Boondockers Welcome Reviews

A Wonderful Resource
I really appreciate the opportunity to park on private property and meet like-minded people. This is a huge money-saver for everyone, and moreover – our stays have been quieter and more pleasant than commercial, or public campgrounds and parks. Three thumbs-up for the organizers and the gracious hospitality of all the BDW hosts!
Great Way to Travel
This is a great way to travel and meet other RVers. All the hosts have been friendly and helpful. Many provide electric and water hookups. Some even have full hookups. Since hosts live in whatever area we are camping in, they are excellent sources on the best restaurants, shopping, and sightseeing. The small yearly fee to join the BW website is well worth it.
Just Renewed Again!
BW makes camping life even more joyful, as both a host and guest.
Wonderful Guests!
I have had a wonderful time hosting and making new friends! Everyone has been so gracious. I am extremely delighted with Boondocks Welcome and look forward to the opportunity to share a spot for more RV guests.
Greatest People on Earth
We LOVE hosting guests in East TN. We have met many interesting people and their fur children. Kind and Generous guests have become our Boondockers Best Friends. You get so much information and new knowledge about boondocking from Boondockers Welcome groups and you meet YOUR PEOPLE!!! Safe Travels 🙏🐶❤️
Tim and TiLiAnne Tanner
Amazing Experience
We just returned from our very first weekend stay with a Boondockers Welcome host, and are quite pleased with the experience! We discovered the Boondockers website while looking for less expensive camping options in California. We’ve had our 17’ travel trailer for about 4 years, and our maiden trip was from California to Florida and back over 4 weeks – but most of our trips since then have been closer to home, for a few days or up to a week. We have typically stayed in RV parks, and most of the time we’ve felt it’s crazy to pay $35-75/night to stay in our own trailer, when all we needed was a safe place to spend the night. We tried boondocking a few times, but it wasn’t a very good experience.. it’s no fun being a rousted in the middle of the night and being asked to leave. When we read about the concept of staying on the property of other RV owners who are kind enough to be hosts – at no cost to us, we were really excited. After checking out the host locations in California and nearby states, we immediately decided to join — and within a week we were on our first Boondockers Welcome adventure. Our hosts were fantastic and the experience was everything we hoped for… we stayed on a beautiful property, explored the surrounding area, and made new friends – we can’t wait to go again. We feel extremely grateful that there are so many kind RV owners across the country who are eager to make new friends and are willing to share their property with fellow RVers. We are going to recommend Boondockers Welcome to all of our friends who own RVs.
I love hosting with Boondockers
I’ve been hosting now for 2 years and I Love it, meeting new people and making new friends. Everyone that stayed at my house were very responsible and respectful. I really like helping them with their RVs when they have trouble. I also like cooking for them and just trying to make them feel welcome. My house is open to them for Long Hot Showers and they are welcome to use my washer and dryer. I’ll keep hosting for a long time.
Great Organization
I probably should have made this post much earlier, but better late than never.
When one of the membership organizations we belonged to decided to close every one of their parks because of the pandemic we turned to Boondockers Welcome to get use safely home.
We stayed at three different locations and each host was beyond helpful. I was plesently surprise at their hospitality.
I recommended this organization to anyone traversing the country and needing a safe harbor in between sites.
Love Hosting Boondockers
We are so glad we heard about Boondockers. We haven’t traveled using this service yet but plan on it. But we have hosted some interesting people traveling through our area. We have enjoyed making new friends and listening to their travel experiences. We have abided by social distancing rules to keep everyone safe. Wonderful idea. Thank you 😊
Great way to meet other RVers.
I have hosted several people and have been able to stay with a few hosts as I traveled around the country.
I plan to meet and stay with more hosts when I return to RVing again next year.
Awesome + Super Easy
What an incredible network! Super easy & way helpful to travel and keep passing forward great vibes😎-Team Shafercasa “Adventure Awaits”
Great stay!
Had a wonderful experience for our first Boondocker visit. Ms. Kitty and Bear greeted us at the gate and made us feel right at home. Allowed us to hook up to her 50 amp -and offered us fresh eggs and homegrown tomatoes as we prepared to leave. Would definitely stay here again!
The best ever!
This is our first boondocking stay! This particular stay was at Wythe Race track. We are both race fans although my husband more than I. The directions were spot on, but nothing prepared us for the awesome accommodations. The view from our spot was simply amazing! Fred met us as we were pulling in. He took my husband around the track in his pickup, it was a match made in heaven. We slept very well. As a token of our appreciation we left pizza money. I recommend this spot if you are near Rural Retreat VA reach out to this host.
BTW they race on Saturdays.
We will be there some day!!! Thank you Fred!
Rural Retreat pizza plus delivered a very yummy pizza!
Les and Joanna
Excellent tool
Boondockers Welcome is an excellent tool to discover the wonderful world of boondocking. The website is designed very well, with the users in mind. So, even a person who is not computer savy can easily navigate it. Thank you
Our New Favorite Way to Travel
We began using Boondockers Welcome two years ago and it now has become our preferred way of planning our travel! We love meeting new people and feel that this platform works great for our lifestyle! Thanks for being here for us!
Becky & George
Boondockers Welcome Fantastic Support Staff
We joined Boondockers Welcome back in September 2019 and became a host shortly thereafter with our large Wyoming rural lot, but did not experience our first guest until March 2020. Since May (3 months), we have experienced 55 guests with their’s and our’s attendant series of issues regarding their stays, namely changes to those stays, flexibility is key!! We have had as many as 4 or 5 RV’s aboard and frequently 3 RV’s during these summer travel periods. There have been many issues that needed to be resolved through Boondockers Welcome support as having an accurate hosting calendar has been essential for me to be able to coordinate those stays, particularly with somewhat limited electrical access (4), which 95% desired.
Carrie and the others at Boondockers Welcome support have been absolutely wonderful in guiding this newbie host through those issues and, most importantly, promptly making my requested changes to keeping my hosting calendar accurate, always within 24 hours and usually much less. Without that accurate hosting calendar, chaos would reign at Spaghetti’s Roost! Any prospective hosts should rest assured that any problems that they might encounter will be addressed and resolved promptly by the fantastic support staff. While I cannot speak to their direct support of our guests (which I suspect is excellent) as I have yet to avail myself of that side of Boondockers Welcome, as a host I would be lost without them! A giant thank you to the support staff for a job extremely well done!!
Making Friends While Traveling Inexpensively:
Boon-dockers Welcome has totally changed our way of travel!! Our experiences with our hosts have been awesome, making new friends while in travel, giving us future location for boon-docking, and inexpensively at that!! Boon-dockers Welcome paid for itself in one stop!! Not only were we welcomed wholeheartedly from the host, but we are saving a ton of money which opens more time for travel. When you camp in a camping ground you are surrounded by many campers and the campground looks at you as another person while the hosts from Boon-dockers have taken the time to know us personally. We are no longer just another camper!! We are treated like we are family!! We won’t go back to full time camping in a campground ever again because of our experiences we have had with our hosts!!
FIRST time was the charm…..
There is a saying, “the third time is the charm”. Not in this case. The FIRST time was the charm. Our first BW stay has spoiled us. After meeting our host and setting up, we husseled out to sightsee before dark. Not wanting to be intrusive, we didn’t pull out our mat or chairs. However, upon returning, we noticed our hosts had literally put out a large “welcome mat” for us along with an extra step!!! We enjoyed beverages and laughs out on their deck both nights we were there and even shared a meal. They provided a beautiful, quite space for us with water and electrical. Best of all, we know have new friends.
We love to be on the road traveling with our “fur children” New to this site and looking forward to campfire stories with new friends.
My RV Travel Awakening
I can’t say enough to express my gratitude to Boondockers Welcome. My first RV experience was exhilarating to say the least. I travelled alone for 6 months in the US from Scarborough, ON Ca. I felt welcomed by all of the hosts. I felt safe and secure without even a thought about personal safety (my friends still think I’m crazy). Boondocker hosts are generous, kind, thoughtful and fun. My skills in RVing in my 1997 Roadtrek went from nil to way above average. Still have a lot to learn mechanically – but that keeps my life interesting and exciting.
Thanks to all the Hosts who were so wonderful on my journey.
Thanks to Boondockers for offering this amazing gift to RVers everywhere.
My only regret is that I have no property or driveway to offer to other RVers.
Loving grandmother, wife and wine drinker in that order:)
We have not stayed anywhere as of yet! We look forward to this new way of traveling the country!
I originally became a host to give full timers with no where to park a place to stay during the Covid19 pandemic. If found that I get back just as much, or more, from the Boondockers who stay here. I have a trip out west coming up and I will use Boondockers Welcome hosts for our overnights as often as possible.
This Site Actually SAVED me $100 Dollars within ONE HOUR of joining!!
My boyfriend and I were planning on traveling the July 4th weekend to somewhere in Mississippi. We had made reservations at a campground in Columbus, MS last week for the price of $150 for 3 days. I woke up the morning we were to leave and happened upon this website. I found a place in Preston, MS that looked like a little piece of heaven on earth and perfect for what we wanted (peace, quiet, able to run our dogs, electricity) and decided to risk the $50 membership fee. I created an account, paid, and sent a request to the member.
LITERALLY less than one hour later, Danny had accepted the request and even called to confirm. He told us we would have the property all to ourselves as they were away camping themselves for the holiday. He even invited us over to where they were staying to enjoy the lake festivities (Pontoon boating and jet skiing) if we wanted. He explained in detail about his property and said he would catch up with us at some point. He also offered us to park under his shed if we wanted. The best part was that after chatting we realized that he has family in the same place as I do in Virginia and a relative who is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our hometown in Virginia.
I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this site! So instead of spending $150 today on lodging, we spent $50! Who could ask for a better July 4th present!
Wonderful Hosts
This was our first Boondocking experience, and we must say if all hosts are as kind and generous as this, then we have made the right decision in joining this group! We were given a packet of materials with information on the area….leading us to the Root River Bike Trail and a great piece of pie! We were also given many special treats from their garden and sent off with home-made 17th century hot chocolate . Thank you so much for everything!
Lady&the Scamp
How lucky I feel to be part of this community! I just joined and am currently writing from my second BW “home” 💖
Hosts have been so gracious even in this crazy time with Covid distancing and masks I am grateful to have a place to stop anytime I need to get out of the wilderness and plug in to check emails etc..,
It’s nice to be able to find so many different types of property to park on! Many even supply electric and even water hookup!
I have already invited a few friends to join and will be spreading the word to my friends with properties to share! Thank you from a very grateful full time RVer Lady&the Scamp
Dave n Steph in OK
Enjoy hosting!
We have been hosting since the inception of BW – 2012. I believe we’ve hosted 50+ guests from all over the US, Austria, Germany, Australia, Costa Rica, and others. We have had some wonderful cultural exchanges, shared life stories and made some friends we hope to see again. We have not had any bad experiences with any guests in all this time. If you are considering being a host, it’s a great experience!
welcome boondockers
We no longer have a RV, but we are still hosts and love to have people visit us. Have had two guest and have loved having them here. The people are friendly and nice. Would recommend being a host to anyone that has a spot available.
Great people and wonderful time
I can’t believe how many nice people I have met being a host. I love listening to all their travel experiences and sharing my travel experience with them. I’ve met people from all over the world. It brings me great joy to serve others and offer them a nice and safe place to stay. God Bless everyone.
The “Boondockers Welcome” format is by far one of the best camping experiences we’ve had in all our years of rv’ing. We enjoyed low cost, safe, uncrowded and enjoyable stay.
Life Enrichment
Being hosts has so enriched our lives! We’ve enjoyed every single guest and all their pets. All the interesting conversations – we’ve learned so much. Exactly everyone has been just as respectful as can be. Many have been very generous with gifts, though “passing it on” is the best gift of all. We heartily welcome all of them back again.
Larry and Rose Ann
Most Amazing Resource for Boondockers Ever!
As retirees we are always looking for economical options for overnights. We joined BW several years ago but didn’t use them for the first year or two. I was worried about inflexibility and nervous about staying with someone I had never met. Finally got up the courage and booked a weekend at Marianne and Randy’s. What an introduction to the group through one of its founders. We became friends immediately and were totally hooked on BW.
In the beginning the motivation for joining was economical but we quickly found out that meeting our amazing hosts and other guests was a far greater motivation. We have stayed at some amazing places and met some amazing guests. Quite often we will leave saying “those were the best hosts ever”. Then the next ones are just as amazing. We count many of our previous hosts as close friends and keep in touch or return to their location again.
In the end I heartily recommend that all Boondockers join BW. It’s an amazing organization, serves a very worthwhile purpose and allows you to meet others with similar interests to you.
Travelling during a pandemic
We took our 10 month old granddaughter for a 2.5 week visit that has turned into a 2 month visit because of the pandemic. It’s far too dangerous to travel on a plane with a baby right now, so we’ve kept her. But. She is now 1 whole year old and needs to get home to her mommy and daddy and siblings.
How the heck do you get her home safely? The trailer! That will keep us isolated and safe! Now where the heck do we stay?! Everything is closed. The parks are closed. The stores are closed. The RV dumps are closed.Hey! We recently joined Boondockers Welcome!
We are so incredibly grateful to the wonderful people who are willing to let us boondock on their properties (following all social distancing rules, of course). We couldn’t do this without you! You have all offered guidance and tips and been very welcoming during what will surely be a trying travel. Heartfelt thanks to our hosts and to the Boondockers Welcome Community!
We have only been members a couple of months, and have stayed with several Boondockers Host’s. Our experience has been entirely posiitive and enjoyable. Even with the Covid nonsense we have been made to feel very welcome (socially distant when appropriate of course!). We have met lovely people, and stayed in lovely safe places.
In future we will happily travel a long way off our planned route to stay with Boondockers, if we don’t plan our journey from host to host!
When we (eventually) get back to England we hope to continue our membership there, and help grow the wonderful phenomenon that is Boondockers Welcome!
Safe to say we fully recommend Boondockers Welcome.
Travelling Home During the Covid 19 Pandemic
We cannot say how grateful we are for wonderful Boondockers Welcome Hosts who continued to accept travelers, such as us, at their sites during this critical time. We had to wait for a weather window so we could eat and sleep in our fifth wheel and arrive home to reasonable weather. Almost all of our requests were answered promptly and hosts practiced social distancing, but welcomed us warmly and offered to support us in any way they could. It was important for us to stay at Boondockers Welcome sites because we traveled 2000 miles in four days and we needed safe places to stay. Every night we were able to relax, cook great meals and sleep soundly because of our wonderful hosts. Bless them all and all hosts who welcome traveler in this difficult time. For those of you who are traveling, respect your hosts and keep your distance. We all need to stay safe. Thank you Boondockers Welcome for not closing down.
Hosting has been a rewarding experience
I have been a host site for several months now and I have yet to have anything but great experiences and guests! I have met artists, writers, a master chef and a wine sommelier among the wonderful many guests, all have enriched me in some way. Many have offered to host me in my travels in return and many I will look up and do so. I enjoy the opportunity Boondockers Welcome has presented me as a host and look forward to my being a guest myself.
Makes travelling alot more fun
Our recent winter vacation trip to New Orleans and Florida was made that much better with the aid of Boondockers Welcome. We were truly amazed at the hospitality shown by each of our hosts. The Welcoming and friendliness was something to be treasured.
With Boondockers Welcome, the first line vetting of guests provided a measure of assurance to the hosts about their safety and comfort. As a guest, we felt at all times confident we were in safe hands. Thank you Boondockers Welcome!
Fantastic Way to Travel and Meet Others
We have RVed for almost 3 years. We have stayed in state parks, public type land, RV parks, and with Boonedockers Welcome sites.
By far, we prefer the stay at Boonedockers Welcome. We meet many like minded wonderful folks. You often stay at awesome sites in farms and private property that are the nicest in the country, in my opinion. We can’t image travelling any other way.
Have so enjoyed being a host
I have only been a host for 15 months and had 14 guests. It has been a great experience for me. I am learning so much about RVs from my guests and I cannot wait until I get to do it. If you have been on the fence about hosting read the book nomadland it’s eye opening and being a host is just putting some kindness into the world
Terrific Experience
This was our first stay and we had an awesome time. The hosts were very helpful and friendly. The spot we parked was perfectly level and there was wildlife everywhere. What an amazing experience.
Rick & Lynda (chasing_rv_dreams)
New Friends, forever friends!!
RV’ers are especially friendly. Boondockers Welcome Hosts take it a step further to let you come into their life and get to know them. They are normally RV’ers and have great experiences to share,along with useful tips. We have enjoyed each of our stays and look forward to meeting many more along our path. Many times we are with fellow Boondockers and because we are in a family like setting we have gotten to know them better then in a crowded park and have made lasting friendships. Boondockers Welcome has added to the places available to us, all in all we love it!
The Best Group
Absolutely the best group for anyone who travels by RV. Have met incredible, friendly, generous people from all over Canada, the United States and even as far away as Australia and France! So a HUGE Thank You to BW for forming this group and for all it has meant to my wife and I as hosts and as guests.
First Boondockers Welcome trip and I can’t wait to go again!
So we just returned from our first trip using Boondockers Welcome. I want to report want a wonderful success it was – every single host was amazing….they shared their lives, their talents and were so gracious…the last couple even told us to stay as long as we wanted…..but when I started talking about how many years that included they laughed! LOL Seriously, I’ve never felt so welcomed – I really do hope each of them come and stay at our place soon so we can return the hospitality. If you’ve been hesitating to try this jump in – it’s awesome!
Kudos to Boondockers Welcome Founders (Marianne and Anna)! We (Perry, Ginny Georgia) at Candy Cane Corral joined Boondockers Welcome in August 2016. We have had the honor to host 41 guests, each one wonderful and exciting in their individual ways, with 7 guests as return visitors, 20 as first time BDW guests. We also have 3 upcoming stays scheduled for the rest of April 2019. We have loved having them all. Georgia, who reached a landmark milestone of 95 years this year, especially looks forward eagerly to the arrival of the next BDW family member. We look forward to the day when all of our camping spots are occupied at one time! Thanks for the opportunity to meet such wonderful people who have enriched our lives!
Thanks for starting such a wonderful site!
A friend and I did our retirement trip of a lifetime last spring and we wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun nor met such fine people if we hadn’t joined Boondockers Welcome ahead of time!!! We were just getting used to your site and how to use it so we intend to make even better use of it next time. But we travelled for four months and some of our best memories will be the places we stayed with Boondockers hosts!!
Robert en Nelleke van Akkeren
Dear Boondockers Welcome Team, Anna & Marianne,
We want to thank you for the fun what we enjoy in 2018.
For us it was a special year; Robert ‘s desire to be with our own RV through the USA and Canada now is fulfilled.
We have enjoyed the beautiful nature of your country.
With the RV it allows us to stand with different people in their garden or next to their home, great.
To tell each other travel stories, eat or drink a glass of wine with each other.
One big family, cozy.
It has enriched our lives.
We wish you all very Merry Christmas and a good, healthy 2019.
Season’s greetings,
My husband and I are so grateful for Boondockers Welcome! It’s not an exaggeration to say you’ve improved our lives by enabling us to travel more and meet so many generous and kind people — all while staying within our budget!
THANK YOU, and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
So Grateful
I’m traveling east (NJ) to west (Nevada). If not for Boondockers Welcome I’d be cold and unhappy in a Walmart parking lot during these east coast winter weather warnings. Instead I’m safe, and dry, and warm hooked up to electric at one of those generous hosts, thanks to your service. And good luck finding a campground in this area open at this time of the year. I’d be at the mercy of the elements. I am so grateful to you and BW that I had to write and thank you!!
Hello Marianne & Anna,
As indicated in the title we recently finished our tour from early May to mid October, visiting USA from south to north and from west to east and additionally twice (west and east) Canada. We discovered Boondockers Welcome and highly appreciated over 25 visits during our journey. Not only the free stay, but more the local contacts and chats with the different hosts were of great value to us. Happy to experience that some hosts appreciated our visit as well, especially in the east part of Canada where they were happy to meet travelers that speak French.
We really enjoyed our journey and want to express our big thanks to you as organization of the Boondockerswelcome club.
We landed in Europe last week and are now waiting for the return of our motorhome, what was scheduled on Nov.8th
Thank you again and lots of success with your effort.
We still hope to receive some guests on our site in France, but think it’s too expensive for Americans to ship their rv to EU as it’s charged by volume.
Enjoy your private trips and good luck,
Friendly regards of Bergeracois
One of the Best Decisions We’ve Made
We traveled through 11 states in July 2017 in our restored vintage cabover camper with our four children. We knew that we needed to stick to a tight budget. I stumbled upon info on BDW on Pinterest, but was nervous about potentially staying “with strangers.” However, days before our trip was scheduled to begin, I felt peace about joining. There was no reason to be nervous. Our very first boondocking location in Reno, NV was amazing. The hosts kindly saw that we were new to boondocking and traveling with a camper. Their kindness was above and beyond what we ever would have hoped for. One of our sons said afterwards, “Mom…those were the nicest strangers I’ve ever met.” It reminded me a lot of the same kindness and hospitality I had experienced as a backpacker in Europe in my younger years. And this kindness was true for the remaining five hosts we stayed with on our trip. When we returned home, I was ready to host our own guests at our place after all of the wonderful hospitality we encountered. We have met amazing people from all walks of life and of differing ages and backgrounds. It’s been just as rewarding to host people as it was humbling and exciting to be hosted. This is truly a great community of travellers and adventurers and as our son said, “the nicest strangers we have every met.” – The Hilscher Family
Post Hole Pond
Marianne, you and your team made our 7,000 mile journey seamless
Last Fall we made the choice to take our .truck and 24 foot pull behind trailer from Central Canada, all the way to California, via Texas, Arizona and other related states. We put on 7,000 miles and between Boondockers Welcome, and the related website from which we bought the Shunpikers books for Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California, we spent ONE night in a motel (the last night on the road – it was too cold to stay in the trailer. We stayed in two campgrounds, Bottomless Lakes, near Roswell, NM and Parker County Park (a recommendation in one of the Shunpikers books, for a total of $44.00. Admittedly, we did stay in a long term RV park in Mesa, for a month. The instructions in the Shunpikers were unbelievably accurate, and every one of our Boondocker hosts were like old friends. Of course, we took advantage of Walmart’s hospitality on several occasions as well. We were gone exactly 3 months. (Should have been longer – there is still lots of snow at home.)
Thank you, thank you for all your work. I bet I have sold the websites to a bunch of people.
Alabama vagabonds
Being a Host is awesome
I have been a host site for nearly two years now and I have yet to have anything but great experiences and guests! I plan on full timing soon and hosting other full timers has truly given me so much insight into the lifestyle. I cannot wait to become a guest with some of my past guests at their sites. Great asset to the RVing community whether a guest or host, Boondockers Welcome is awesome!
Greatest thing since white bread We have enjoyed the people we have hosted. We tell all our friends about this sight even if they are not campers. We are so thankful for the creaters of this slight.i cant say enough good things about the people we have hosted.
Posthole Pond
Best idea yet
Such a great idea. We joined in August 2017 and have had five guests with the last leaving today Oct. 27/17. We are looking forward to meeting with one of those guests in Arizona this winter. That is what it is all about, sharing what you have and meeting new friends. We even had folks from Germany and have an invitation to visit them there. We started a scrapbook with the first guest and each has contributed to it. Great keepsake
Thank you Marriane
Thank you Marianne for boondockers welcome! During our circumnavigation of the U S last winter we met so many wonderful new friends. One woman in California is a dog groomer and noticed our dogs needed toe nails clipped. They were clipped, filed and given treats in minutes and she refused payment. So we gave her a jar of homemade Mulberry jam! We ve just renewed for 3 yrs and are soon “On the road again” Dan, Shirley, Bella and Bayley
Love it!
Our 3-year membership has already paid for itself after just 3 nights. We spent two nights in the Missouri countryside with a wonderful Christian couple who we went to church with and enjoyed it so much. The 2nd place was spent on the property of people who had built a literal castle that was just something out of this world, a big long hundred foot cement pad, 50 amp power and a lighted & heated swimming pool that had a hot tub, a waterfall, a slide and a splash pad for little ones! Amazing, and we are just getting started.
Kevin and Julie
Wonderful site!
We have really enjoyed meeting the Boondockers that stay at our site as well as those we have hosted us as we have traveled. It is really great to be able to connect with other RVers who enjoy traveling as we do and being able to share our RV site with them. Thank you for your efforts in creating and maintaining the web site!
More than I had hoped
I signed up this spring. It is now the end of the first week of July. I am hosting my fourth family tonight and have another scheduled for tomorrow night.
All of the boondockers that I have hosted are simply wonderful people. I feel that my life has been enriched in some way by every one of them. Every one of them is invited back and would be welcomed with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.
I couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of Boondockers Welcome!
I have yet to stay overnight at a Boondockers Welcome host site but plan to take a long trip this summer to the black hills.
I think it is a wonderful thing for these hosts to simply open their hearts and say “Please come stay at my place”. What kindhearted people.
I can’t wait to meet some of them and wish I could meet them all.
Once I allowed cookies on my iPhone I discovered a wonderfully fast easy to navigate website…it is a real pleasure locating fellow boondockers…only been a member 2 days so have not stayed anywhere yet. Thanks Marianne and Anna for your help. Very glad to be with you. Windmill camp Camp Verde AZ
Aussies hosted TruthAnd Travels
May last year while crossing Australia we met fellow Australians, also Boondockers, at Ceduna, South Australia (miles from anywhere) who happen to be 1 of only 6 Boondockers- ‘Woodgate Wanderers’ registered in Australia. (Small World)
After having spent 6 months each year for 5 years travelling in USA and meeting so many wonderful people through Boondockers Welcome we have finally been able to repay some of the great hospitality we experienced in America.
This week we hosted our very first Boondockers at our home on Phillip Island, Australia. TruthAndTravels who happen to be American. They were introduced to Boondockers Welcome by, would you believe it, ‘Woodgate Wanderers’ while they were travelling in US 2016. Unbelievable! What an amazing time we had exchanging US and Australian travel stories, recommending all sorts of Aussie destinations, tips, and even taught Tim to throw a boomerang. Ruth & Tim are a delightful couple and we look forward to visiting them when we visit their home later this year. Thanks heaps Boondockers Welcome.
Walt W5WRB
Special Parking Need
Wayne Brown’s location in Augusta GA put me within 7 minutes of Washington Commons, an independent living facility where my sister & BIL are residents.
His property was home for me for three weeks, a real blessing!!!
I have now located in another Boondocking space. But the beauty of Wayne’s space was that I was granted permission to boondock there before I left home in AR.
We’ve been a member since the very start. I’ve had the pleasure of two folks staying at our place. Although We’ve not used Boondockers welcome, I always feel comfortable knowing that somewhere close there’s a place to stay. Drop by and see us, close to Yosemite Park, Bill
Ginny and Perry
Boondockers Welcome Wonderful wonderful site
We have been Boondockers Welcome hosts since 2016 and have been so blessed with having three wonderful guests. Boondockers Welcome has opened a door of opportunity to us to meet these wonderful people. Marianne Edwards has been so encouraging and patient with our membership application and we are so thankful for her understanding.
Lois Stevens
Meeting people
I have enjoyed having many RV’s since joining “Boondockers Welcome”. Many visitors are from abroad: Poland, Australia, New Zealand, and many places across the US. I enjoy hearing bout their travels as well as sharing some of mine. I also enjoy meeting people and this is a great way to do that.
Great Concept!!
We hosted our first BW guests this past April – what a lovely couple! I was so excited and had a great time visiting with them. Two days ago we retuned from a 2 1/2 week fall getaway to the New England area. We were so fortunate to spend five of those nights with BW hosts. It was a busy trip and we didn’t have a lot of time visiting with our hosts, but every one of them was more than welcoming and accommodating – couldn’t have asked for a greater experience! I’m so very happy and grateful that BW was created – I have been a member since it originated and truly enjoy being hosts and guests. Your website is so easy to navigate and your communication with members stays current (We have been members of the original Boondocking Books site also. Thanks so much for creating these great sites/concepts!!)
like minded people
Joined in August and have been on 9 week journey visiting friends and national parks. Every one of our boondocker stops has been incredible! People, places, hospitality..
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As first time visitors to Canada, and first time RVers doing Trans Canada, Boondockerswelcome has been a blessing. It’s not just a place to stay, you meet so many great people. We have had everything from levelling blocks made in their workshop, loan tools, fresh bread and garden produce, local sightseeing trips in their cars, to fishing and boat trips, but always great company and conversation. And all the travel tips to help plan our journey. Its added so many special memories to our trip. BW is a life experience you have to part of, sign up now, you will not regret it.
Boondockers welcome is a true blessing
Our family has stayed with about 13 Boondockers all across the country over the past year. We not only have never had a bad experience but every host has went above and beyond to make us feel at home. We have made friends for life. A membership to boondockerswelcome was one of the smartest purchases we made while traveling! One night at a Boondockers property more than pays for the membership!
Black Angus Farm
Having a ball hosting
As hosts we are having a ball meeting all the wonderful folks that have stopped here. Everybody has an interesting story and have shared their great experiences! It would be impossible to meet the variety of folks whom have Boondocked here any other way that I know. Have already scheduled Boondocking ourselves.
Thanks for creating this service!
warm welcome in Kalispell
Just a warning to anyone who does not like to park under a huge shade tree, on a newly mowed lawn enjoying a pastoral view do not visit Martys. Seriously, just her chocolate with banana brownies alone is worth the trip.
He too is as friendly and helpful as anyone might be. We enjoyed our first Boondockers experience, Thomas and Sally
Jane and Henry (Trekkers)
We’re hooked on BoondockersWelcome
We just arrived back home to Ontario from a 5 month trip southwest in our Roadtrek RS Adventurous. We joined your group thinking we might be able to make use of a few host properties for an overnight stay while travelling. We met some incredible people who welcomed us into their homes, shared great adventure stories and encouraged us to stay with them longer than we had planned.
Your system is amazing and we brag to everyone we meet that we are part of a great organisation – and that they should join too. Thanks for starting this growing concept!
Jane and Henry
Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Samson Acres
Thank You Boondockers Welcome!
I just had a couple stay with me “sundowner”. I can not tell you how much I enjoyed having them as guests! This was one great experience for me, having them stay on my property was like getting a great Christmas present in April!
Thank you for hosting Boondockers Welcome!
Danny, Diane & Charlie (Charlie2015)
First boondocking experience was awesome…
We recently spent two nights boondocking at the home of Travlngary in Floresville, Texas. We cannot say enough about how welcoming they were… Giving us tips on the area, etc and even welcoming our little Charlie into their home. We felt safe and they were very generous in offering us power, water and even dumping. Thank you once again, Gary and Val, for your generosity…we hope to return the favour one day…
All the best and a big hug to your fur babies, Chelsea and Freddy! Danny, Diane & Charlie Shediac, NB, Canada
Great people, great stories
We have been offering our spots to BW folks for a bit over a year. We have met some fascinating people who share their travels and some come bearing gifts. We have shared our favorite places plus a map app that I find indispensable. Travel is an activity that broadens your education and outlook. It is refreshing to meet fellow explorers who are as excited about learning about the world as you are. Thanks for offering this opportunity.
Night in paradise!
Stayed at Wildside winery on our way out to Kansas. Beautiful level spot with wifi. Got a good night’s sleep before heading off. Loving Boondockers Welcome. Just wish we could have met our hosts.
New Beginnings
We’re new RVers and new to this site. Traveling across country from FL to OR soon to visit with our adult children and stumbled upon this site. Joined and within 24 hrs had two invitations to boondock. How great is that? Wanted to say a big thank you to all who offer to host people like us, new at this and not sure what we’re doing or how to do it. It takes a lot of the pressure off while we’re learning the ropes. Hopefully, we’ll be able to return the favor some day. Life can surely be wonderful when you meet the right people along the way.
Newtown, CT meeting Bella
I had my very first Boondockers Welcome experience a few days ago. Newtown, CT Bella was welcoming and the site, although small, was right on a river so I could hear water and night sounds. I was invited to swim which I loved and enjoyed the experience. I will go back again next month for I volunteer near there. Great experience! Thanks, Boondockers Welcome and thanks again Bella!
Brian Lowes
A great experience all the way.
I would like to make it known that I have stayed at 7 different B/D locations on my trip to Newfoundland and Labrador. Without exception all have been wonderful and all my hosts were great people to spend some time with. All were very helpful and cooperative with valuable information as a visitor to there area.
I have in the past used Bed & Breakfast locations in Canada Australia France England New Zealand Hawaii Ireland Scotland and the USA. I used them because they always know the area that you are visiting better than Anyone else. The information is something you will not always get for a Hotel or a Motel, and to me I find that this helps with my vacation. So for anyone that is considering Boondockers, do it and join it is very good. This was not sulisited by anyone from me.
Thanks to B/D
Jack and Carolyn
First Boondockers We had our very first Boondockers, Nigel and Sandra, E-mailed us 05/17. And they stayed Sunday night – so cheerful and welcoming . They were on the way to the Grand Tentons and next Yellowstone. Our boon docking is in a great spot for travelers on the way to Jacksonhole Wyoming. We are right off 191, 60 miles away. Well we enjoyed making new friends and sharing a toast of wine with them. Thanks again Nigel and Sandra. Great guests.
I love this site. As a single older woman I feel safe. and I love meeting new people. I have recommended this site to many people.
Wonderful Support System
I LOVED, LOVED the folks I stayed with – what a wonderful system this is, especially for someone like me on the road alone for the first time towing a tiny trailer. I felt so supported and encouraged at each and every stop ! ! ! The web site was easy to use and helped me tremendously in planning my trip and my overnights. The hosts I contacted responded quickly to my emails and were all welcoming and kind. Everyone offered helpful advice and ideas about what to visit on my trip. And best of all they all shared wonderful stories about their lives and their travels. I certainly am recommending this site to all my traveling friends.
Fun new friends
We live in central Michigan and recently met some fellow Boondockers who live west of us half an hour but both grew up in the area we now live in. Nuttyfabes are really nice folks and we expect to do some things with them in the future.
Through our conversation over dinner a few days ago we discovered that the first farm we owned was bought from Ray’s Uncle. His wife Pat was very nice to get to know as well. We didn’t boondock at their place but I am sure it would be pleasant and fun to do that for anyone coming through central Michigan area.
Brian (photo7joe)
Boondocking virgin. Nope, not anymore!
Hello All,
I just wanted to thank my hosts Marianne & Randy of Elora, Ontario, also the founders of Boondockers Welcome, for my first overnight trip in my Taylor Coach. It was a very peaceful and quiet place to get my feet wet (I live in Toronto). I hope to meet some more boondockers in the future.
Gary & Valinda (Travlngary)
Gotta Love It
We have had about a dozen BDW members stay with us the last couple years, many of them from Canada, and we decided to turn things around and visit them this time. We just got back from a 3 1/2 week, 6,000 mile trip from Texas up through several north eastern states in the US as well as New Brunswick, Prince Edward and Campobello Islands and Ontario Canada. We used BoonDocker Welcome (BDW) all but two nights. We were able to plan ahead with confidence knowing when we got there the host family was expecting us. We stayed with 9 different members and enjoyed each and every one of them. The hosts were friendly and very accommodating.
With BDW, not only do you get a safe place to stay but you meet new friends as well. We find that we have many things in common with most of the host members. We are so glad we found BDW and we look forward to future opportunities to meet and interact with other members.
Thanks Marianne for creating such a wonderful thing.
First Time !
We hosted our first Boondocker from Maryland this past Friday . Enjoyed meeting her very much , it was a great experience ! Expecting another on Monday evening. Looking forward to it !
The Snyder’s , Lowell, MA
We just had our first visitors compliments of – Fritz and Monika Gadermeier. They have a small self-contained RV, really neat. We listened to their stories of traveling in Equador, down to Tierra Del Fuego and in Africa as well. We shared many stories during the evening that they stayed on their way to the US. If you have not hosted before and are thinking of trying it, my advice is “go for it ” it’s a great way to meet people and learn of our world.
Walt and Judy Kaiser
Camp los Compadres, San Felipe, Baja, Mx.
We are very happy that we joined Boondockers Welcome. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new RVers and having them visit us at our site. We can’t wait to use Boondockers Welcome from the other side. We have a motor home that has been idle for awhile and we are now preparing it to get back on the road. We plan on taking short trips around the state of Florida and then on to longer trips later. We will be using the Boondockers wherever we find them and getting to know more new RVers and tossing experiences back and forth. This is a GREAT idea. We are also very pleased with the Boondockers Welcome site. It’s very easy to find what you’re looking for, and easy to edit your own personal profile if needed. We love everything about Boondockers Welcome. Thank you to the ones who started all this and for your continued interaction and availability to us all.
Hi! We have been on the road for 3 months and have 9 more to go. We are traveling from Seattle, have gone across the northern US, the Maritime Provinces and are now heading back down into the US for the rest of our time. We have used Boondockers Welcome about a dozen times and have had excellent experiences each time! People are friendly, knowledgable, and will help you navigate their community. We have helped people with projects, shared meals, run errands, borrowed equipment and made friends that we hope to see again. I recommend Boondockers to everyone I talk to who says “I’ve always dreamed of doing a trip like you are doing!” Boondockers makes it easy and fun!
We have been members for over a year and just had our first guests, International guests! What a great way to meet new people and learn about where they call home. We were so excited about hosting, we could hardly wait for them to arrive! I hope they enjoyed their stay as much as we enjoyed having them. THANK YOU so much for developing this site, may GOD bless you.
Dan S
I’ve had three couples come and stay at my location in Oakland, California. Everyone was awesome! Just the nicest folks you’ll ever want to meet. First it was Arie and Ingrid from the Netherlands. Then came Richard and Eve from the U.K.. And just recently Barry and Dot from Spain stopped by. It’s amazing how easy it is to talk to nice people…and how much we have in common. I’ve enjoyed the whole Boondockers Welcome thing and look forward to the next visit.
To my new friends…Thanks, hope to see you again. ~Dan
Last fall, we had a couple boondock with us a few days in PEI after they spent 5 weeks in Newfoundland. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to use Boondockers Welcome in our trip to Mississippi last winter. Setting up the locations ahead of time, we boondocked all the way from NE Canada to southern Mississippi using eight sites! The pressure was off, because we knew we had a warm resting place each night. Every host went out of his/her way to make us comfortable. We enjoyed meeting a diversity of hosts. And every host said, “What a great idea — Boondockers Welcome!”
The best thing to happen since the invention of the wheel
We LOVE it. Great people, very friendly and helpful. It is great to be able to pull into a driveway and feel at home, you dont have to worry over getting that knock on the door in the middle of the night. I just wish someone had thought of the idea years ago, but am glad to be part of it.
Terry and Malcolm camped with us on Friday and Saturday nights at our farm in Alabama. They were very pleasant guests and we enjoyed meeting them. I hope they continue to enjoy traveling. As it happened, we had another boondocker request for Sunday night but I didn’t get the e-mail in time and she found another spot. I was disappointed at first, but we had six inches of rain last night so I think she made the better choice. lizzie
We just hosted Maryanne and Randy and had a blast. Very interesting conversation and lots of laughing. What a great service. We’ll definitely try to stay at hosts’ locations in our future travels. Not going many places this year, but welcome others to come see us in Punta Gorda Florida
We had the pleasure of having Vinnie (the name of the RV) in our driveway for the night. We loved meeting Vic & Patty and really enjoyed hearing all about their travels (all the way from Arizona heading to the Maritimes!). Hosting was a great experience and I feel we have made new friends. Hopefully, we’ll get to meet up with them again when we travel to Arizona this winter.
System Worked Perfectly
We joined in August. Used the search and found an overnight “haven” from Butch and Fonda in Twelve Mile, IN. They were extremely hospitable and we felt very safe on their property. The search worked well and the whole experience was great. We will definitely try it again. I just feel bad that we live in an area that has an ordinance against overnight parking and cannot reciprocate for others at this time.
Terry and Malcolm
Incredible Experience
We did our first boondocking trip in August and I can’t say enough about the kindness and helpfulness of our fellow members. Many thanks to joeandkathy, Faz, Marianne, Lesara, and, especially, JosMont. This is such a great idea on so many levels. It attracts people who know what it’s like to be burned out from a long day on the road, only to end up at a truck stop or a Walmart. It’s true travellers are cut from different cloth then the park crowd, but still, we all get tired. Everyone was so considerate and helpful. I can’t wait to welcome our first guests and start repaying the kindness that’s been shown to us.
Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful site. My husband and I are new to traveling, 2 years in, but we love it. This is a great way to travel and not break the bank.
Great site and we’re meeting great people
Visited the Roadtrek factory in Kitchener, and boondocked at Marianne’s home overnight in Elora, ON. Unfortunately Marianne was not there, but was still gracious in letting us stay anyway. Hats off to Marianne for the Boondockers Welcome site. Elora is a very quaint and pretty town. Make sure you visit the Elora gorge and falls, and check out the pastry coffee shop in town. We met some very nice people there and stayed for a couple of hours. Wonderful coffee and pastries.
Just read the Motorhome Magazine article We just got back from a 3 week trip driving to Nova Scotia and I just got to the magazine. I had to come check out the site! Boy… if I had known before we left! We added our location for available boondocking and am courious to see how it goes. We will most certainly try to check out some other locations on our next vacation.
Our First Boondockers
June 14-16 we had our first Boondockers stay in our driveway. They had a 27′ Lazy Daze and a toad and fit quite nicely. It worked out well for us and for them.
Great Idea
What a great site/idea. I got the link from RV Gazette. So glad they did the little blurb about you. Keep up the great work!
Terry and Malcolm
Steve Jobs would be proud!
As usual, genius manifests itself in the simplest of ways. All the ingredients were there, it just needed someone to put them together. This idea is going to spread like wildfire. It evokes the communal spirits of years past and intertwines them with the reality of diminished 401k’s and the need for real plumbing. Can’t wait to get out there and take this site for a test drive!
A Great Resource
Just found this place, and am impressed, this is a great resource. However, I am looking for a real boondocking spot/places, such as deep in da woods, up on the mountain next to the stream, lol.
Thanks to whoever started this site.
Couch surfing for RVers-Brilliant!
What an absolutely brilliant idea Marianne. I expect this group to grow and flourish. Whether a boondocker or a host, this can be a community of sharing and that’s what life is all about. Thank you for setting this up!
I had thought of a similar concept many, many years ago. This is a great idea and I thank Marianne for bringing it to the RV community. I have already sent my first request for a stay and anxiously wait for a reply.
Wandering Woodheads
A Terrific Idea
This is a terrific idea, and so logical. The simple ideas are often the best and most innovative.
Safe Boondocking
I think this type of service to our friends has been a long time coming. Great to see this for our RV friends. Many times I have searched for spots along my trails n so happy to be a part of this wonderful idea. My Aloha and credit goes out to the staff.. Mahalo and Aloha Greg (retired from Kahuku, Hawaii)
Just what is needed!
We’ve long thought that a ‘driveway surfing’ community needed to form. This is perfect. Thank you for providing this resource.
Jay Gentner Sr.
Best Idea Yet
I think this is the best idea to come down the pike in a long time. Jay sometimes drives 12 to 14 hours a day simply because he cannot find a suitable place to park for the night. With this web site I should be able to enjoy my trips a little more. I only regrete that we cannot at this time offer the same to others. However this may change in the future, if so, I’d be more than happy to offer whatever assistance we can. We are currently buying a hobby farm with another couple. When things get straightened out more we will inform all of you.
Hospitality Homes
I think this is a great idea so I have opened an account with your new group. When we were active in bicycle touring we listed our home as a Hospitality Home for touring bicyclists on a national register. We had many great experiences meeting new people that stopped at our home as well as those that afforded us a place to spend a night or two where otherwise we might not have been able to stop. This is an excellent way to meet new people out enjoying the RV lifestyle.
David (dsh1705)
BRILLIANT! This is a brilliant idea! I love your guides, and now this! If it wasn’t for the fact that we have no more space in the alley, with our daughter and husband staying with us, and both the neighbors old cars, we would LOVE to offer space to others… Keep up the great work – thanks for doing this, and I look forward to seeing this grow!

Is Boondockers Welcome legit?

Yes! We have been in business since 2012 and have thousands of wonderful members who enjoy using Boondockers Welcome to stay overnight at incredible and generous Hosts across North America. Our members have fun and make many new friends along the way!

Is Boondockers Welcome worth it?

Yes, we think so! Our small membership fee pays for itself very quickly (usually within two stays!), and you can enjoy unlimited overnight stays at thousands of Boondockers Welcome locations all over the country, in Canada and even Mexico!