Working Towards Inclusion for People of Color

We, as a society, are poised at a double precipice right now. COVID-19 is changing the ways that we recreate, making RVing one of the few safe ways for individuals and families to enjoy a much needed vacation from their daily stresses. At the same time, we are becoming acutely aware of how much injustice our Black compatriots suffer every day. 

Let’s take this opportunity, as RVers, to open our arms and not just welcome people to our community who have been traditionally excluded, but explicitly invite them, and make efforts to ensure they are comfortable and know that we accept them and want to learn from their experiences.

Boondockers Welcome hosts have always been able to choose when and to whom they extend their generosity. They open up their property to virtual strangers, and it’s important they feel comfortable doing so. But it’s also important that all our guests feel comfortable when they pull into a host location, and that they do not need to advertise their skin color in advance in order to feel safe upon arrival. 

So we ask all of our members, hosts and guests alike, to consider how welcoming they appear to people of color. For instance, if you currently fly a confederate flag or have one on your rig, please consider its historical implications, and how what some see as a symbol of southern pride can also be a symbol of historic and ongoing oppression of Blacks. 

We know that our community is full of amazingly generous people, both hosts and guests alike. RVing is about meeting new people and learning from them. We can continue that tradition and improve on it by making the campfire circle larger, and inviting everyone to join us and feel welcome, including people of color. This isn’t about politics. It’s about all humans being worthy of just and fair treatment, regardless of skin color.

Racism and bigotry of any nature will not be tolerated in any form. This business stands with Black people and supports the Black Lives Matter issue. We encourage members to report hosts or guests who violate this simple principle of human rights.

Together, we can ensure that all Boondockers are indeed Welcome.

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