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Invite Your Friends to Join Us!

Have a friend who you think would love Boondockers Welcome? Invite them to join us! Our new refer-a-friend program is now up and running!

When we migrated to our new system last year we put a hold on some of the less critical pieces so that we could make sure we got the important things right, but now that we're sailing smoothly, we're happy to re-introduce our refer-a-friend program.

To invite a friend to join Boondockers Welcome, just visit our handy Invitation Tool. You can find a link to this on your dashboard that looks like this:

Once there, enter a comma separated list of any friends that you'd like to invite. You can either let us send an email on your behalf, or you can just add them to your "invited firends" list, and then send them an email yourself from your own email address, where it's less likely to get lost in their inbox.

If your friends sign up and purchase a membership, both of you will receive a 1-month subscription credit! It's win-win for you and your freind, and a win for Boondockers Welcome because we know that it's "the more the merrier" around here!

You can check the status of your invitations at anytime:

So what are you waiting for? Start inviting people to the party, and help us spread the Boondockers Welcome love all around!

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Boondockers Welcome is a community of RVers that provide overnight stays with each other for free while traveling through an area. We help RVers to travel more economically and find options when campgrounds may be full. It’s a great and safe way to meet fellow RVers or for people curious about the RV lifestyle to learn from members, while also providing a safe place to park for one night or up to five nights.

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  • Gypsygirl.


    I don't understand the 1 month credit. I thought we pd annually.

    Marianne on 11/10/2018 9:36 a.m. moderator  

    True - it's an annual subscription but one month is added to the expiry dates so you can keep pushing your renewal date by another month with every referral.
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