13 Great Stocking Stuffers for RVers

  1. A gift certificate to Boondockers Welcome. Good for a 1-year guest membership. Takes up no space in the camper and is the gift that keeps on giving!

  2. Gift certificates to other RV membership groups like Overnight RV Parking or Harvest Hosts.
  3. This mini USB fan is super handy for a hot day when you have to be sitting in front of the laptop earning your keep instead (or just avoiding the heat.) Great for non-RVers too! (Randy’s sister has one and loves it.)
  4. The water thief or sometimes called a water bandit. We often find ourselves in this situation – there’s free water in a park but the tap is not threaded. This handy doohickey stays attached to the tap with just friction via a rubber end and is great for getting a tank filled without having to lug a jug back and forth. (Randy’s getting one in his stocking this year – hopefully he doesn’t read this blog before then!).
  5. Duct tape – you can always use more, and this one has a super cute camper print!
  6. GPS tracking warning stickers –  You may not want to spring for the actual GPS tracker, but the thieves don’t have to know that. Adding a sticker can be a cheap way to help prevent vehicle theft.
  7. non contact voltage tester – This was one of the tools recommended in the FMCA video on electrical testing that we linked to on our electrical safety blog.
  8. Sometimes the dog needs a gift too! Check out this cute co-pilot doggy shirt.
  9. A package of fire colorant is always good for campfire fun, especially when travelling with kids.
  10. For those who like to eat adventurously while on the road but may not have a full residential kitchen setup, the Campers Cook Book has some great recipes and ideas. (Santa is bringing a copy of this to Anna’s house this year!)
  11. There are some adorable handmade camper tea-towels on Etsy for the RV owner who loves a cute kitchen.
  12. There are more great RV-related fun items on Etsy, like this t-shirt.
  13. The wine needs a safe ride too! Get this neoprene wine sleeve to ensure your wine stays safe no matter how bumpy the road to your campsite.

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  1. Laura
    22nd May, 2023

    My parents are RVers and I never know what to get them when it comes to Christmas gifts or even birthdays. They have all the toys they need while they travel, a razor, kayak, camping chairs, etc. We decided this year we would get them a carpet cleaning for their home so that when they get home their home will be all ready and clean!