5 Great Beach Camping Destinations for 2023

Looking for the best beach camping from east coast to west coast? Boondockers Welcome can help you escape the winter cold and travel to the best RV campgrounds on the beaches. 

In the midst of these cold temperatures, it is hard to imagine time at the beach, but that isn’t as far away as you might think. Now is the time to start planning your beach camping adventure. Whether you are looking for a peaceful lake-side escape, or jumping in the waves of the ocean, Harvest Hosts can help you find some amazing places to explore. So get ready to book campsites and reserve your Harvest Hosts locations to help you get there. 

Top 5 Beach Camping Destinations

Camping on the beach is one of the great joys RVers have had the luxury of experiencing for years. If you’ve never experienced it, 2023 is your year to make it happen. Consider one of these 5 beach camping destinations. 

  1. Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks in North Carolina are absolutely gorgeous. They offer several great locations to find campgrounds and enjoy that beach life. 

  • Corolla, North Carolina

This is a great beach camping destination at the north end of the outer banks. This small town is a popular destination for families and is a great place to camp. There are several different campgrounds to choose from and plenty of activities to keep the whole family engaged for the duration of your trip. 

Corolla has a lot going for it. Here you can use a 4×4 vehicle to search for the wild spanish mustangs—wild horses live here and should be treated as wild animals. Or you can trek up 214 steps to the top of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse with some of the greatest views in the entire area. If you want more lighthouses, you can go explore the red lighthouse in town too. 

Corolla also has a Center for Wildlife Education, plenty of watersports, golf courses, and a cute historic district with dining and shopping. And of course there are the beaches where dogs are permitted to join you. 

  • Ocracoke, North Carolina

If you are wanting the same natural feel, but a little less busyness this might be a great place for you. Ocracoke is its own island and does in fact run on island time. It is a nice blend of historic and undeveloped seashore—that seems to rarely exist anymore. Here you will still get to experience those Spanish Mustangs, the beach, and its own historic Ocracoke Island Lighthouse. 

The reason RVers will love Ocracoke is because it feeds their desire to have that natural, “take me back” experience so many of us love to enjoy. With beach camping available, those RVers set up for boondocking will really love the Cape Hatteras National Seashore area because it has four different campgrounds within the park that offer RV sites just over the sand dune to the Atlantic Ocean. 

  1. Galveston, Texas

Galveston is one of the more popular beach camping destinations in the entire United States. Situated in the Gulf of Mexico, this island oasis offers miles of beautiful beaches and everything travelers are searching for in one location. While there are plenty of places along Texas’ Gulf Coast, the island feel sets this place apart. 

Because Galveston Island is so large, it doesn’t feel as crowded as other islands. There is enough land mass for you to find your own little piece of paradise and hide out while you listen to the waves come in from the Gulf of Mexico. If you are one of those people that can only enjoy the sun bathing, sand castles, and splashing in the water for so long, there are plenty of other things too. 

On West Beach, you can find plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes, and some extreme sport options. Renting a Jet Ski to navigate the ocean or hook yourself into a harness and go parasailing. At West Beach you will find more than enough to get your blood pumping. 

On East Beach, you can move a little slower. Here you’ll enjoy swimming, those white sand beaches, and relaxing sunbathing. But you can still find some people windsurfing here too. 

Galveston Island has campgrounds too. But the Galveston Island State Park has a lot of great beach side sites for you to enjoy. No matter what kind of vacation you’re looking for, Galveston Island has it for you and your family. 

  1. San Diego County, California

It is no secret that San Diego County is home to some of the best beaches in the United States. San Diego County has 70 miles of coastline and a beach for everyone. Here are some popular options to check out for some great beach camping.

Moonlight Beach in Encinitas is a great option if you want a little taste of it all. The beaches are wide for those looking to sunbathe or stand in the water. There are tidepools to explore, and of course there are campsites with picnic tables. 

Black’s Beach in La Jolla is a literal hike to get to. But that hike means seclusion because most people aren’t willing to make the trek. This is a favorite for surfers and offers unique views of the Pacific Ocean.

Silver Strand State Beach—located in Coronado—is a great place to camp! And this is your best chance to see wildlife and experience sand dunes created from the Pacific winds. But be aware that the Navy Seals do training to the north and south of this state beach—so don’t travel too far. 

  1. Ludington, Michigan

Along Michigan’s west coast—on Lake Michigan—you’ll find a series of beautiful little towns with spectacular views of Lake Michigan. About halfway up the coast, there is the town of Ludington. Ludington is a harbor town, and has a population of a little over 8,000 year round residents, a quaint downtown, and a lively pulse come summer. 

Ludington is largely known for its beaches and lighthouses. Ludington State Park has sandy beaches, beautiful sand dunes, and of course a lighthouse. Inside its 5,300 acres, you can enjoy varying eco-systems for hiking, fishing, biking, and more. 

Ludington State Park also has three different campgrounds offering more than 350 different campsites. And while that is a lot, you might want to book early. This is an extremely popular area for people looking to escape the heat and humidity for cooler nights and a more moderate temperature come summer. Perhaps you too will take refuge here this summer. 

  1. Homer, Alaska

Just because it is cold, doesn’t mean it can’t have great beachside camping. A dream for many RVers is to make the trek from the lower 48 to Alaska. Maybe Homer could be your end destination?

Homer, Alaska has a lot going for it. It is a great place for fishing, incredible views, and creates a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of a bear. And even though this is technically a small fishing village, the downtown has its own art scene and trendy restaurants too. 

If you are bringing your RV to Homer, you won’t be disappointed! The Homer Spit Campground is located nearly 4.5 miles into the bay. From here you’ll enjoy beachside camping, views for days, and a feeling like you are at the edge of the world. But you’ll want to get your reservations soon. 

Will You Choose One of These Beach Destinations This Year?

We know there are plenty of beach-side destinations in states all across North America like Florida, South Carolina, and many more. But could you find yourself at one of the beach destinations listed above this year? Or do you have another place you like going even more? If so, are you willing to share it with us?

If 2023 is your year for a beach-side experience, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know where you are going and what made you choose that spot. And as always, let Boondockers Welcome help guide you on your way from here to there on each and every trip you take. 

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  1. Ruth
    22nd May, 2023

    What beautiful locations! My husband and I recently retired and we invested in a sprinter van. We are wanting to go camping all around the US and figured these were great places to start. We were telling our carpet cleaning guy about this the other day and now he wants to get a van too, ha! Thanks for the suggestions