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A Milestone Worth Celebrating!

If you’re subscribed to our weekly newsletter, you’re probably aware that we’ve had a constant stream of new hosts joining. For the past few months I’ve been saying, we have “almost” 2000 host listings. So I’m pretty excited to announce that this week we reached and surpassed that milestone. I think that’s cause for a bit of a celebration, don’t you?

More than a milestone or a number, what we’re really celebrating is each and every one of our members who have signed on as a host. So, if you’re one of those 2000, here’s to you! 

Whether you’re in a high traffic area and get more requests than you can accept, or in a quiet corner of the country and still hoping for your first guest...

Whether you’re hosting to learn more about the RV lifestyle before you jump into it, or plan to RV fulltime soon and are welcoming guests while you still have a home base where you can do it... 

Whether you can accept any size of RV and offer hookups, or live in a rented townhouse with just enough space for a small RV to boondock in your driveway...

Whether you’re paying it forward so you can use the platform on your own travels, or welcoming guests because you hope they may spend some time in your restaurant, gift shop, or art studio before they move on... 

Whether you host because you love where you live and want travelers to be able to spend time exploring the area without breaking the bank, or because you love meeting people from various parts of the world... 

Whatever your personal reason for joining as a host, it’s your offer of friendship, your kindness, and generosity to travelers, providing what you can, when you can, that makes Boondockers Welcome what it is. More than just another web-based platform or tool for RVers, you make it a real-world, caring community.

And that’s something worth celebrating!

Here's a little information about our gracious hosts and all that they offer to our guests. 

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Boondockers Welcome is a community of RVers that provide overnight stays with each other for free while traveling through an area. We help RVers to travel more economically and find options when campgrounds may be full. It’s a great and safe way to meet fellow RVers or for people curious about the RV lifestyle to learn from members, while also providing a safe place to park for one night or up to five nights.

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  • GA Gypsies

    GA Gypsies   

    What fun. Congratulations to us! Loved the stats. A year or so ago y'all published a whole list of stats about us. Having a marketing background I naturally love this kind of data. Would love to see an annual report that included detailed stats. Cheers

    BWadmin on 11/16/2019 9:30 a.m. moderator  

    Yes, it was this blog post - What a great idea to do a yearly stat for both hosts and guests! We will certainly do one as a wrap up for 2019. What a great year! Thank you for all that you do! :)
  • DianaSD


    So very excited to be part of this group. I'm new to RVing and staying with kindred spirit hosts feels like a great way to safely get into this mode of traveling and exploring while I become proficient at it. I, too, live in a wonderful area to explore (southwest boundary of Joshua Tree National Park) and am looking at my property to see how I can comfortably accommodate fellow travelers when I'm in residence. Thank you for this wonderful service and helping to put this kind of lovely human energy back into a world fraught with anxiety.

    BWadmin on 11/18/2019 12:11 p.m. moderator  

    Thank you for joining Boondockers Welcome! We are happy to have you. :)
    GA Gypsies

    GA Gypsies   

    Love your last sentence, "Thank you for this wonderful service and helping to put this kind of lovely human energy back into a world fraught with anxiety." Very eloquent.
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