Class A, B, or C RV: Which One is Right for You?

There are plenty of things that one can appreciate regarding traveling and living in an RV. If you’ve got friends and family that you’d like to spend more quality time with — this is pretty much the perfect solution. After the initial investment, an RV is pretty much the best way to travel — it costs less than going via airplane, and if you like driving, it’s far less of a hassle.

Plus, with all of that — you get the combination of the RV’s interior comfort with the ability to experience the great outdoors first-hand. But knowing which RV to buy is not always easy. With that in mind — let’s discuss the best self-contained RVs and all of the different types you can pick from!

Towable and Motorized RVs

When we’re talking about the world of RVs, there are two primary classes that you can choose from: towable and motorized.


In this article, we will mostly be covering the different classes of motorized RVs. They’re the ultimate comfort vehicle, a fully functional home that requires no connection to another vehicle to function.

With that in mind, these vehicles feature living quarters and the engine compartment in one unified space. That’s another thing that makes them better for less experienced drivers; sometimes, maneuvering and turning with two vehicles can be quite a challenge. But you’ve got no such issues with these motorized models.


Apart from motorized RVs, there are also towable models. As you’ve likely guessed for yourself — these are models that don’t have engines of their own and instead have to be towed around. Thus, you will need a tow vehicle in order to transport these from one location to another. You will need different sizes and types of tow vehicles in order to handle different weights and sizes of towable models of RVs.

While we will be taking a more in-depth look into the different classes of motorized RVs below; it’s worth pointing out that there are some reasons why towed RVs can be beneficial as well. For one — if you’re on a budget, you will definitely find that towed RVs are simply far less expensive than motorized ones. Plus, these models do give you a certain type of versatility, because they allow you to leave your trailer somewhere unhitched and use your car to explore the nearby countryside.

Class A RVs

Now that we’ve explained the difference between towed and motorized RVs; we’ll explain what the different classes among the latter entail — starting with Class A.

This is pretty much the most commonly seen type of motorhome. It’s usually situated in a very heavy frame; either a chassis of a truck or a bus or an individually designed heavy chassis. Still — whatever their frame is made of, these are pretty much the bulkiest RVs out there. They are heavier than 20,000 pounds, and they’re up to 45 feet long.

These are quite spacious motorhomes; they have comfortable sleeping accommodations and pretty expansive living spaces. This type of RV can handily be used by a maximum of ten people. In the higher-end models, you’ve actually got a separate bedroom suite. Many of them also contain a “basement” of sorts which provides extra storage.

In fact, you will find that the kitchen facilities found in these Class A RVs are sometimes as good as those in regular houses. They have everything from bath facilities to laundry machines; allowing you to have the most complete household experience on wheels. When people talk about luxury models of RVs, this is usually what they’re referring to.

However, there are some downsides to choosing this high-end RV class. For one — if you’re not an experienced driver, you may find these machines to be difficult to maneuver; especially on tighter roads. Plus, parking is definitely not going to be as easy to find. Lastly — this is the most expensive kind of RV that you can own. Still, if you’re prepared for all of that — this is pretty much the most powerful type of RV that money can buy.

Class B RVs

Next up, we’ve got the second RV class — also referred to as “campervans”. And there’s definitely a practical reason for that; generally, such RVs are somewhat smaller than the Class A variety. When you drive them and look at them, they behave and seem much more similar to a van — hence their name. Also, they’re usually manufactured from a van chassis.

Naturally, the smaller space means that you’ll definitely feel somewhat more cramped inside. But there’s a tradeoff for that — which would be better drivability. This is an infinitely easier kind of RV when it comes to driving. Not only do you not have to deal with two separate vehicles — but you also have a smaller one to maneuver when it comes to daily driving.

Generally, this RV class offers a smaller (queen-sized) bed compared to the abovementioned A class. There’s also a wet bath and a smaller kitchen space; the bed area converts to a dining space, instead of being separate. While you can technically house four people in this class of RV, anything more than two could be quite unbearable in practice.

Still, class B RVs are also far less expensive — both in terms of the initial investment, and considering maintenance and fuel afterward. They’re a great option for people who need an occasional vehicle for a quick weekend getaway.

Class C RVs

Finally, we’ve got the third option — Class C motorhomes. These tend to combine the finest things about the previous two classes into one mid-sized and versatile package.

Considering that — many people call them “mini-motorhomes”. Their size is typically up to 33 feet; up to a third shorter than the Class-A vehicles. But despite that — they contain a majority of their amenities, unlike Class Bs.

So, you can definitely expect ample storage space and a sleeping room with a Class C. Though, while they’re definitely easier to drive than Class As, they still can’t hold a candle to Bs in that regard.

Generally speaking, a class C will probably be more affordable compared to a Class B; even though it gives you access to better amenities due to higher maintenance costs and fuel expenses. Still, these represent one of the best options for people who want more space than a Class B can offer; but also don’t want to spend a small fortune on Class A.

No matter what RV you choose, you are sure to have a great adventure!

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