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RVers offering or needing hurricane relief

Hurricane Florence is coming. Can you offer relief to those fleeing? Or do you need somewhere to go?

Hurricane Florence is barreling towards the east coast of the US, with more than 1 million people being told to evacuate.

Are you willing to host evacuees with RVs on your property for some time while they take refuge from this monster? 

If so, please visit this post our Facebook page, where we have a post where anyone with space for evacuees with RVs can post a comment, either with a link to their Boondockers Welcome host profile if they have one, or with general info on where they are located. Any evacuees can then contact you either through BW or through a Facebook private message to take you up on your offer.

Are you looking for somewhere safe to stay in your RV while waiting out the storm? 

Again, please visit this post on our Facebook page, and send a message to one of the generous hosts who has space for you to ride it out. 

The offers of space are not restricted to Boondockers Welcome hosts or guests, so please feel free to share the post widely with anyone who may be able to help or in need of help.

Be safe friends, we're thinking of you all.


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