

      That’s great, and you get a little piece of your trip from Africa in your RV. Great idea, thank you for sharing!

  4. Patwoman
    16th April, 2021

    I’d like to remove the Roman shades with “valances” but can’t find the screws or how they are attached to the wall. Can you give me a direction, insight? Thank you, Patwoman (2019 Leprechaun 230CB)

    1. BWadmin
      16th April, 2021

      Hi! They should be attached via brackets but I’m not familiar with the Roman shade Valances. I would imagine they have brackets similar to the other valances but they could be glued on. You could probably post this question on an RV Facebook Group and get some great answers. 🙂

  5. Cynthia Larsen
    16th December, 2022

    Thanks for the awesome tips. We really enjoyed the one about the drawer pull outs. In fact, we had a cabinet door replacement service help us update all the cabinets in our old 1979 Chinook Dodge F30, and man are we happy that we did. It just makes everything feel so much more cozy, comfortable, and modern. I would highly endorse that tip.

  6. Steven H.
    20th April, 2023

    Your photos are lovely! We are currently in the process of redoing the inside of our Sprinter van actually. We want to install a shower and a kitchen. It has been a lot more work than we initially anticipated and we ended up needing to get a dumpster rental due to all the waste and materials we’ve pulled out. I love your idea to have white cabinets. That is our plan, I really think it will help the space feel bigger!

  7. Garry
    29th May, 2024

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