Organizing a Family RV Trip for All Generations

How to Organize a Family RV Trip Convenient for Different Generations

An RV trip with great activities suitable for all ages and enough time to bond is a good way to spend time with your family. The goal of such a trip is to relax and explore different areas while making lifelong memories all the way.

If you desire to go RV camping with your children, parents, and even in-laws, there are things to do and ensure that everyone is comfortable. Read on to understand how to organize a family RV trip for different generations.

Consider a destination with multigenerational activities

When planning a camping destination, choose a campground with kids’ activities such as bike rentals, a swimming pool, or a giant playground. The best family-friendly campgrounds have entertainment options for teens and adults, too, including pickleball lessons, evening bingo, and cribbage tournaments. For a longer family RV trip, consider excellent travel destinations for students because some students in that trio may want to study at some point. Consider attractive destinations with a variety of campgrounds as well.

You may want to alternate the campgrounds every two nights to ensure that children and adults fit in well. Many locations are good for people of all ages and have farms and museums where children can visit to have fun and learn. The adults can shop for delicious food items and unique souvenirs.

Ensure that people get to spend their time alone

Getting a chance to relax alone while on vacation is one of the best ways to enjoy the trip. People can get easily irritated when sharing small spaces with their loved ones all the time. Having an afternoon time of rest where everyone gets to a quiet place to do activity books, read or take a nap is very important. Try to organize the trip such that adults and teens have a chance to do something alone. It is a good idea for people to split once in a while before coming back together instead of spending the entire vacation together.

Some young adults may want to study online while traveling or even chat with professionals who are helping them to do assignments. Getting professional help is ideal for students because they want to spend their time relaxing and having fun while on vacation. The help with writing from Edubirdie is the best because the team of experts can handle different research topics with guaranteed quality. The service also includes student tips on how to choose a writer, track projects, and receive perfect work.

Research the vehicle

Various camper vans and recreational vehicle options are available, so making a choice can be quite overwhelming. A great way to test the models is by determining the right one to accommodate different age groups. Consider hiring them through an app to identify the one with the right amenities to accommodate everyone. Some apps list thousands of camper vans and RVs, including teardrop trailers, Class C RVs, Airstreams, and more. The prices vary, so you can always find one within your budget.

Some companies rent out camper van-style vehicles in different colors with interior beds for sleeping, sinks, a fridge, gas stove, and other amenities. The size of the RV or camper vehicle to hire and the facilities will depend on the number of people traveling and the budget. Although it is overwhelming to drive, an Airstream Bambi trailer is a perfect choice because it has plenty of amenities and space. If you are not going to use a trailer and a tow vehicle, consider the most convenient ways to transport the children. If you want to use car seats, look for ways to fit them in the RV to ensure the safety of children.

Consider the accommodation

After determining your travel destination, think of good places to stay. Whereas hotel rooms may feel luxurious, staying together is the best bet because this can allow you to enjoy meals and watch movies together. It can also enable you to plan for the coming days together, snuggle up, and bond more. For hotel room accommodation, consider booking early to get the best deals. A hotel could allow you to enjoy your favorite amenities such as a pool, spa, gym, and onsite restaurant. Others can allow the use of a ski valet to keep track of the equipment.

Instead of going for typical hotel rooms, try a residence that comes with some separate bedrooms depending on the group size. This allows flexibility of going out to do your own things and enjoying shared meals. Another option is to look for a home rental. After staying in resorts, you can then move to a fully equipped home with amenities such as a living room, a kitchen, hot tub, and fire pit. This is a great way to have some peace of mind and feel at home.

Engage in a memorable activity together

Family trips are about spending time together, having fun, bonding, and enjoying shared experiences. This means that it is important to engage in at least one activity together that you can reflect on in the future. Booking a family trip with fun activities such as skiing is one of the best things to do. The whole family can board a helicopter and take part in heli-skiing in the company of an operator and a guide.

Most of the guides in such activities are masters of slopes and pilots are ex-military men who are willing to show their expertise in the chopper. Weeks or even months after the trip, you will be discussing experiences while sharing photos through texts.


Family travel is one of the most interesting and amazing experiences because it is an opportunity to spend time together and have fun. The most important thing about multigenerational trips is to ensure that everyone is comfortable throughout the entire period. Consider the trip activities, time alone, the type of RV, accommodation, and an activity that you can do together as a family.

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