Easy Ways to Decorate your RV for the Holidays

Hang up string lights

This is a super simple way to not only add holiday cheer to your RV but also brighten it up a bit. You can also leave these lights up all year round if you want. The easiest way to hang the lights is by using clear Command hooks. You can install the hooks on your slide-out or over-cabin bed area and then hang the lights. And, in case you’re worried about electricity for the lights, you can even purchase battery-operated lights. This is a great way to have added light while your boondocking!

Add a wreath to your exterior door

This is a classic touch to your bricks and mortar home that shows your holiday spirit from the outside. It’s also very simple to bring along to hang on your exterior RV door. Again using the Command strips (though you want to make sure they are the Command strips that are for exterior use as they hold up better in the cold and heat) you can hang your wreath to the exterior of your RV door. And, if you’re someone who likes having holiday-themed wreaths all-year-round, you can purchase a generic greenery wreath and decorate it for each holiday. For instance, you can add a red bow and some holly to it for Christmas and then change it up for spring by adding some brightly colored flowers. We love Mardi Gras season, so we added some beads and a Mardi Gras mask to ours. 

Yes, you can even have a Christmas tree in your RV

For many people, a Christmas tree in their house is a must and helps bring in the holiday spirit. Well, just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a tree. There are several small table-top trees you can purchase and decorate on your own. You can add a small set of lights and maybe some personal ornaments. We love to purchase ornaments at special places along our travels and add them to our RV tree. Another fun tree to add is a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, which is certainly small enough to even set on your countertops. 

Get that holiday smell

While it may be hard to get a real Christmas tree in your RV, you can certainly still have the pine scent via a candle or plug-in. There are also many other holiday scents you can enjoy like cinnamon or pumpkin that can help evoke the holiday spirit. 

Hang up garland and stockings for all

Along with string lights, you can also hang garland. There’s even some garland that you can purchase with lights. You can hang the garland in the same way as the string lights using Command hooks. Also using Command hooks you can hang up your family’s stockings or purchase smaller stockings for each family member (or as you can see in the picture, you can close the stocking in the cabinet though that can be a pain if you open and close them often). 

No matter which holiday you celebrate there are easy ways to help make your RV a little more homey and festive. It really helps to bring small things that bring you joy along with you on your journey. What is something you do to help decorate your RV for the holidays?

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