iOverlander Review

iOverlander has gained popularity over the years and is especially helpful as campgrounds are starting to fill up. It’s a must-have app if you like to find locations off the beaten path. And with growing popularity means more sites are added to this user-generated app. 

Boondocking location outside Lava Beds National Monument, not another person in sight

One of the best features of iOverlander is the ability to access information without a cell signal. Any RVer who enjoys going off-the-grid knows this can be a big pain point for using apps, the lack of cell signal. You can’t access some features (like user images) but pretty much all other features are accessible. This is a game-changer when you are driving around in a dead zone and need to find a place to park for the night. 

iOverlander helps you find all different types of camping. You can find parking in established campgrounds, informal campgrounds, and wild camping. It’s easy to search and filter your options based on the type of camping you want. Once you click on a campsite, you can see all amenities it might offer like if it’s big rig friendly, has wi-fi, is pet-friendly, or offers hook-ups. One feature that is nice is the ability to see comments and even photos from users. Usually, this is where you can tell if other campers would recommend the location, the road conditions leading to the site, and any other necessary information. Photos are especially helpful in telling the conditions of the site. 

Parking lot outside a casino but with great views in one direction. 

The app not only provides unique camping options but also places where you can access amenities such as locations to fill water tanks, dump locations, propane fill-up, and even laundry. It will also tell you where border checkpoints may be and users provide information on their experiences at the checkpoints so you can be prepared. 

The ocean right outside your door at an Oregon boondocking site. 

The app is free and the founders intend to keep it free forever as they are a nonprofit. However, they do ask for donations on their site and in the future may show ads or offer a paid version so they can continue to pay to host the website and the app. 

Since the site is user-generated there are always new locations to find. If you use the app, be sure to help update the app by providing your own comments, photos, and add locations you might find not on the app. This is what makes the app so helpful. After all, that’s what Boondockers Welcome is all about, RVers helping other RVers. 

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