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Anna Buys her First RV

For those of you who’ve followed along, you know that Boondockers Welcome is the brainchild of Marianne, who has been RVing for 18 years now along with her husband Randy. Marianne knows the ins and outs of boondocking, RVing on a budget, and getting the absolute best experience when travelling across North America in your RV.

And then there’s me.

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Member Stories: The Three Week Test Drive

One of our amazing members, Malcolm Sandy of Terry and Malcolm took the time a good while back to write an account of their first trip as Boondockers Welcome members; it was also their first real trip as RVers to boot! It's definitely a story of perseverance and generosity, and we're so glad that we finally have a place to share it. And we're happy to say that they've stuck with it and remain founding members and have hosted over 30 guests on their property!

This is the first in a series of "member stories" posts that we'll be featuring on a regular basis.

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21 Advantages of Being Boondocking-Ready

Most RVers would not give much thought to equipping their rig for boondocking unless they plan to actually do it - go boondocking that is - in the traditional sense of camping out “in the boonies” with no services for days or weeks at a time. But there are many added advantages to being boondocking-ready!

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