Boondocking in the Middle of Nowhere

I have spent weeks (to ten days) totally alone in different situations, particularly in Arizona. One week in the desert – until I learned that it was "birthing season" for rattlesnakes, and that the little ones might be more lethal than the adults, because they're not accustomed to modulating the amount of venom they share! Another time, also in Arizona, I spent ten days among the Prickly Pear Cactus, beside a dirt road, about an hour north of Phoenix. The quiet and isolation were invigorating!

Finally, I camped in a free National Parks campground in Arizona in the winter. It rained and rained. My story is:  I wrote the majority of a book –175 pages – during that week. There was little else to do!

But I've also had the most amazing experiences boondocking with people I have met through Boondockers Welcome.  In Virginia, I stayed with a former minister and his wife, who knew the area, were wonderfully friendly, and made a point of helping me figure out where I wanted to go along the Shenandoah Valley (which I had previously visited in 1949!)

In New York State, I stayed with a wonderful woman who was herself a boondocker, who had a lovely acre (with fire pit) to share. Also, a couple who offered their driveway and their friendship.

In New Brunswick, Canada, I stayed with a couple who owned 5 acres, one of which had been set up for Boondockers – 5 of them. They drove 50 miles to make sure I found them! 

Then, on Prince Edward Island, Canada, I stayed with a couple with an amazing property (including all the amenities for an RV'er). The husband was a retired plumber, who helped me resolve an issue with my hot water heater – gratis! They also took me to a wonderful restaurant featuring Lobster! The next couple with whom I stayed offered me a lovely place, shared good conversation, and took me to a local musical event, featuring the island garbage man and island veterinarian! 

When I got to Nova Scotia, I stayed with an amazing couple – the husband was a search and rescue person, diving into the Atlantic Ocean – and the wife a therapist for addicts. They had built their own home and also restored canoes and kayaks.

Finally, on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, I was given a private tour of the island that included a remote lighthouse that had been lovingly restored by locals. 

Amazing! What is not to LOVE about hosts offering spots through Boondockers Welcome?? This all happened when I was 75. A woman traveling alone with her little 8 pound dog. I have had such a lovely time!

Thanks to boondocking, I have met people, had wonderful experiences, spent time alone, been highly creative, and had many wonderful and unique experiences. Rock on,!!!

Ilene is the founder of Emotional Mastery for Life. She supports others as an “Emotional Mastery Expert,” drawing from her extensive expertise and her own life experiences (which now include boondocking in the middle of nowhere and with our friendly hosts). You can find her at

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