9 RV Travel Tips for Newly Married Couples

As road tripping makes a resurgence and more couples venture onto the open road, plenty of newlyweds now find themselves doing the same. RV travel is once again on the rise, and for good reason. Whether on honeymoon or just looking for a new adventure and an amazing getaway, RV travel offers an abundance of benefits. 

But transitioning from regular life to RV life can require some serious adjustment. Not just in the amount of space you and your partner will occupy or how frequently your environment will change, but also in the ways that you communicate and compromise with one another. 

No matter what kind of personalities you have or how long you two have known each other, RV life will certainly put your relationship to the test. 

Here are nine tips for traveling in an RV with your sweetheart that will help you stay safe, sane, and deeply in love. 

Adopt A Flexible Mindset 

A characteristic that will get you through an extended road trip like no other is flexibility. RV life is unpredictable and often sprinkled with spontaneity, which is part of why so many people enjoy it. 

However, if you are not a naturally adaptable person, the constant flow of change could cause stress and put some strain on your relationship or at least trigger some irritability. The road is closed so you have to find a different route? That’s okay. No shops nearby? A picnic dinner will do. These unexpected moments can lead to some of the most special and memorable ones. 

Having a flexible mindset will ensure that you are more prepared for the unpredictability of your journey and can better handle unforeseen developments when they do occur. Discussing this element of road travel with your partner beforehand will also help to prepare you for the changeable nature of the road. 

Make Sure You Get A Good Night’s Sleep 

Without proper preparation, sleeping in an RV can feel cramped and uncomfortable. However, if you create an appropriate set-up, there is no reason why you and your new spouse can’t enjoy night after night of peaceful, deep sleep or some well-earned cuddles. 

Committing to a healthy sleep routine will help you both combat any grumpiness, anxiety, or touchiness that you experience while on the road. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed, more appreciative, and much more likely to be open-minded about your trip. 

Getting a good night’s sleep in an RV means bringing along plenty of pillows, duvets, comforters, and as solid a mattress as you can find. Obviously, this is also weather dependent; summertime won’t require as many layers. But kitting your RV out with a cozy, romantic bed area will make your lives much easier. 

Do Your Research And Come Well Prepared 

While it may be true that there are a few challenges involved in living the RV life, there are plenty of ways to avoid them with the right preparation. The last thing you and your partner need is to be presented with an inconvenience that prevents you from properly enjoying your trip. 

Practical things like making sure you have a spare tire, planning out your route as best as possible, checking the availability of boondocking locations, and packing an abundance of snacks and water are all simple ways to prepare for unpredicted issues along the way. Medical kits, physical maps, flashlights, and cash will always come in handy. 

Depending on the length and nature of your trip, there may be different things you need to “be prepared”. Spend some time with your partner chatting about the trip before you embark on it to ensure that no important resources are left behind. 

Engage With The Locals 

If you’re going to be driving through areas where there will be other people, it’s always a good idea to be open with the idea of engaging with them. Even though this trip may be a part of your honeymoon, you can meet some of the most amazing people who will make your trip even more memorable. 

Don’t be afraid to chat with mom-and-pop store owners, friendly locals, and other travelers as a means to better connect with your environment and maybe even end up with a new friend or two. 

What’s more, locals often have information about the best-kept secrets of a small town or local parks. By engaging them and showing interest in their area, they may let you in on some of them. 

Divide And Conquer 

RV maintenance—mechanical and domestic—requires both hands on deck. Just as you would at home, each of you must commit to certain chores and maintenance checks to ensure that everything is running smoothly and both of your needs are being met equally. 

Dividing up the list of things to do will make maintenance much easier, and can dramatically improve the quality of your road trip. Tasks like meal prep, sweeping, dishes, navigation, and driving all fall under the RV maintenance umbrella. If you’re driving for the day, let the other person handle the meals, or if you’ve cleaned the RV, sit back and navigate while your spouse drives. 

By sharing the load as a team you can much more effectively handle whatever the road throws at you, and have fun while doing it at the same time. 

Develop A Healthy Approach To Conflict Resolution 

Resolving conflict is a huge part of any good marriage. As much as you adore each other, there will be instances that challenge your perceptions of each other and prompt the occasional spat. In an RV, there’s no place to hide. So, you’ll need to handle conflict quickly and effectively. 

This can be a great exercise in refining your conflict resolution skills and learning more about one another’s styles of compromise. Together, you’ll both need to practice some strong listening skills as well as compassion and empathy when things go south. 

If you have an argument or have to tend to a frustrating situation (flat tire, food shortage, getting lost), the only way out is by really hearing each other out and working as a team to overcome the challenge. Resolving both big and small conflicts will make you stronger as a couple. 

Respect Each Other’s Physical Space 

There isn’t much space in an RV, but there will be times that you both want to be alone. Especially if your road trip is longer than a week or two, and especially if you are a naturally introverted couple. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit of privacy every now and then, and if your partner knows you well enough, they’ll respect that. It is perfectly normal to crave solitude sometimes, even when you’re in a loving, happy relationship, and even when you’re on holiday. When your partner lets you know they need some time to nap, read a book, or simply watch the view on their own, don’t be offended. 

This is a healthy sign, and will ultimately allow you to appreciate one another’s company even more. Respect for privacy is essential for any marriage, and this is a great time to practice it. 

Get Out And Go Places  

Bearing the above tip in mind, if you aren’t a naturally introverted person, it might take some intentional planning to ensure you don’t end up smothering each other by accident. 

You’re both in an environment that’s much smaller than what you’re used to, so make an effort to get outside and do things to get some much-needed fresh air and perspective. One of the best parts about a driving holiday is the constantly changing environment. Every day you will pass new towns, new cities, or new natural spaces. Take advantage of this and explore them together. 

Climbing outside of your comfort zone can help bring you closer as a couple and help you along in the process of creating some truly special moments. Years down the line, you’ll look back at this time of your life and want to remember all the beautiful memories you made as newlyweds. 

Communication And Compromise 

When it comes to living out of a cramped but cozy RV for weeks at a time, your communication and compromise skills will have no choice but to evolve. There may be moments that pressurize your relationship with your partner, and the only way to work your way through them is to communicate. 

Communication is an essential tool in any marriage kit, and this trip could be the perfect time for you both to practice it. Is your partner’s snoring driving you crazy? Tell them. They forgot the snacks? Remind them. The playlist they picked makes you want to jump out the window? Suggest a new one.

Both on the road and in regular life, annoyances like these are inevitable. However, you can surpass them with grace and humor by letting your partner know how you feel, and taking turns to compromise on the things you both need and deserve. 

Make Your RV Adventure Count—Together 

RV road trips are a fantastic way for any newlywed couple to explore the world and grow closer as companions. Though the road is long and the space is scant, the right amount of love, communication, and preparation can ensure an extraordinary road trip that neither of you will ever forget. 

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