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Announcing the Boondockers Welcome Mobile App

It's finally here! The long-awaited mobile app for Boondockers Welcome is ready to be installed so you can start planning your exciting travels with our hosts!

It was a tough year for many of us, but despite all the setbacks, we have persevered and are happy to finally release the Boondockers Welcome Mobile App!

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The new app lets you:

  • search all our hosts
  • filter based on your RV size, amenities, and dates
  • make requests with our amazing hosts
  • see all your requested, upcoming, and previous stays
  • hosts and guests can message each other in real time
  • cancel or confirm stays
  • hosts can accept or decline stay requests
  • leave a reference for your host or guest
  • get notifications of messages from members or stays that have been accepted or declined
  • for those using a tablet, you can view the app in landscape mode

With over 2700 hosts, you're sure to find a place to stay on your next RV trip, wherever it may take you.

For those interested in a preview:

Fit for all your on-the-go needs, we're pretty excited and have had some very positive feedback!

We've got a few improvements already in the works including adding the ability to add hosts as favorites and view your favorites in the app. 

So please take a moment to install the app and check it out. And if you're happy with what you see, we'd love it if you'd leave us a 5-star review on the App Store or Google Play. 

We're excited to have yet another way to continue to build this amazing community, thank you for being a part of it!

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Boondockers Welcome is a community of RVers that provide overnight stays with each other for free while traveling through an area. We help RVers to travel more economically and find options when campgrounds may be full. It’s a great and safe way to meet fellow RVers or for people curious about the RV lifestyle to learn from members, while also providing a safe place to park for one night or up to five nights.

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  • darwinthom


    Can I contact a host using the mobile app (like I can on the website)? Regards, Darwin
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