How to Plan for a Trip with Uncertain Dates

Yet, people are still eager to plan their next adventure, even if they don’t know when they’ll be able to go. By following these tips, you can begin to plan for your next trip, regardless of whether the date is set or not.

Start a Rainy Day Fund

Perhaps the most important step in planning a future trip is to stow away extra cash in a rainy day fund. Because you don’t know when you’ll go on a trip or how much it may cost, having cash laying around for this exact purpose will have you ready when the time comes.

The first step in creating a rainy day fund is to put the money in a separate account—this way you can easily track how much is in there. It also has the added benefit of making sure you won’t be tempted to touch it too easily. Opting for a digital banking platform will allow you to manage your account from your smartphone and make the most out of useful features such as automatic savings and instant notifications.

Once you have the account set up, you just have to add money to the account month after month. For some people, it’s easiest to pick a set amount every month, but you can also contribute whatever you can afford at the time. Finally, don’t forget to stick to your budget more closely while you’re saving, as living within your means can prevent overspending and allow you to save more.

Create an Itinerary

Take advantage of the extra time you have at home to plan your trip out as extensively as possible. Sometimes people get caught up in the moment and plan their vacation without really knowing what they’ll do when they get there. It’s certainly fun to be spontaneous and plan activities on the fly, but by creating an itinerary you can be sure that you’re going to make the most out of your time while on vacation.

This is especially important as a boondocker if you’re going to be visiting multiple places with pit stops on the way. You don’t need to necessarily know when you’re taking the trip in order to do this either. It’s still important to map out driving times well in advance. This way, you can accurately plan for how many activities you can get done on any given day, and how long your road trip may take.

Do Plenty of Research

When you’re doing research, try to look for activities and general areas that aren’t well known. Having fewer people around will give you a more personal adventure. And this is especially important if you’re trying to avoid large crowds of people due to health concerns.

Some may refer to these locations as “hidden gems.” There’s plenty of ways that you can seek them out ahead of time without having to first talk to locals. One way is to search for locations on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. People are always posting about the things they are doing, so use the location feature on these platforms to find the latest and greatest hidden gems.

Another option is to read up on your destination in their local newspaper, if there is an online print. There’s sure to be articles on places and events that are meant for local readers to enjoy. And finally, try playing around on Google Maps. There’s always landmarks and things to do listed, and you never know what you might find. This option also makes it easy to cross-reference when searching for hosts.

Just because you don’t have a set date for your next vacation doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning now. Uncertainty while traveling can be difficult to manage, but taking the time to prepare your finances and itineraries ahead of time will have you ready to hop on the road in no time.

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  1. AnnandMartin
    22nd June, 2020

    This is a completely irresponsible article. BW shouldn’t be promoting any kind of travel at a time when Covid is ramping up throughout the States. You’re simply encouraging the irresponsible multitudes to further ignore logical, scientifically derived safeguards so that they justify their childish and selfish needs to indulge their “freedoms”.

    1. BWadmin
      22nd June, 2020

      This blog post is about planning for future travel plans and in no way is encouraging travel right now. We have been very careful in all our communications to not encourage travel and this post is no different. In the first few lines, you will note that we are discussing the “degree of uncertainty to future travel plans.”

    2. Dave_and_Mel
      22nd June, 2020

      It never ceases to amaze me how many people want to immediately assume the worst intentions of someone and accuse them without asking for clarification on the subject. This could have just as easily been handled by a comment along the lines of “Great information in the post. Just a reminder to your readers that now may not be the best time to apply the concepts discussed”.

    3. Uschi293
      23rd June, 2020

      You can be safe and still travel…chill out please..

  2. HobbyFarm
    22nd June, 2020

    Wow, I think this is a great time to travel especially exploring the back roads. RVing allows you to avoid hot spots and go to states that are experiencing very little outbreak and boondocking can be safer than staying in your hometown. Of course each host can decide if they want to accept guest now as well as determine how much they want to interact. As with anything just RV responsibly during this time.

  3. Rich-Janelle.Nuding
    22nd June, 2020

    Thank You for all the good information. You administrators of BW actually do a great job. Keep it up. We actually had two guests during the Late March timeframe trying to get back to Canada. They were on the road and had no where to stop. If it wasn’t for BW they would have been sleeping at Walmart. Just saying. Love BW…..

    1. BWadmin
      22nd June, 2020

      Thank you very much for your kind words of support, we really appreciate it.

  4. Suemur
    23rd June, 2020

    Yes, this is a great time to plan. Planning is almost as exciting as the actual trip so you can have almost as much fun and still feel like you are part of the RV world without leaving your home. BW certainly helped us on our return to Canada this spring and we felt much safer than staying in campgrounds or Walmart. Great program and wonderful people!!

    1. BWadmin
      23rd June, 2020

      We completely agree! So glad that BW was able to help you get back home. 🙂