10 Tips for Being an Eco-conscious RVer

As an RVer, you occupy a small mobile space; hence you’ll be utilizing less energy. Nowadays, recreational vehicles are perceived as environmental hazards that leave some fumes and even destroy the woods. In fact, many tent campers have complained of RVers running generators the entire night, disrupting the peaceful outdoor space and convenience. 

With that, many RVers are left wondering if they’re able to enjoy RVing while being environmentally conscious. Luckily there are numerous ways you can become an environmentally conscious RVer without having to purchase a new RV. So, here are the top 10 tips for becoming an environment-conscious RVer. 

Park Under Nearby Shade 

Rather than cranking up your AC, you should get shady spots for parking. Look at the sun’s direction as well as landscape features or surrounding trees that could provide shade. This will ensure that your RV will be cool without having to switch on the air conditioner. According to Eco Peanut, natural cooling also cools your gas tank, mitigating any chances of evaporation.

Conserve Water

An RV functions as a mobile home; you will be using a lot of water for bathing, cooking, washing dishes and clothes, and in the lavatory. Therefore you should come up with creative ways of saving water. Like when running water to get it hot, capture it in a pitcher and use it to flush the toilet. Or use a spray bottle of vinegar with 1-5 drops of dish soap to spray dirty dishes. Then, use a sponge for friction and rinse dishes with a spray bottle of clean water. 

Also, do not take lengthy showers and overrun water when cleaning up your RV; advises Your Energy Blog. You can also compare your water consumption level with other RVers and also find out how they conserve water. 

Choose Energy-Efficient Devices and Appliances

Purchase energy-efficient and useful appliances, low-flow faucets, and showerheads if possible. And to save on energy and water, you should switch them off as soon as you’ve finished using them. This also applies to your generator and air conditioning unit. Another solution for reducing your carbon footprint is camping during chilly months when you will be comfortable even outdoors. 

Insulate the RV

Insulated walls and duo glazed windows will come a long way in helping you get warm when temperatures get low. That way, you needn’t switch on electric heaters or go cutting down firewood to make fires. Incorporating RV skirts is also a way of taking it a notch higher because these skirts block all the airflow under your RV and keeping you warm. 

Even if your RV has indoor heating, you can even use thermal blankets to keep yourself warm and lower your fuel usage and prevent extra emissions.

Visit Eco-Friendly Campgrounds and Destinations 

Instead of boondocking, you should revisit all the destinations and campgrounds that you have camped on before to mitigate any chances of damaging natural areas. Familiar destinations and campgrounds that are environmentally conscious should be a priority for an RVer. Eco-friendly destinations should at least utilize solar power for heating their swimming pool and using LED fixtures. 

Utilize Reusable Items

Despite their efficiency and convenience, you should try as much as possible to avoid using disposable forks, plates, and spoons. That is because most of these disposable utensils are not biodegradable, and with time they can start packing in the landfills. Therefore it is best to avoid disposable materials. If it is challenging to prevent them, ascertain that the disposable materials are recyclable and compostable. That way, you are recycling as well as conserving water for your boondocking purposes. And make sure you dispose of waste materials appropriately.

Purchase Solar Panels 

You can install solar panels and hook them up to the RV, and voila! You are now capable of harnessing the sun’s power rather than frequently tapping into some grids. With solar panels, you can effectively charge your phone, battery, as well as have other appliances run. It will also come in handy in areas that do not have a traditional source of power. Installing solar panels is efficient, portable and lighter, and way cheaper too. 

You will never regret going the solar way as an RVer who is environmentally conscious. 

Fill up Using Green Fuel

If your RV runs on pure diesel, then it might be worth it to consider having a mixture of biodiesel and diesel. Typically biodiesels blend natural oil plants such as soybean and diesel fuel. You can find biodiesel fuels in gas stations. However, if you like, you can have your own blend. Nonetheless, do due diligence on your RV to know if using biodiesel is a typically viable option as an RVer. 

Ascertain That Tires Are Appropriately Inflated 

Ascertain that your tires are always and appropriately inflated. By doing so, you will increase safety in the campgrounds, enhance gas mileage and boost your tires’ life. Going on underinflated tires will imply hazardous accidents or even stops in the middle of nowhere. The accurate time to read your tire pressure is in the morning bi-weekly.

Remember that weather conditions also affect tire pressure as colder conditions lower it. Therefore counter check your tire pressure frequently. On the other hand, when you are driving, frictional heat will heighten the pressure and even give you false pressure readings. All the RV tires need to be sufficiently inflated to PSI indications. 

Don’t Skip Services

Always ensure that the RV is accurately maintained and is up to date, starting from the air filters to the oil change. Remember, a healthy RV makes a great energy-efficient companion. With regular servicing, you will mitigate the chances of being stuck and stranded in the woods as well.

Final Thoughts

Having an RV doesn’t imply that you can’t be environmentally conscious while enjoying your outdoor recreational excursions. As long as you have the know-how of caring for the environment, everything should be okay. By adhering to the above measures, you will be an environmentally conscious RVer. These tips can keep you safe in the long run while protecting the environment.

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  1. costarica
    23rd March, 2021

    Boondockers Welcome is ONE of the best apps and ideas both my wife and I have followed and starter to take advantage of the many choices for boondocking. This is our 3rd year of FT RVing and we are having a blast. Yes, the China virus has stopped many people on their tracks, not us. Of course, we take precautions. However, we do not stress about it.
    Anyway, we had plan to take advantage of the many hosts in Boondockers Welcome and planned this phase of our USA travel visiting as many hosts as possible according to the route we travel. We started of in Redlands, CA and heading to Sorrento Florida, a few miles from Mount Dora. We are in Texas heading to Biloxi, MS and stopping at least 3 Hosts. Looking forward to enjoying ourselves at those locations and definitely booking a few more Hosts. Even if we have to go out of our way to get to some of the Host, we are willing to do so. We travel in a Bounder and tow dolly with toad, about 55 ft long and it is just us.
    We had stopped at a host up North by Sacramento, CA and they were the best. Therefore, we are stopping at few more on our trip to Florida. So far so good, we are enjoying the many host. Thank you Boondockers.

    1. BWadmin
      23rd March, 2021

      Thank you so much for the rave review! We’re lucky to have you as members of our community. 🙂

  2. Big Mike
    24th March, 2021

    I need to say this. I am tired of peope coming here , plugging a 50amp adapter in my 30 amp boxes, burning out my lines and brakers and costing me over $200 and more to fix it. 7 times since December 2020 I have had to pay to fix a problem because someong plug a 50 amp adapter in the 30 amp boxes. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, IF YOU HAVE A 50 AMP RIG DON’T COME HERE ! and if you don’t know how to drive in a field and get stuck don’t destroy my field by digging your tires in. Call a tow service and pay the $300 to $400 to get you out. I will no longer use my tractors to get you out for free. If it sounds like I’m pissed, dam right! If the few that distroy the good thing I offer for all the good people that have been here. So be it .If it happens again I’m finished with Boondockers Welcome. Big Mike in Homerville South Georgia.