More Host Tips

It is important to always select the green “Accept” button or the red “Decline” button when accepting a stay request. Just responding to a request does not automatically accept a stay. In order for a guest to receive your address and phone number you need to select the “Accept” button. 

If possible, please try to respond to all stay requests within 48 hours of receiving it. After 48 hours the request will expire and it could affect your response rate. However, we’re aware that you’re not always in a position to respond to requests in that time frame. So, if you ever encounter a situation where you weren’t able to respond in time, please let us know. We can adjust your response rate accordingly. 

Enable text notifications in your settings so you won’t miss a request to stay. We realize you might not always check your email, so adding text notifications ensures you never miss a request. 

Please review the RV length that you allow at your host location. Many hosts notice after a few guest stays that they can allow a bigger rig or that they can’t allow rigs bigger than a certain size. You can always adjust it according to how you see fit. 

Please be sure to update your host profile to include your desired amenities compensation. We recently made an update that will allow you to add your desired compensation under your amenities section. You can read more about the new update here.  

These are just a few of the many host tips we have to share. What are some of your tips?

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