Stay Rules and Restrictions

Your Boondockers Welcome guest privileges subscription gives you access to all our hosts, however there are a few rules and restrictions that you should be aware of while planning your stay requests.

Request Windows

Each host configures the window during which they will accept stay requests, both how early and how late you can make your request. Some may accept same-day requests, others may require up to 7 days notice. Some hosts may allow you to request a stay up to 2 months in advance (our site maximum), others may not accept requests more than a week in advance. The request window for each host is visible on their profile.

Repeat Stays

To avoid wearing out your welcome with a host, guests are restricted to a maximum of 5 nights in a 90 day window with the same host. This can be one 5-night stay (if the host offers that many nights), or several shorter stays. Plan for this when travelling, for instance if you hope to stay with the same host both on your way to and from a destination, ensure that your stays are only a couple of nights in each direction so as not to exceed the limit.

House Rules

Every host sets their own house rules, which are clearly listed on their profile. These might include restrictions around arrival/departure times, drinking and/or smoking, pets, children or other rules as required. Do not make requests with hosts if you cannot abide by their house rules. Guests reported to be in violation of a host’s house rules will have their subscription rescinded without refund.

Using Hookups

Some of our hosts generously offer electric or water hookups, or may provide access to wifi or an RV dump station. The availability of these services to guests is always a privilege, not a right. Our hosts are only requried to offer a safe place to boondock for the evening, anything else offered should be received with the utmost respect and gratitude.

Hosts should indicate on their profiles a suggested donation per night to cover the cost of any hookups that are used. If you use services provided by a host, you are required to offer this amount before departing. Failure to offer to pay for services used will result in subscription cancellation without refund.

Courtesy Contract

In addition to a host’s house rules, all guests must agree to and abide by the Boondockers Welcome Courtesy Contract.

Remember above all that our hosts are just generous RVers like you. They are not running a business, providing a service, or required in any way to tend to your needs. Show your gratitude to your host at all times. Upon meeting your host, your first words should always be “Thank You”.