Fireside Chat With a Boondockers Welcome Host

TL;DR: Discover the joys of hosting travelers with Boondockers Welcome. Hear from “Foothills Getaway” about the supportive community and connections made through hosting. Watch the insightful Fireside Chat recording to learn more about the experiences of a Boondockers Welcome Host.

During our latest Boondockers Welcome Fireside Chat session, we had the pleasure of speaking with Host “Foothills Getaway.”

Led by Alyssa Chartier on the Boondockers Welcome team, the live Fireside Chat offered valuable insight into the life of a Host. Mark of “Foothills Getaway” spoke fondly of the connections he’s made with fellow Hosts and travelers, emphasizing the support and sense of belonging that comes with being part of such a unique, vibrant community.

For those who missed the live event, the full recording is available below. Whether you’re a seasoned Host seeking inspiration or considering joining the Boondockers Welcome Host community for the first time, “Foothills Getaway’s” insights offer valuable perspectives on the joys and rewards of hosting travelers.

Watch the Recording

Boondockers Welcome: Where Community Finds You

At Boondockers Welcome, we thrive on creating a community of individuals who embrace adventure and want to connect with those around them. By Hosting RVers on your property, you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow travelers looking for a place to stay.

From offering advice to new RVers to sharing stories around the campfire, this community offers a sense of belonging and connection that is truly heartwarming.

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