5 Tips For Enjoying the Great Outdoors as the Weather Warms Up

Ready for the weather to break? Looking for that first RV trip of the year? Boondockers Welcome can help you get outside to enjoy the smell of spring. 

Spring Camping Might Be the Best

There are so many things to love about spring camping. Warm days, cool nights, and new growth. There are animals coming out of hibernation. Trees are beginning to bud. And people are just itching to get outside. Below we have five tips for enjoying this spring camping season.

  1. Add A Sleeping Bag

This isn’t as much an outside thing as it is staying warm overnight. Even though RV’s have heaters, the chill that exists just beyond those thin walls still has a way of getting to you. Consider adding a sleeping bag—warm weather bag—to your RV for those cold nights. This will help you stay toasty warm and is great for those early morning cups of coffee outdoors. 

  1. Have A Plan For The Mud

You’ve heard the saying that spring showers bring May flowers, but those wet days bring a lot more than that. Muddy shoes are inevitable in most of the country this time of year. There are a couple easy ways to handle mud caked shoes. 

First, you could grab yourself an extra tote for this very reason. Leave it empty while traveling, but then slide it out for your shoes after that long day hike. Throw your muddy boots inside, throw the top on the tote, and slide it under your RV. The next morning the mud should be dry and will easily come out of the boots with a few smacks on the pavement or on the other shoe. 

A second option for dealing with your muddy boots is to use a shower cap. Grab a shower cap from your local Walmart, slide it over your muddy boots, and store them inside. If you don’t like leaving them outside, this works great and again you can clean them the next day. 

  1. Plan On Hiking in the Rain

This time of year, the weather is incredibly moody—and that might mean rain. But that is ok. Just plan on taking your rain gear with you. There are different levels of tolerance for people, but your rain gear will impact that. 

First, there is a huge difference between rain-proof and rain-resistant. Rain resistant is a nice way of saying it won’t be too long until you are soaked. This is a great option to run from your car to a store, but not for hiking. 

Rain proof is a much better option for people willing to hike in light rain for a longer period of time or hard rain for a short period of time. The issue with rain proof jackets is the lack of elastic around your wrists and ankles that prevent water from splashing up into your clothes. 

Frogg Toggs are a rain suit. These are what you want for the potential downpour. Now most people aren’t planning on hiking in this type of weather, but there are a lot of beautiful things that happen in the downpour. You’ll see tons of waterfalls, the trails will be empty, and the sense of adventure will be for real. 

  1. Keep Your Firewood Ready

The nights get chilly and mornings will beg you for a fire. Always have some dry firewood set aside that is ready to get started in a hurry. If you don’t feel like you are selling out, you can even grab yourself some fire logs that help get things started. 

If you’ve never brewed coffee over a fire, this is the best time of year to do that. Being close to the fire while it is brewing and then holding that hot cup in your hand is part of the spring camping experience. It might be a good season to try out some new recipes too. 

  1. Upgrade to the All Access Plan

There are plenty of places to visit with your Boondockers Welcome Membership, but with the All Access Plan there is even more. With the All Access Plan, you’ll be able to stay at 8,000+ locations across North America. These places are fun, inviting, and unique places like alpaca farms, lavender farms, award winning wineries, plenty of breweries too. 

The All Access Plan costs about the same as four nights staying in a campground and is the perfect option for all of your spring camping plans. Get the All Access Plan today

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