My Experience with Boondockers Welcome

For as long as I have a self-contained vehicle, I will have a Boondockers Welcome Membership. In my opinion, this is the most useful Membership any RVer can have—let me explain. 

Why I Tried Boondockers Welcome

I first tried Boondockers Welcome because I was about to make a cross-country trip from Arizona to Pennsylvania. I was looking for a way to cut back on the costs. And I was hoping to not feel like I needed to be in a hurry. 

The cost of staying in a campground each night was adding up quickly—which pushed me to hurry up and add on more miles each day. So then, my thought was that adding a Boondockers Welcome Membership would encourage me to slow down, enjoy each day, and not worry about money. 

I figured that not paying camping fees would encourage me to get the most for my money. If I was strategic in my stops, I could take 10 days or more to travel the 2,500 miles. This would allow me to enjoy each day, and stay on top of my work for my remote job. 

Here Is How It Works 

Boondockers Welcome gives you unlimited overnight stays with no camping fees at 3,000+ locations across North America. For the cost of less than two nights in a typical campground, you’ll be able to spend every night of the year camping in your self-contained vehicle without any fees. 

Once you sign up for your Membership, you’ll be given access to everything Boondockers Welcome offers. You’ll be able to search the map of North America for hosts locations. You can select a host and read what they have to offer, or you can add filters to help you find the perfect spot for you and your RV. 

If you find a host you like, request to stay at their location inside the app. Within 24 hours, you’ll hear back from them and get further instructions. It is common courtesy to let the host know a time frame for your arrival, and then check-in with them upon arrival. 

They will give you details like where the trash receptacles are, if there are any property rules, and other necessary information. This will probably take place inside the app. And most hosts like to come out and greet their visitors to make them feel welcomed. 

Once you have completed your stay, it is helpful to leave them a message of gratitude and offer up a review inside the Boondockers Welcome app. 

Why I’ll Always Have A Boondockers Welcome Membership

My first trip from Yuma, AZ to Scranton, PA made me a believer in Boondockers Welcome. I used to do this drive in five days—or less. I would typically drive over the weekend and take a few days off work—which were wasted vacation days. With a Boondockers Welcome Membership, I saved my vacation days, took 14 days to make the trip, and saw areas of the country I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. 

So here’s a list of some reasons I’ll always have a Boondockers Welcome Membership. 

Ease of Use

I’ve had Memberships that I liked the idea of, but hated using. When a membership is painful to use, you’ll end up canceling it. And that isn’t the case with Boondockers Welcome. 

The Boondockers Welcome user interface is an incredibly intuitive experience. You can tell they’ve spent time perfecting the app with the customer in mind. You are able to search a map, select locations, and request stays in a matter of minutes. 

The Boondockers Welcome app is incredibly useful. Inside the app, you can interact with your host, track where you’ve been, and plan routes. My wife and I like to use it as a travel journal of sorts by looking back at our travels periodically. 

Hosts Interaction

Each host is a little different, but always top notch. They are welcoming, accommodating, and are as informative as you want them to be. There have been stays where my interaction was 100% via the app. But there have also been times where I’ve sat around a fire and chatted for hours. 

I think most hosts like to connect, but respect you enough to know when that isn’t what you’re looking for. 

Hosts Locations

When I first got my Membership, I anticipated that I might be disappointed by some of the locations. I quickly realized there is beauty all over North America. Some of the off-the-beaten-path locations have actually been some of my favorites. 

Discovering new places around North America has been easy with Boondockers Welcome hosts. Most of these hosts want to help you discover their little slice of paradise. They are more than happy to tell you all about the hole-in-the-wall restaurants, great fishing holes, and what makes their region unique. 

Unexpected Bonuses

Boondockers Welcome says that you can have unlimited overnight boondocking stays. This is true, but I’ve found a lot of hosts will let you stay up to five nights. And upon further investigation, you’ll find that 70% of hosts offer some sort of hookups—for a nominal fee. 

While it is not a requirement for hosts, it is nice to know these exist out there. 

Best Bang For Your Buck

One of the best reasons to get a Boondockers Welcome Membership is the cost for what you get. For less than the price of two nights in a typical campground, you can get a year’s worth of camping with Boondockers Welcome. The added bonus of local people acting like guides, spacious spots, and developing new relationships to your network of friends are all cherries on top. What more could you ask for?

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