Prepare your RV for Winter Camping with these DIY Fixes

Many families have created amazing and unforgettable memories and moments touring the country by RV. You can have so much fun on road trips as you visit new places. However, it is necessary to remember that the journey may not be as smooth as expected. Frigid temperatures can be a serious issue on an RV vacation. With winter fast approaching, it is important to get your RV in order. It can be really cold out there during this season, and you want to make sure your RV is in good shape and condition. In this guide, we will show you some DIY fixes you can do to get your RV ready for winter camping. 

Air Control

When getting your RV ready for winter camping, the very first thing you want to do is to control the air. There are different ways to do this. Your goal should be to trap warm air in your RV. You can even maneuver the warm air to certain areas in the RV that heat does not reach. Some of the things you need to do include using space heaters, closing your roof vents, and sealing up floor vents. You can get a board, cut it to the shape of the hole, sand it properly, and seal up the vents. Here are some of the tools you can use to complete this task. 

Padding the Walls

Padding the walls is another great way of keeping more cold air out. You can add insulation to the major areas around the RV. Reflective foil, foam board flooring, and window & trim film would all come in handy in keeping warm air in. 

Use Styrofoam

Another great fix you should consider is covering the window on the door of your RV. Covering this window would provide you with more temperature control and privacy. One of the simplest ways to fix this is by cutting a piece of Styrofoam to size and taping it to the window. 

Put a Ceramic Tile in the Oven for Even Heat Distribution

If you have an oven that is not cooperating, it is crucial that you fix it before going camping this winter. To get even heat distribution, we recommend you place a ceramic tile in the middle of the RV oven. This would help to distribute heat across the RV. 

Keep the Snow Out

The cover of the roof vent is one of the most important things to pay attention to when getting your RV ready for winter. The roof vent cover features a very simple concept. However, you should never take it for granted as it helps to ventilate the RV while preventing snow, water, and dirt from entering the RV. Hence, you want to make sure the roof vent cover is sealed properly. If you have been experiencing leakages, we recommend you change and seal it back properly. 

You should also prevent the buildup of snow on the RV roof, as this can decrease the interior temperature significantly while adding unnecessary weight to the RV. RVs do not have slanted roofs, which means snow would get stuck there. Hence, after a heavy snowfall, we recommend you go to the top of the roof and remove those piles of snow. 

Plumbing and Electrical Openings

When getting your RV ready for winter camping, besides the functionality of the rig, your major focus should be ensuring you do not get frozen in the RV. You should pay close attention to the electrical and plumbing openings on the outside and seal them properly. You can use foam insulation for wider areas and caulk for smaller areas. You should go for low-expansion foams, as some foams can expand and damage some areas. Use the foam around the windows and doors to seal up every opening. 

Skirting Your RV

Skirting your RV means creating an enclosure around the bottom to insulate the underside. Adding a skirt to your RV helps reduce heat loss significantly. You can buy commercially-made skirting or use different materials like plywood or rigid insulation. Using rigid insulation to skirt your RV ensures the RV remains warmer regardless of how cold the external temperature is. It also prevents the bottom of the RV from freezing. 

Prepare Your Water System

The last thing you want is the water in your holding tank or plumbing lines freezing. The temperature might be close to or below freezing, and you need to find a solution for that when getting your RV ready for winter camping. 

To prevent your water system from freezing, we recommend you pour half a jug of RV antifreeze in the tank (when it is empty) and the other half down the toilet. This would help to prevent the drain valves and the tank from freezing. You can also use a drain valve lubricant to prevent the buildup of ice on your drain valves and gaskets. 

Test the Heating System

Before you set out on your amazing adventure to explore your environs in the cold temperatures, check your furnace properly. You need to make sure the entire system is working before you set out. This is the part where you would need a technician if you are not experienced in that area. You need to make sure the heating system is in perfect working order before hitting the road. 


When going camping in winter, comfort should be your top priority. This is the only way you can appreciate the trip and the beauty of nature. The winter is a great time to explore and camp, but you want to make sure you are fully ready for it. Your RV should be well-equipped and everything should be in order. One of your major targets in getting your RV ready for winter camping should be having full control over the temperature. You want to make sure the temperature in your RV is well regulated and the RV is comfortable for you and your family. 

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