Member Stories: A European Adventure

Which hosts did you stay with while you were traveling in Europe?

We stayed with every host we could find near areas we planned to travel. Wish there were more! 

 This photo is of our hosts behind their home in the Lakes District of England.

Our first hosts live in the Lakes District of England, an area that can be very difficult for motorhome travelers. The roads are very narrow and there are few affordable camping accommodations. We had just arrived from America a few days prior, so the advice given to us by these hosts was invaluable. Via advance email messages they informed us about the best places to obtain propane, diesel fuel, and provisions. All proved very helpful. During our stay with them, they provided valuable guidance about making the most out of our stay in the area. I’m certain we would have missed some of the best attractions without their help. 

Here we are at our host location in Holland.

Our next host in Holland was extremely helpful and welcoming. Her location was convenient for us because we had friends to visit nearby who did not have space for us to park. This host’s generosity extended to afternoon tea and biscuits as well as laundry service. Can’t beat that! 

 Here HaRVy is camped in front of our hosts’ home in Northern Denmark.

Near the northern tip of Denmark, we camped in the front yard of a lovely couple’s home in a very quiet neighborhood. They kindly offered a great suggestion for a nearby museum that we enjoyed immensely. Again, we would not have known about it without their knowledge. They also welcomed us to use their shower and laundry facilities. 

  My husband with our host at her home near Copenhagen.

Near Copenhagen, Denmark we stayed with enthusiastic young hosts and their sons. They were very accommodating as well, driving us to the train station so we could visit the city without taking our vehicle. We had much in common and could have talked with them for days. 

Parked in front of our host in Brittany. 

In Brittany, France we camped out at a charming farmhouse of British hosts. They too could not have been more generous, inviting us in for a delicious dinner, introducing us to their neighbors, and welcoming us to stay even after they closed down the house for the winter. The time spent there was a welcome respite for us road-weary folks. 

Why do you think other guests should visit a host outside of North America?

There is nothing like having locals provide suggestions and information, especially when you don’t understand the language. Also, the hosts in Europe rarely get visitors, so they are excited to return the hospitality they received during their stays in America. 

It is SO pleasant to have a “home away from home” when you are so far away from your own. 

Did you find any language or cultural barriers?

Only had language limitations with one host and we still managed to converse a bit. The Google Translate app is helpful and highly recommended. No cultural barriers. All these hosts have traveled in the USA and stayed with Boondockers Welcome hosts themselves, so they pretty much know what’s expected. 

What is the process of bringing your RV overseas? 

We shipped our own camper van over. We felt this was our best option since we hope to stay overseas for 1 to 2 years. We booked through Seabridge in Germany. 

Any advice you can give to people who might be considering traveling with an RV overseas? 

Do a LOT of research regarding visas, insurance requirements, cellular communications, banking & credit cards, mail forwarding, and other logistics depending on how long you plan to be away from home. 

If taking your own rig, it must have the means to utilize 230 electrical power plus various different water and propane hookups. 

Go sooner rather than later. You’re not getting any younger and this mode of travel is getting very popular. Travel off-season and in less touristy locations as much as possible. Be flexible. 

For more travel stories from Sunny27, you can visit her blog

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