The Importance of RV Communication

Whether you are a longtime RV owner or are relatively new to the industry, you know how important it is to fully prep your vehicle before hitting the road. Your tires are in good condition (including your spare), your tank is filled with fresh water, and your generator is ready to go. But what about communication?

Radio communication is an overlooked but essential part of RV ownership. Whether you need it in case of emergencies, for communication between vehicles in a caravan, or to use as a base camp at your campsite, radios are helpful for a smooth and successful RV trip. Check out the different radio options below.

Readiness on the Road

RV owners know some of the best destinations to visit in a mobile or motor home are in the wilderness – including national state parks such as Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, or Blue Ridge Parkway. But you may have noticed your cell phone service was less than reliable in these areas. If you are camping in a remote desert, heavily wooded area, or in the mountains, a radio is important for safety.

This powerful radio ensures a constant form of communication with the outside world. This GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) radio boasts 15 watts of power and its compact size will not take up too much space in your RV.

This radio also features NOAA Weather Alert – remember, a powerful storm system can render a cell phone tower completely unusable. If you are out in the wild, be sure to have access to a weather alert radio.

Communication While Caravanning

Caravanning is a popular way to travel with friends or to trek the country while experienced RVers guide you. The rule of thumb for RV caravans is to choose your own time to head out but to arrive at your destination by a specified time in the evening. Some RVers prefer to get an early start by hitting the road at 7 am, allowing for more stops along the way, while others may choose to leave at 10 am. These staggered departure times mean it is important to keep in contact along the way.

This two-way radio allows for constant contact between users as long as they are tuned to the same channel. The radio can also be used to inform the group of RV troubles, a late arrival, or if they just want to make sure the rest of the group notices the beautiful vista they are traveling through.

Base Camp + Walkie Talkies = Safe, Prepared Camping

You’ve been driving all day and now you’ve finally reached your destination – a charming campsite in the forest. But if you want to keep in contact with family members while at the campsite, make sure you have walkie talkies.

Your kids or grandkids may want to play around the campsite, go for a hike, or collect firewood in the evening. While they’re gone, make sure they carry their own radio. These walkie talkies get an extensive range and can communicate with the two-way radio in your RV. They are also great to use for spotting while parking your RV.

Whether you love it for exploring gorgeous American landscapes or spending more time with family, RVing is a great way to experience new adventures. Just make sure you are prepared and in constant communication with those around you.

Head to Midland USA to purchase your own radio to help improve your communication while on the road. Be sure to use code BOONDOCKERS for 15% off your purchase PLUS free shipping!

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