Creating a Mobile Office Workspace

RVing is such a fun and unique experience, and some RVers have chosen to hit the road full-time while still working. Depending on your RV, this can mean that you need to work in a space that doubles as a functional space as well. Check out some of our ideas on where you can set up a mobile office workspace in your RV.

Choosing a Location for your Mobile Office

Choosing a location for your mobile workspace can be one of the biggest challenge in getting set up. Even the most spacious of RVs doesn’t typically come equipped with an office. However, with a bit of finagling and a proper set-up, creating your mobile workspace can be easier than ever.

The Dinette

Many RVers take advantage of the built-in dinette in their RV that can double as a desk. For those working with a laptop, it can be super easy to set up and take down to convert back to your dining table. The best part is that it’s already a set of built-in seats and a tabletop, making this an easy go-to choice for many RVers as their mobile office. However, there are others who do not want their kitchen table to double as a workspace, so if this is you, read on for many more potential options.

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The Couch or Recliners

If your RV has a couch or recliners, this can be a great place to work. These areas are comfortable, but they don’t typically offer a hard surface for a workspace. If you’re ok with forgoing a tabletop, consider just simply working on your couch or recliner(s). It can be great to kick up your feet with your laptop to get some work done.

The Cockpit

When not being driven, the cockpit is typically an unused area of the RV. This can be a great place to set up an area to work as it provides a comfy seat and hard surface to work on. Some RV passenger seats even include a built-in slide-out table to write on or work from. Some RVers also have desktops set up in the cockpit area in between travel days. These can easily be taken down and safely stored when it’s time to travel.

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The Bed

Some smaller RVs or vans may be equipped with minimalistic features only. Because of this, there may not be a separate dinette, desk or couch. In this case, the traveler may choose to work from bed. Some may even choose to create a sort of desk over their bed, which is an incredible use of space.

Work Outside

On nice days, why not work outside? This can be done on a picnic table or portable table of your own. A change of scenery like this can be just the right thing to boost your creativity or productivity. Many campgrounds will have picnic tables or pavilions, and Boondockers Welcome locations may have a picnic table as well. 

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If your current RV space isn’t fitting your needs for a mobile office, consider making some modifications and upgrades.

Replace the dinette or the couch with a desk or workspace.

If either the dinette or couch aren’t super important to you, consider converting one into an office. One side of the dinette seats could be taken out and filing cabinets could be added, while some of the table could still be used for a meal. Or if you’re ok with eating at your desk, consider getting rid of both dinette seats for more office space. 

If you can forego the couch or a set of recliners, this can be a great place to set up a desk. You’ll most likely have a view right at the window, which can be great for getting the creative juices flowing.

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Create a custom desk space.

If you plan to remodel any part of your RV, consider adding a desk. This could be a corner of the bedroom, or an unused section of the living room. Adding a desk or revamping a current surface into a desk isn’t generally too difficult. As always with RV renovations, take weight into consideration, and choose more lightweight materials when given the option. If you take a lot of meetings from the road, it can be a great opportunity to create your own space and make it look as professional as you need it to be.

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Add an Outdoor Room

Some RVers like to work in a variety of spaces throughout the week, which can include being outside. Who wouldn’t want to add square footage to their RV and give themselves a new place to work? Outdoor rooms attach onto an awning and are enclosed to keep out bugs or to allow your pet to sit outside with you. This can be the perfect solution if you travel in warmer areas and don’t want to renovate anything inside your RV.

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As technology continues to allow many to ditch the traditional office and live a life of nomadic wanderings, mobile office spaces will continue to increase in importance. Between using spaces already present in RVs (dinettes, couches, beds), and building custom spaces, the workspace options are endless. With a little creativity and planning, you too can create the perfect mobile office that will travel with you wherever you go.

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Do you work from your RV? What kind of office setup do you use? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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