More Guest Tips

It's essential to communicate with your host prior to your stay and throughout your stay. Let them know your approximate time of arrival the day before or the morning of your arrival date. While at the host location, it's a good idea to communicate with your host about your plans so they can be aware and provide you any tips if possible. Also, let your hosts know when you plan to depart.

And speaking of communicating with your host, it is very important to cancel your stay as soon as you know you will not be able to make it. Please let the host know why you cannot make it as well. You don't have to go into details but giving them an idea of your situation will help ease the cancellation. Many hosts prepare for their guest's arrival by clearing the parking area or leaving for work to welcome you so giving them a reason is courteous. 

Give your hosts an idea of who you are by including a photo of yourself in the your guest profile. It helps the host put a face to the name and gives them an idea of who to expect when you arrive. 

It's very important to request all stays through the site, even if you happen to have the host's phone number from a previous stay. Requesting through the site blocks the host's calendar and gives the host the credit they deserve after your stay. 

A great way to say thank you to your host is to leave your host a reference. It's also helpful for other guests to see what to expect at the host location. Include anything unique about the host location or the ease of parking at the location is certainly helpful to the next guest. 

That's just a few of our many guest tips. Do you have any other guest tips to offer?

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