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How to Create the Ideal Guest Profile

So, you joined Boondockers Welcome and purchased your guest subscription, now what?

Creating a good guest profile is key if you want your stay requests to be accepted by hosts. Would you want someone to show up to your property if you knew nothing about them? Probably not and that's why it's important to fill out as much of the guest profile as you can. Here are a few do's and don'ts to setting up the ideal guest profile. 


  • Fill out every section of the profile with as much information about you and your traveling companions as you can.
  • Use the "In a few words" section to give a brief description of who you are. This can be fun, witty or straight forward. An example could be "Digital nomads in search of adventure.This tells the reader that the guests do work while on the road but enjoy seeking unique experiences. 
  • Include information in the number of pets that you are traveling with and provide a little info about them. For instance, if you are traveling with a cat be sure to note if it is an indoor-only cat. 

  • Always include a good clear picture of your rig in the "Your Rig Photo" section. This is the most important item of your profile. This helps the hosts know what to expect when you pull up. 
  • Using a photo of yourself as your profile picture is best. This will help the hosts know who to expect when you arrive and also helps to put a face to the name. 
  • You can add up to eight additional photos to your profile. These photos could include all of the people traveling with you, the pets you travel with or even pictures of your travels. 


  • Don't leave your profile completely blank. A host will see this and wonder if you are a real person or if it is safe to invite you to their home. 

  • Try not to use images of anything else besides yourself for your profile image. It's helpful for hosts to see who you are before they accept your stay request. 
  • Don't include any personal information such as email address, phone number or address. This includes using your real name in your profile. 
  • Don't use your real name, but instead select a username that speaks to who you are. This is to protect your identity as any non-member can view your profile page. 

Remember, a good guest profile will show you, your rig and your personality so a host can make an informed decision on whether or not to accept your stay request. 

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  • GA Gypsies

    GA Gypsies   

    Great suggestions. I hope all members read this.

    BWadmin on 01/18/2020 8:08 a.m. moderator  

    Thank you! We do too. :)
  • The-Dancers


    Thank you and we will make sure to do our best and treat everyone the way we would like to be treated. We are kinda new to the RV world, but we are ready to experience a new adventure and share our great memories.

    BWadmin on 06/27/2020 12:05 p.m. moderator  

    I'm sure you will be great guests! Welcome to the club! :)
  • LLCundiff


    Not quite sure how to fill out the rig type and details other than to select Truck Camper as the Rig type. Our rig length may vary depending on whether we're towing our kayak trailer or our power boat trailer. I'm assuming that without any trailer the Rig length would be the total length from the front truck bumper to the entry steps on the camper. If the search function screens sites based on our Rig length - which may change with what we are or aren't towing - can we change the Rig length when planning a trip?

    BWadmin on 05/08/2021 1:02 p.m. moderator  

    Hi! Yes, you can certainly change your rig length depending on if you have your trailer or not. The search filter does not automatically include your rig length, so you can also change that each time you are searching for a host location. :)


    Thank you!


    Thank you!
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