How Boondocking Saved our Full-Time Travel Adventure

Instead, we dreamed of open valleys with views for miles. We pictured pristine campsites and gorgeous sunsets right outside our front door. Those dreams were quickly shattered when we first started traveling and realized that the rig we choose was too big and too power-hungry to camp that way. Our wide-open valleys became a sea of cramped trailers, and our beautiful sunsets were replaced with a neighboring RV outside our front door.

Fast forward a few months, and we had a transformative boondocking experience that started in tragedy but ended with us falling in love with this lifestyle all over again. It was a true turning point for us. We quickly sold our 37-foot 5th wheel and downsized to a vintage Airstream that we renovated with the help of my Dad. We did a complete overhaul, adding more gray water storage, a composting toilet, and a huge solar panel + lithium battery setup. We were determined to camp the way we dreamed of. Off-grid, wild, and free.

We’ve seen the difference it makes for our kids, now ages 8, 10, 12, and 14. Having room to roam, run wild, be loud, and explore new areas has been a game-changer for them. We no longer have to plan our stays months in advance or be in RV parks with quiet hours and 12-page rulebooks. They have more freedom to be kids – and for that alone, it was worth all the work to get to this point.

Being off-grid and away from the hustle of big cities feeds our souls. It fuels us. It gives us a chance to breathe. To think. To listen. Boondocking has truly changed us.

As we've shared photos on Instagram of our favorite spots over the years, we've been asked lots of questions. So much so that we created some awesome resources for those that want to know more about boondocking.

  • Our Top 10 Boondocking Spots – Detailed info & GPS coordinates of our favorite off-grid locations.
  • How to Find the Perfect Boondocking Spot – A free video course that teaches 5 quick ways to scout beautiful, safe, off-grid camping locations. (You better believe Boondockers Welcome is on this list!)
  • The Complete Boondocking Course – A paid, in-depth video course for camping off-grid. We cover important topics like water, power, waste, internet, food storage, and safety. It includes workbooks, resource links, and more. If you're new to boondocking and don't want to waste hours piecing together info on YouTube, this is a great way to learn everything quickly. You can use the coupon link above to get 20% off!

We hope you find these resources useful, and that they encourage you to get out there in the wilderness! It's an experience everyone should try at least once. Thanks friends – we'll see you down the road!

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    Embracing boondocking proved to be a transformative journey for our full-time travel adventure. Faced with the limitations of a large, power-hungry rig in crowded campsites, a tragic experience prompted a downsizing to a renovated Airstream equipped with solar panels and enhanced storage. The freedom of off-grid living not only realized our dreams of open valleys and stunning sunsets but also significantly benefited our children’s experience, allowing them the liberty to explore. Just as we optimized our Airstream for off-grid living, considering car performance enhancements that add value can elevate the overall travel experience.

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