Why our Hosts Offer to Welcome Strangers

I can’t think of a better way to share that than by showing you this conversation that started on our Facebook Group page last summer and culminated in February this year. 

Jen Brown wrote in, saying she wanted to join as a host but her husband was hesitant. 

Here are some of the comments/replies from current hosts that followed:

It seems the reassurances worked – albeit slowly. Almost seven months later, Jen returned to post her update: 

Here are a few of the comments on that post: 

And while Jen hasn’t returned to post about how it’s going yet, I can tell you that she and her husband have now hosted guests twice – and posted positive reviews for each. I contacted her this week, to ask if it was okay to share her story. Here’s her reply: “Of course, we don't mind! Both of our Boondocker experiences were great. We had such a good time with one family that they stayed an extra night!”

We hope you’ll consider the many reasons for hosting and take the leap as Jen and her husband did. There is no cost – only benefits to being a host. You’ll always be in control of who you welcome, when, how often, and for how long. If you change your mind or find it’s not for you, after all, you can easily deactivate your listing immediately with the click of a button. 

Finally, after a long winter, summer has arrived in Ontario and we’re ready to host guests ourselves. Consider this your personal invitation to book a stay with us this summer. We love showing off our beautiful little town and the surrounding area. We plan to be around until mid-August when we’ll hit the road for a couple of months and may just request to stay with you! (Something that always feels better if we’ve paid it forward!) So, if your travels bring you anywhere near our neck of the woods, please let us know. Randy and I would love to be your hosts.

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  1. Jeff
    8th May, 2022

    How is BW different than Harvest Host? I don’t understand what the hosts are getting from the guests. As a guest do I have any obligation to serve as host too?

  2. Margaret
    11th May, 2022

    I want to see where these locations are before I join and I’ve not been able to do so. Do you have to join to view local?

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