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7 Tips For Easy RVing With Kids

The idea of visiting an expansive landscape from the comfort of a moving mini-home is alluring for several reasons. You get to roam around, eat, and sleep according to your comfort without worrying about hotel regulations or traffic jams. The difference in convenience rises even further when you are traveling with kids.

Although RVing is one of the most exciting outing experiences, many people still find it odd for different reasons. If you are new to RVing, here are seven tips for comfortable RVing with kids. 

1. Prepare Your Vehicle

Since the recreational vehicle is the most crucial component of RVing, setting it up correctly can be an overwhelming task. The interior arrangement of the vehicle largely depends on your family’s needs. A couple with two kids can prepare a camper van with two medium-sized beds, a gas stove, a refrigerator, a microwave, a sink, and suitable ute roof racks to store any extra luggage. 

Besides equipping the vehicle with a toilet (if it doesn't already have one) and kitchen appliances, beginners should keep the gear to a bare minimum. The more open space you have in your vehicle, the more comfortable your stay will be. 

2. Plan With Your Family

One of the most crucial aspects of planning your RV tour (or any other trip, for that matter) is to consider your family members. When you decide where to go and what to see, ask your kids whether they are comfortable with those arrangements. If you are visiting a riverside or a national park, let your kids surf the internet and present a list of activities they would like to be involved in. When the kids get included in the planning, they tend to like the trip more. No matter where you go, plan early, as most popular campgrounds get reserved months ahead.

3. Select Your Routes And Campgrounds Wisely 

Before you set out to remote locales and narrow alleys, find out whether your vehicle will be able to pass through those roads comfortably. It is better to choose a location close to your place, having a comfortable driveway with adequate parking space.

Search for camping locations with added attractions like pools, playgrounds, parks so that it is easy to keep your kids engaged. Generally, an ideal RVing location would be right next to a beach, a forest, or a scenic lake offering breathtaking views. 

4. Keep The Temperatures In Check

One of the main advantages of RVing with your kids instead of tent camping with them is that you can maintain comfortable temperatures while staying inside the RV. Having an air conditioning system gives you the confidence to move into extremely cold or hot areas without worrying about your children’s health. 

If your RV has an AC, test the controls out and set the correct levels before sleeping. In certain places, the temperature gets freezing at night and might require repeated adjustments for your comfort.

5. Keep The Travel Days Shorter

While adults might enjoy the thrill of longer road trips, your little travel companions can become bored, uncomfortable, and even exhausted on long cruises. It is essential to keep the driving hours within a limit and let your kids have plenty of rest.

If you fail to reach your final destination within the planned duration, search for parking spaces close to your location. Remember that stoppages are crucial not only for kids but also for the drivers, who are often in need of good sleep. You can also use these quiet hours to restock your snacks and indulge in other fun activities.

6. Be Prepared To Clean Your RV

Remember that an RV is not the same as a rented accommodation with cleaning services. If you are traveling in an RV for more than 3-4 days, you have to pick up the cleaning mop and bucket. Moreover, if you have children fond of littering, you can end up spending a considerable amount of time cleaning up the RV interiors. If you have rented the RV, you are supposed to return it in the same condition you took it.

7. Have Indoor Entertainment

If the weather is bright and sunny, you will have a good time moving in your RV across exquisite locales. However, depending on your luck, there will be days of rain and gloom when you will have no option but to park your vehicle in a campground and sit idle. On such occasions, you can cheer your kids up with the proper indoor entertainment options.

For kids aged above seven, board games are a convenient option to have a lot of fun on an otherwise boring rainy day. Reading storybooks, playing crossword puzzles, or indulging in video games can also be exciting pastimes.  

Final Words

Regardless of your destination, travel duration, and activities, RVing with kids is undoubtedly an excellent way to spend precious moments with your family. Even if a few things do not happen according to your plan, have as much fun as possible and allow your kids enough sleep so that they are not out of energy upon returning home.

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    I have traveled in various RVs and a tent for almost 50 years. About 15 of those were with my son and daughter. I agree that you must plan ahead and try to have short travel days. Always plan family time for the evening and take turns reading to the kids or playing with them while in route. My kids have visited 49 states and most bordering provinces of Canada. I highly recommend it to families with kids. Camping adds another element to your travel experience you just don't get in a hotel or resort.
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