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I've been hosting as Alta Vista since last January and with Covid-19 my interaction with "old" friends has come to a halt. However about 30 visitors, "new friends" have come to visit me in their travels. It is an unbelievable, unexpected experience I never imagined when I joined Boondockers Welcome. Its such a pleasure meeting travelers and learning of their experiences. However, when I see that I will be hosting a young family, the thought of having children running around and playing in my yard makes me most anxious for their arrival.

We had guests that recently visited with their three beautiful, friendly, well- behaved, polite children. They had my grandfather juices flowing again. Going to the nearby playground, making smores around the fire ring, and watching them carve a pumpkin provided great memories.

A family, recently became "full-timers", who will make you realize what this "sharing" is all about. I hope you all get to meet this amazing, loving family in their travels.

One of the best moves my husband and I made was joining BW! We have met so many cool people, learned so much, gotten more confident in the idea of boondocking (we haven't had a chance yet but we just got our RV last week!!). If anyone is on the fence about hosting I would say don't worry- we went from hosting 1 rig 2 nights to hosting 2 rigs for 5 nights, certainly because we have the room, but more because we so enjoy meeting new folks and learning their story!! Thank you for this great community!!

Submitted by Joanie Carboni Macaroni

I've been a Boondockers Welcome member for now 2 years and love it so much!

I've met many other Boondockers Welcome members, slept 69 times in the camper this year, so at $53.00 a night of camping I saved around $3,657.00!

I also slept in some campgrounds maybe 3 or 4 nights only and I way prefer the Boondockers Welcome experience! Hosts help guests to find where to visit, making recommendations on good restaurants in the area, as well as attractions, and more! YOU NEED TO JOIN! RV Owners helping other RV Owners to make this RV life even better.

You will make friends with some of them for sure! Be sweet and help others to travel! It's just too fun to miss that!

Have fun everyone!

We have had two different families stay with us this week. Both have been absolutely delightful. Each had children with them and both times it was like having a visit from our grandchildren. I feel like we have new friends. Our lives have been touched and blessed by their presence.

My husband passed away in August 2019. Before he passed we were able to accommodate 3 motorhomes at our host location. He got great pleasure in interacting with the guests. I host guests now in his memory. Some members may remember us, we were driving a great big "Turtle."

We hosted our first guests from Boondockers Welcome this weekend! This morning we said goodbye but we loved having them here and making new friends! Since Chris and I can’t travel a ton this year, hosting is going to help us live vicariously through those still traveling!

Submitted by @alwaysonthemove_sempermotus

We just finished up a 3 night stay at "Rustan Ranch" and couldn't have asked for better hosts. Such a fun farm they have! We met new friends @turtleexpressrvlife (we are going to find those delicious pies in South Dakota!). I say it all of the time, but we love the RV community so much. Boondockers Welcome is another highly recommend membership.

Submitted by @away.we.roam

We arrived in Stephentown, NY this afternoon where we will be boondocking until Saturday. We are so grateful to all the amazing people who open up their properties to those of us living the nomadic life.
We are so excited to be staying here and are excited to explore the area over the next few days.
Stay safe out there.
Live to wander ¤ Wander to live.

Submitted by @livetowanderbus

We officially started our full-timing journey today!! We drove 7 hours to a little @boondockers.welcome spot just outside of Chattanooga Tennessee. 7 hours will definitely be our maximum driving time 🤪 we all started to lose it towards the end.

We were welcomed by the sweetest southern family, their dog, chickens, and this view. 😍 @boondockers.welcome is an awesome site that connects locals with RVers. Once you've signed up you can boondock for free at people's homes all over the world!

Submitted by @freerange_5thwheel

As we camp and travel across the country Boondockers Welcome is our number one choice! We talk about it to SO many people we meet. The hosts are always friendly and the properties offer so much more than a spot for the night. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, close proximity to sights, and often times hook-ups. The hosts "get it" because they enjoy the journey too! We have had hosts share tools, advice, power cords (it is always something!), and even "toys" like tubes and kayaks. During this strange time, locations are safe for a family with little humans and not overcrowded like you find at a campground/RV park. I cannot share enough good things or even photos because we have had a wonderful experience (we still are).

We bought our travel trailer two years ago and have spent two summers exploring. Last summer was the eastern states, starting in our home state of Florida and ending in Maine. We NEVER had a bad experience with our Boondockers Welcome stays. Rick (my other half) is a friendly, generous sort and it has been DELIGHTFUL to invite our hosts for a meal. In Maine, our invitation turned into our hostess insisting that she cook a lobster feast with all the “Mainer” sides. If you’ve never tried homemade from scratch blueberry cake, you’ve never really lived!!! The lobster was caught that morning by a friend.
Within 20 minutes of pulling in at our host’s in New Hampshire, Rick was flying with our host in his 1946 canvas-winged single-engine airplane and I discovered the hostess to be an artist just like me, with a new and amazing studio.
I could write a novel, with each chapter about each of our Boondockers Welcome stays. I feel that we are not fair in not mentioning our other hosts, as our stays with them were equally amazing. We love staying with people from the places we are exploring and we find we have many shared interests with our hosts.
We wish there were more Boondockers members out west. This summer‘s trip has been over three months of exploring the middle part of our country from the coal mines of Kentucky to Glacier National Park and back. In Montana, we heard from a couple that we had made friends with last summer in Vermont. They were staying at a Boondockers Welcome site and we contacted the hosts and were invited to stay at their beautiful acreage. We ended up at a local breakfast place to celebrate our stay. Again, what nice and interesting people our hosts are!
We have stayed with almost a dozen different hosts on this trip. How wonderful to have a safe and welcoming stop in these difficult times.

Our first Boondockers Welcome stay was wonderful. Our host was generous and responsive. Our site overlooking the lake was beautiful and offered amazing sunrises and sunsets. We enjoyed walking the country roads and meeting and talking with a couple of the neighbors. Awesome stay and an even more awesome host.

After an RV drive day it's always nice to have a good place to land. It's even better if that place has welcoming and friendly hosts and sometimes even goats or other fun things for the kids! That's why Boondockers Welcome has been so awesome. This was another lovely overnight stay on our way down the road.

Submitted by @_neverstopadventuring

We arrived at Sumter Winery exhausted and very hot in June 2020. We were on our way to Red Bay, Ala., for repairs to our slide. The incredible hospitality we received at this site was amazing. I thought we would have to sleep with our windows open in 95-degree heat with our panting Lab. The host came out and was incredibly gracious offering us the ability to run our generator and cool off our Lab. Would stay there again in a heartbeat. The wine is good and the kindness extended was amazing.

What an incredible network! Super easy & helpful way to travel and keep passing forward great vibes😎-Team Shafercasa “Adventure Awaits”

Meet our hosts - world travelers, married 58 years! Their favorite state is Utah & their favorite place ever is Africa. They spent 13 days on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon and my only regret is that I didn’t get to spend more time with them and hear more stories (these darn children can’t take care of themselves). Before ever meeting us, they let us stay on their land for free with 50amp service, water, and WiFi. We all enjoyed the yard full of art and my veggie-lover admired Shirley’s garden and convinced her to give him some tomatoes. One neighbor had horses, another had fields of beautiful cherry trees and they were walking distance to a great river where the kids played and swam. I hope our mutual travels bring us together again in the future. We’ve always been campground people but after meeting so many amazing people through Boondockers Welcome this trip I actually no longer want to stay in campgrounds. It’s been so good for my soul to explore this country and meet so many amazing strangers who are just full of generosity and kindness.

Submitted by @rventuring_rousos

We discovered Boondockers Welcome on a Monday and signed up as hosts that evening. Tuesday before noon we got our first request and our guests arrived on Wednesday. We are so happy to help out fellow campers and are looking forward to using Boondockers Welcome ourselves for an upcoming trip to southern Ontario.

I stayed with a few hosts last year on my way north. Since it was my first RV trip I was very green but learned much from my hosts. I was welcomed by all and felt at home.

We have been a member for just under a year have had over 11 guests and used one stay. Every one of our guests has been a great experience. During COVID 19 we told some guests to stay at our house until they thought it was good for them to leave. They ended up staying a little over a month. They liked the area so much they ended up buying a house, ending their full-time status. They are great people. Each one of our guests has been a pleasure to meet. Our one stay was my wife going to pick our daughter up from college. I was unable to go, but the hosts treated her so well and said that our daughter could come for a home-cooked meal whenever she wanted and that we can stay whenever we wanted. These are just a few positive experiences we have had.

We just had our 1st “Boondocker” stay at our home! I really enjoyed meeting Horseycat and her sweet daughter. I love making new friends, I am going to miss our morning coffee and chats out on the patio. Please feel free to come and stay with us anytime you are in the area! The California fires made it very smokey while you were here and I hope it didn’t affect the rest of your vacation & you were able to get to your next destination without any issues. Life is short and good people are far and few between these days, so glad to meet one of the few!

We’ve got to say that our Boondockers Welcome experience has been both interesting and rewarding. We have owned a variety of RV types including Class B and 5th wheel campers but settled on our Lance slide-in truck camper on an F-350. We had planned a trip to Alaska in 2020 but paused it until the dust settles. What a year!

We have hosted about 50 BW guests at our shady acre in SW Florida. Our first visit was a couple from Ohio who have since returned numerous times. Their experience traveling influenced us to tow a Jeep behind our rig to enhance the traveling and exploring adventures. We have booked a first visit at their host location just this week!

Our Florida guest list has included folks from Alaska & Wyoming. Distant guests have come from Australia, England, and Israel! And all kinds of recreational units, from big Class A rigs and buses, brand new RV’s to homemade van conversions. Young & Old! Some people come & go before you meet them and others stay a few nights sharing a meal and good stories by the fire.

We have so far only visited two BW hosts and both experiences were great. Our trip was from FL to MD and back where we used our RV as a COVID quarantine unit, avoiding hotels, restaurants, and rest stops! Being self-contained definitely has its advantages. We boondocked on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. A few safe procedures at fueling stops have kept us clean so far. We do look forward to continuing the adventure.

Hope to see you down the road!
Jim & Vaughn

I'm an avid outdoor enthusiast and amateur nature photographer and have just this week purchased my first RV. I sold my home to be able to embark on a lifestyle of freedom and choice. I look forward to boondocking often and hope to meet other boondockers on my travels.

Our first Boondockers Welcome experience could not have been better. We communicated for 2 days as our travels brought us closer. We arrived about 4 p.m. and were greeted in the drive and easily showed where we were expected to park. It was spacious for our 21 ft Travato class B. We sat out on the lawn with the residents with proper distancing and had wonderful conversation for about 2 hours. We feel like we made new friends.

We will all remember 2020 as the year of the Covid-19 Pandemic. To most people who are in good health, this is no big thing, but to those of us who are immuno-compromised, social separation is a big deal. After six months of isolation, my wife and I had a severe case of cabin fever. We just needed to get safely out of our house. Ever since getting a motor home, I had promised my wife a trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Now was the time! But we needed a means of traveling in the midst of the pandemic while keeping ourselves safe. As we considered options, we realized that the solution was boondocking. Thanks to Boondockers Welcome, we were able to travel 4800 miles safely staying with the wonderful hosts who also wanted to remain safe, and were willing to accept our need for separation. We had many six-foot conferences with our hosts and made new friends in the midst of the pandemic. Who would have known?

The entire experience has been superb because both guests and hosts understand the expectations of Boondockers Welcome.

BoondockersWelcome is Canadian, but we have stayed with wonderful hosts in other countries too! Of course there are lots of BW hosts across Canada and the USA. But did you know there are friendly spots to stay in Baja Mexico? We found that out a few years ago on a three month visit there. Then in March this year we found ourselves in a bit of a situation with a rented Class B camper in Queensland, Australia. Our government recommended every traveller out of Canada come home as Covid 19 became a growing worldwide concern. The Australian government closed their state borders and we were having trouble finding a flight home to Ontario from Queensland. A Boondockers Welcome host came to our rescue as local campgrounds were being closed down. This couple were stranded in a different state but offered us a spot to park, with water and electricity, for as long as we needed until we found a flight home. How kind! And to top it all off it was in a small community with an ocean view from our bed.
This is an example of the kind of people who offer to be BoondockersWelcome hosts!

Wow, we spent some time ln February in Florida. Two of our stops were Barry's Compound and Airstream Gypsy. One of them had an outdoor fire every night we were there. At the other we got to meet with the founder of Boondockers Welcome who was spending a couple of nights on her way through Florida. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal we had that evening with the Gypsy and the founder.

We began using Boondockers Welcome two years ago and it now has become our preferred way of planning our travel! We love meeting new people and feel that this platform works great for our lifestyle! Thanks for being here for us!

In early March, we were contacted by Boondockers, Franz and Heidi, from Switzerland. They were looking for a place to "hunker down" with the coming lockdown from coronavirus. Could we accommodate them with their fifth wheel and pickup for longer than two nights? Yes.

Franz and Heidi came in mid-March and were here until late May, waiting out the lockdown until they felt comfortable traveling. We mostly isolated from each other the first two weeks. They went hiking in the local area (mountains of Colorado) and after two weeks, we began having Happy Hour together, ordering pizza from town and eating together, and one night we even had an American Thanksgiving dinner (in April).

But more than that, they began helping me clean out a shed, and planting flowers in the garden. They planned a lovely surprise birthday celebration for my husband, and taped enlarged photos of all of us to our door as an anniversary surprise. We took them ATVing in the mountains which they loved, and as you can imagine -- we became friends.

They were trapped here, but their experience in America became much more and much different than the usual tourist travel they would have enjoyed normally. After nine weeks, they regretfully went on their way. All four of us were so lucky--instead of being lonesome during the lockdown, we shared a once in a lifetime experience together, and are all richer for it.

We've been Boondockers Welcome hosts for about a year now. We have a newly constructed "coach house" on 10 acres in south Alabama with paved access and 2 pull-throughs with full hook-ups (water, power, sewer, even trash disposal). Never any charge, however, a snack or two or a bottle of wine for happy hour always is appreciated. We find that, at this stage in our lives, the extra cost for spoiling our guests is minor, and is repaid by listening to their life and travel experiences. RVers typically are interesting and great to fellowship with. Several have even pitched in with typical maintenance activities, or suggestions for improving our home or property.

Typically, guests who are physically able and who stay for more than one night will offer to help out with any challenges we might have (e.g., IT, engineering, property maintenance). Recently, one of our guests, who is an engineer, evaluated our security system, along with our Internet upload and download speeds. He discovered several problems, not all of which could be repaired, but at least now we are aware of them. Following that, he volunteered to fix an automatic garage door sensor, assist in picking up and burning deadfall, cutting down 7 tall diseased pine trees, and cleaning up a waterfall pond. Large projects off my wish list!

Instead of staying two nights, we held them captive for 5 nights! Time spent with these Boondockers is mutually beneficial. In fact, I'm not sure who benefits most from these visits - us or them! C&J Coach House

Part of the exciting adventure about being on the road is that you can't put a price on some of the experiences that your family gets to partake in. I like to call these once-in-a-lifetime experiences "divine appointments" because they shape your experience (and your kids) in such a special way that you never forget it. Teaching our 4 boys on the road is a critical part of why we travel full-time. We recently spent some of our summer in Northern Michigan and as part of Boondockers Welcome, we spent the night at a farmer's house who owned just over 80 acres. We stayed a day and a half, but once we left, my boys said they experienced enough activities for a full 3 days worth. The hosts were incredibly hospitable and helped make our stay so memorable. We not only viewed their farm with all the special equipment/machinery it takes to run a farm, but we learned the history around it, fed the chickens, shared stories and s’mores around the bonfire, learned about planting and harvesting the farm and even toured the community. We made such a connection that we already feel like part of their family and continue to keep in touch over email and text, sharing pictures of our lives. My boys keep asking when we'll go back...I don't think they have ever been that excited after an amusement park.

We are some happy campers thanks to Boondockers Welcome!!

A friend of ours we met camping suggested that we look into the Boondockers Welcome community. We decided to join and had our first stay 3 hours into our trip to Gatlinburg. Figured it would be easier to split our trip up and we do not regret it. Our host was so friendly and helped us with our dead car battery and helped us unhook the car, which he did not have to do. We are very grateful!! We will definitely be using Boondockers Welcome again 😊

Submitted by @brookandandy

There is a saying, "the third time is the charm". Not in this case. The FIRST time was the charm. Our first BW stay has spoiled us. After meeting our host and setting up, we hustled out to sightsee before dark. Not wanting to be intrusive, we didn't pull out our mat or chairs. However, upon returning, we noticed our hosts had literally put out a large "welcome mat" for us along with an extra step!!! We enjoyed beverages and laughs out on their deck both nights we were there and even shared a meal. They provided a beautiful, quiet space for us with water and electricity. Best of all, we know have new friends.

I pulled up to my second Boondockers Welcome site with my RV and was met by the host. He showed me where to go and I panicked a little because I was so new at backing up my RV. He stayed and helped me with my visuals for backing in and I got in just perfectly. The site he put me in had water, electricity, AND a waste drain! I felt like I was at an exclusive campsite all by myself.

I spent my two days there exploring the area and hiking, buying shrimp and fish from a fish farm, eating ice cream from a dairy farm, and learning everything I could about the area.

When I returned, the host brought me some goodies from his garden and I cooked them right away with my fish and shrimp. For dessert, there were blueberry bushes next to my RV that he welcomed me to eat all I wanted.

My stay there was so welcoming and peaceful! I made a video (slide show) of my stay there. If it's ok, I'll share it here:

Boondockers Welcome has totally changed our way of travel!! Our experiences with our hosts have been awesome, making new friends while in travel, giving us future locations for boondocking, and inexpensively at that!! Boondockers Welcome paid for itself in one stop!! Not only were we welcomed wholeheartedly from the host, but we are saving a ton of money which opens more time for travel. When you camp in a campground you are surrounded by many campers and the campground looks at you as another person while the hosts from Boondockers have taken the time to know us personally. We are no longer just another camper!! We are treated like we are family!! We won't go back to full time camping in a campground ever again because of the experiences we have had with our hosts!!

We are just so excited to see so many folks signing up to be hosts with Boondockers Welcome. We have been hosts for several years now. We have had some wonderful visits with people from all over the country. It is really good for us as we love to camp but are homebound caring for my 99-year-old mother. Having folks come to us is almost as good as traveling ourselves.

When we do travel, we always look for BW hosts first before any other plans along our route. We have stayed with several in Canada (not an option right now) and many through travels to Oklahoma, Virginia, and our own state of Maine. One of our best is a llama farm where we could visit and learn about their habits and wool. Others were great on our way to eastern cities when we had our Class B. Now it is a little harder to locate some as we are 33ft with a tow. But, excited, as we see a lot more larger host sites coming along for our plans to travel across the country in the future.

Just can't say enough about being BW hosts and guests. If you are able to travel north in Maine, we are the Other Part of Maine, above Bangor. Beautiful country to come visit. Love to have you stay with us! AcadianMaine

Hello this is Jeepster Poddin Along in The Dob Pod pulled by a Jeep Gladiator named Rogue. Both a BW host and guest, the IGGY sisters (Italian Greyhounds) hubby and I hit the road this summer from the East Coast to venture out west to Arizona to visit my son. COVID or no COVID we were going. So, we packed up, top-down, blasted the music and hit the road.

This trip was in the planning stages since October of 2019. Various google searches and apps were used to find campgrounds, Boondockers host locations, and places to visit to make this dream trip a reality. Just to name a few of the places we utilized to make this dream come true are,,, All Trails, and If you haven’t checked them out, do so before your next trip!

We left our home base of SC and headed west to Eva, Alabama. A 2-day visit to see kin and to experience a hike to Stephen’s Gap Cave Trail. Pictures don’t do it justice and showcase only a small bit of its legacy. After a nice visit, we continued to Memphis, Tennessee to visit the Crystal Shrine Grotto, OMG GORGEOUS.

After taking a breath, it was on to Lonoke, Arkansas for an overnight stay at a host location for Boondockers. Hinton, Oklahoma – where the famous route 66 was traveled, was another Boondockers stop. Our trusty Rogue, tow vehicle, pulled The Dob Pod effortlessly across the expanse to Amarillo, Texas even with crosswinds trying to challenge my rattled nerves. It felt as if the camper was swaying back and forth across the road, but she had it under control. Just have to add, I Love This Jeep.

There were so many places to immerse oneself into Americana adventure It was like God just painted a perfect picture of why everyone needs to take time, slow down, and see life. Yep….God created the Jeep/Boondockerswelcome for doing just that.
So remember this, “Jeepster Poddin Along” – slow down and enjoy the ride. Until next time, we will see you on the road.

Genuine Southern Hospitality

If you have heard of southern hospitality but wondered what it was all about, stop by and visit this lovely couple. Our parking area was level, firm and clean. We were greeted warmly by W. even though we arrived 4 hours late due to a blow out and bad traffic. We thoroughly enjoyed their Carolina style pork barbeque and even got to sample some fresh figs. I would compare the hand chopped pork barbeque we had @ their family restaurant to the best in downtown Kansas City but at a very reasonable price. We also loved the easy access to the OBX beach without the touristy feel. Many thanks to this fine couple for making our experience a joyful pleasant one.

We left our winter location on March 9th from Florida for our around the country trip. The first goal was to get past tornado alley (past Texas) relatively quickly and then relax and take our time into California, up to Oregon and Washington state. Once we left and we’re in Louisiana we heard the news about COVID-19 and debated about returning “home” to our winter location. We decided to travel on!
We reached out to a Boondocker’s Welcome host in New Mexico regarding whether she would consider a longer stay so that we may shelter in place. We offered to help around her property and listed things that we could contribute. She gladly welcomed us to come. We arrived here and hit it off with this wonderful host. Due to Covid-19 and unrest in the country and a series of other things (like finding and rescuing an injured dog) we are STILL here!!! We have been welcomed to stay as long as we like and have been told if we try to leave that she will flatten our tires and not let anyone lend us an air compressor!!!!🤣
This group has been amazing and this host (now family) is the icing on the cake!!!

Boondockers Welcome rocks! Recently, on my way up to Sequoia National Park from San Diego and wanted to break the trip up over two days. That meant a stop around Bakersfield, CA, during a heatwave. Hmmmmm. I wasn't too sure about that but decided to give my new Boondockers Welcome membership a shot. I picked a place, and all I can say is WOW. My host was so friendly, her land was to die for gorgeous, and she even gave me some fresh-laid eggs from her chickens. I went to sleep and woke up to a fantastic view of the Sierra foothills and horses happily playing in their corral but feet from my van. For both of us, this was our first Boondockers experience. We are off to a great start. You can read more about the Sequoia trip at

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