RVs 4 MDs – How Boondockers Welcome Members Can Help

What is RVs 4 MDs and what do they do?

It all started when Emily Phillips, RVs 4 MDs co-founder, posted on her personal Facebook page asking to borrow an RV for her husband who was an ER doctor. It was important that he be able to isolate himself from his wife and three children, especially because Emily and her daughter have asthma. Through her post she was put in touch with Holly Haggard and the RVs for MDs Facebook group started.

Now, almost three weeks later, there are over 27,000 Facebook members in the group and they have matched over 1,000 RVs to healthcare workers. As of April 9th, they are matching RVs to frontline healthcare workers in the US, Canada, Australia and Dubai.

How can Boondockers Welcome members help?

Loan Out Your RV

As an RVer, there are many ways you can help. First, and most needed, you can temporarily donate your RV. You can do this two different ways, either by submitting your donation via a Google Form or choosing the “self-match” option by posting your rig on the Facebook Group feed. According to the group, many people who post in the group receive responses mostly within minutes or in the next few days.

Of course, there are concerns about getting your RV back and possibly coming into contact with the virus. Most RV owners are planning to spray a disinfectant around the RV and letting the vehicle sit for two weeks unused after its returned.

Let a borrowed RV park at your host location

While most borrowed RVs in the program are parked in front of the recipient's house, if they do not have a space for the RV then they are left paying for a spot at a campground (which as you know, may be hard to find in certain areas.) But we're confident that our amazing Boondockers Welcome community can help in these cases. Boondockers Welcome has agreed to work with RVs 4 MDs to connect with our hosts and inquire about placing borrowed RVs at host locations when possible.

No action is needed at this time, but be on the lookout for an email from us entitled “Host in your area needed for a healthcare worker.” If you see that email come across please plan to act quickly. The process starts with finding a place for the RV to park, once that’s confirmed they move on to finding an RV for the borrower. Also, as a host be prepared to welcome the guest for at least several weeks to months. It is a lot to ask, we know, but these healthcare workers are risking their lives every day so it seems a small gesture in comparison.

Other ways to help

Another way you can help is if you own a portable dump tank or own a septic-service company. These resources can help the borrower if the rig isn’t already equipped with a dump tank.

We love hearing all of the positive stories in the RVs 4 MDs Facebook Group. Even if you just need a little pick-me-up, visit it and enjoy the heartfelt stories that truly help give these frontline heroes a peace of mind during this very difficult time for them and their families. Consider sharing these stories with your network to get the word out and encourage other RVers to consider participating in the program.


We have also partnered with RVs for Canada's Frontline, another group helping frontline heroes by matching them with RVs. They are quickly trying to match not only frontline healthcare workers but other frontline employees (grocery store clerks, mail carriers, etc.). They are in desperate need for RVs at this time. So please consider offering your RV to them as well and see which organization is able to match you to a frontline hero in need the fastest. 

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    20th April, 2020

    The are Facebook groups for connecting front line workers to RVs. Sounds great at first, but if this goes into the summer, and it probably will, you will have many RVs I peoples driveways, plugged into a 15amp outlet with cheater plug. An RVs A/C will be pooched in short order. Maybe RV parks should open up to front line workers

    1. BWadmin
      20th April, 2020

      Thanks for your comment! It does appear there are quite a few campgrounds that are opening for these groups. RVs 4 MDs has partnered with KOA, so that is a good option as well.