In Search of the Iconic Boondockers Welcome Photo!

Here are the requirements for our photograph:

  • Must include an RV parked in the driveway, or on the property of a home that represents a host location. (It doesn’t need to actually be a BW host though.)
  • The RV must be between approximately 20-35 feet long (or appear to be mid-size in the shot.). It can be either a small class A, a class C, travel trailer, or 5th Wheel. (Sorry, no large buses or vans for this photo.) No canvas pop-outs and it should look relatively new (10-15 years old max). Although a vintage trailer like an Airstream might work.
  • Must include 2 couples, one appearing to come from the house as the hosts, and another coming from the RV as the guests. Ideally, one couple would be older and one slightly younger, but this is not a hard requirement. Two middle-aged couples would be fine. The idea is that the hosts are depicted as welcoming the RVers as guests to their property.
  • The location should be picturesque and not overly urban or suburban. A home with a country-style/feel would be ideal.
  • If possible, the photo should be taken in the twilight / early evening, with some lights on in the house for a warm visual effect. 
  • The photo must include significant negative space off to one side (approximately 50%) to accommodate our logo. This can be part of the house or the side of the RV.
  • The photo must be professional quality, high resolution, taken with professional equipment. (No phone photos!)
  • We would need the final product by Friday, August 16th at the latest.

If this sounds like something you can pull off on short notice, please put together a quick proposal for us! In your proposal, please include:

  • A snapshot of the RV you plan to use
  • A description of the setting you are suggesting to use, with a snapshot if possible.
  • A description of your vision of staging for the photo.
  • A link to a portfolio of some of your prior photography work.
  • Your quoted price for this work.

We will accept proposals until 9 pm Eastern Time on Sunday, August 11th, and will contact our chosen photographer on the morning of Monday, August 12th. 

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  1. huberjack
    8th August, 2019

    I would have loved to have been able to submit a proposal but the timing couldn’t be worse. We’re staying in a very urban setting right now and moving to a campground next week that won’t have the home setting this would require. Maybe next time…

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