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RV Temperature Monitor: A Must-have RV Companion

We know many of our members travel with their pets. As such, we receive a lot of questions about how to keep your pet cool or warm while camping. This article is brought to you by Waggle Pet App and might help ease your worries about camping with your pet.

RV Lifestyle is the safest travel option as everyone prefers social distancing forced by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it comes with its own challenges. If you are a lover of roads, a temperature monitor comes as a reliable caretaker while you are traveling in your house on wheels. Beyond keeping your pets safe, it plays a crucial role in several other aspects as well.

Keep your traveling pets safe

Whether you are on a camping trip or an extended road trip, you’ll almost certainly want to take your canine best friend along. And because RVs include features that allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the vehicle at all times, pet owners often don’t think twice about it.

But as a good pet parent, you can do better than simply relying on your vehicle’s heating or cooling system in the instances where you may need to leave your pet behind for any period of time. Thanks to technology, you can take the extra step of monitoring the temperature in your RV while you’re away from your pet, too - Too much heat or humidity, both affect an RV’s performance and life.

Know when your RV loses its cool

Not all RVs are made equal. Although you take advantage of shady trees, awning, and other campsite amenities to offset sun exposure, some campers can get as hot as a furnace during summer.

While too much heat inside an RV can affect its air conditioning and performance, high humidity causes mold and rust. That said, a temperature monitor sitting inside your RV can alert you when the inside temperature of your RV goes beyond safe levels.

How to choose a temperature monitor?

How can you be sure that the temperature monitor you’ve selected will work well and be reliable while you’re traveling in your RV? Whether you’ve already purchased a monitor or are still shopping for one.

  1. Cellular connectivity: When you’re road-tripping, the last thing you want to do is rely on WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity for your temperature monitor. These are unreliable in many areas, and the monitors that work on cellular networks are a much better fit for RV use.
  1. Battery-powered back-up: Potential power failures are among the top reasons you’re using a temperature monitor in your RV in the first place. You want to make sure that your monitor will be alive at least for 2 days, to alert you on temperature extremities and when it switches into battery mode.
  1. Measures both hot and cold temps: Chances are you aren’t just traveling in the warmer summer months. Temperature monitors that are best suited for RV use will monitor both warm and cold temperatures. If you take your pets along, it helps protect them from both heatstroke and potential hypothermia year-round.
  1. GPS capability: This can provide peace of mind when you get too far off the beaten path, or in the worst-case scenario if your vehicle is stolen.

Factor in all your needs and shop for the best temperature monitor for your next RV trip and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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