Member Stories: The Boondockers Welcome Experience

Meet Boondockers Welcome Guests costarica. They have so enjoyed their time with our community that we thought it would be appropriate to get their take on what it’s like to be a Guest of our community. 

How long have you been an RVer and what got you into the lifestyle?

We began RVing in December 2018 (so, 2½ years). We purchased our RV in Florida and drove to CA to license it, then headed back to Indiana. We have always loved to travel and thought an RV would be a great way to do that, so we sold everything and got on the road. No plans to stop!

How did you hear about Boondockers Welcome? 

We heard about it online from doing research on boondocking opportunities. We wanted to find places to stay that were off the beaten path.

What is the best thing about Boondockers Welcome? 

The best part is meeting new people and seeing how people across the country live. We like being on farms especially, but we are open to all kinds of parking places.

How have your experiences been with our Hosts so far? 

We have been blessed to meet some truly wonderful people through Boondockers Welcome, some of whom will be life-long friends. We are nice people, so we assume people are nice (until they prove otherwise) and treat them accordingly.

What do you think it means to be a good Guest? And why is it important? 

First of all, follow the rules of the Host (i.e. where to park, generator yes or no, etc.), be respectful of the property and the family and other guests, basic good manners. It is important because people are opening their homes and families to us; we don’t want any of them to feel that they are being taken advantage of. Always, leave the places better than you found them. 

Do you have any fun stories about your experiences at our host locations? 

We have a favorite location for chicken eggs (have been there two times and will return). One host even loaned us his Range Rover so we didn’t have to unhook our tow to go into town. Who does that???

Anything else you would like to add? 

The full-time RV community is one where people are truly willing to share their lives with others. That can manifest in many ways, but we love to hear people’s stories and experiences. We all learn from each other to be better RVers and better people.

We make it a point to travel with Boondockers Welcome Locations in mind. Our experience so far have been overwhelmingly positive. 

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