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AllStays Review

When we wrote our Top 5 Camping Apps blog post we heard from many members that AllStays was their go-to app. So, we thought we would dedicate a full blog post to the app.

AllStays is only available to download as an app on Apple products (iPhone and iPad) but you can also get AllStays Pro on your desktop. AllStays Pro gives you access to a lot of information, is faster, doesn't have any ads, and allows you to use Google Earth offline. There are a lot of great features about this app but here are a few we enjoy. 

Find Parking

Upon opening the app you will be taken to the map feature which will locate your position and show you services in that area (this is very similar to iOverlander). You can search the map along your route or around your destination to find free places to park. There is also the ability to filter your search to only include RV friendly retail stores to park, BLM locations, or rest areas.

Once you find an interesting place you can click on it to get more information. This is what is really helpful as other RVers will leave reviews of the location so you can see if other RVers have had trouble staying overnight at the location or if there are any amenities. 

However, if you are looking for a campground that offers full hook-ups you can also search for those locations on the app. The paid locations are rated according to cost so you can filter the locations that fit your budget. AllStays has one of the largest campground databases so you are sure to find something available on your route. 

Fill-up and Dump Locations

Another great feature of the AllStays app is the ability to search for propane and water fill-up locations as well as RV dump locations. If you are an avid boondocker you know finding these types of locations are gold, especially on your route. These type of locations also offer user reviews from other RVers about the ease of getting into the location, cost, hours, etc. It's nice to have that information upfront because as RVers we know the unknown can sometimes lead to stressful situations. 

In addition to filling up propane and water tanks, the app can help you find gas stations that can accommodate large rigs. Fueling up can be a big stressor for RVers. Some gas stations are so small it is very hard to maneuver some rigs around the space. Stations like Flying J and Pilot offer RV fill-up sections that are an RVers dream. You can search specifically for these types of locations in the app and see what other RVers said about the maneuverability of the station. Very helpful!

Low Clearances & Steep Grades

This is a pretty unique feature of the app, you can see on the map areas that might be a challenge for taller rigs. One of the first things you should do when you get your RV is to write down the height of your rig and place it on a sticky note on your dashboard. This tip can help you avoid areas your rig will not fit. Luckily, the AllStays app can help navigate you to areas that your rig will be able to travel easily. You can filter for low clearance locations from 7 ft to 15ft. This filter can be especially helpful in areas where low clearance bridges are common. 

Steep grades can also be a major concern for RVers. You can search along your route to see if you might encounter any areas with steep grades and see if there is an alternate route to take to your destination. While this is a bit different than low clearances, it can still be very stressful and this is a nice feature if you would like to avoid such roads. 

Overall the information that is available on AllStays is massive. Luckily the app has a fantastic filtering option so you can filter by specific campgrounds or Cracker Barrel's if that is your preference and still find a safe route there, a place to park or fill up. What is your favorite filter offered on the app?

*AllStays has offered all Boondockers Welcome members a 20% discount code for the Pro membership. To view the code, please visit the Member Bonuses section.

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  • TravelinCouple


    Unfortunately for us, AllStays is not available on Android, cannot see purchasing an iPhone just for this app. Would love to hear updates of plans to support Android as this does otherwise sound very worthwhile.

    BWadmin on 02/06/2021 10:57 a.m. moderator  

    You can access all features of AllStays via their website. The website does appear to be mobile-friendly, so you can also use it on your phone. I hope that helps!
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