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The $79 yearly membership gives members unlimited access to stay at any one of the + Host locations. That's about the cost of a single night at a campground.

In order to stay with our Hosts on their private property, you need to have a self contained RV that can dry camp for the duration of the stay.

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Boondockers Welcome currently offers + incredible Hosts across the US and Canada, offering great places to stay wherever you go in North America!

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as their availability permits and within the confines of our Stay Rules. Many of our guests have crossed the continent, staying with hosts the entire way!


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“Boondockers Welcome has been a blessing. It's not just a place to stay, you meet so many great people. We have had everything from levelling blocks made in our host's workshop, loan tools, fresh bread and garden produce, local sightseeing trips in hosts' cars, to fishing and boat trips, but always great company and conversation. Its added so many special memories to our trip. BW is a life experience you have to part of, sign up now, you will not regret it.”


“We LOVE it. Great people, very friendly and helpful. It is great to be able to pull into a driveway and feel at home, you don't have to worry over getting that knock on the door in the middle of the night.”


“Boondockers Welcome rocks! I decided to give my new Boondockers Welcome membership a shot. I picked a place, and all I can say is WOW. My host was so friendly, her land was to die for gorgeous, and she even gave me some fresh-laid eggs from her chickens. I went to sleep and woke up to a fantastic view of the Sierra foothills and horses happily playing in their corral but feet from my van. For both of us, this was our first Boondockers experience. We are off to a great start.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there pets allowed?
A: Nearly all of the Hosts permit pets on a leash. You can set this as one of your preferences while you are searching for Host locations on the map. If a Host location allows pets, this would appear in the “Suitability” section on the Host profile page with specific instructions if applicable. Respect that you are on private property and do not allow your pets to run free.
Q: Are there hook-ups?
A: About 75% of our Hosts offer hook ups at their location. Hosts may ask to be compensated for costs if a guest chooses to use any provided hookups, as long as free parking without hookups is always an option. Hosts are encouraged to include their expected compensation in their house rules, but these must be reasonable and only cover costs.
Q: How long can I stay?
A: This varies depending upon the Host. Some Hosts offer one night, while others offer our maximum at five nights. Guests are restricted to a maximum of 5 nights in a 90-day window with the same host, for insurance purposes. This can be one 5-night stay, if the host offers that many nights, or several shorter stays.
Q: Are generators allowed?
A: Each Host has their own rules about generators. If a Host location allows the use of generators on their property, this would appear in the “Suitability” section of the Host profile page. You can also set this as one of your preferences while you are searching for Host locations on the map. Many of our Hosts are fine with running quiet generators sparingly. You will need to be respectful of other RV’s or neighbors who are near to where you are parked.
Q: What types of vehicles are allowed?
A: We require that guests travel in self-contained RVs. Types of RVs include motorhomes, campervans, travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers and truck campers, so long as they are self-contained.  However, NO tents, minivans, cars, or pick-up trucks will be allowed to join as guests.
Important: All camping vehicles must be fully self-contained. Your RV must have an interior toilet and built-in holding tanks or bladders for waste water. Porta-potties that remain inside the vehicle at all times are acceptable, but must be dumped off-site at an appropriate facility. The dumping of gray water on Host properties is prohibited.
Q: How do I request to stay at Host locations?
A: In order to request a stay through the site, you will want to head to that Host’s profile page. Once there, select the date of stay and then click the orange “Request to Stay” button. If requesting a stay on the app, click the bolded “Online Stay Request” text. This will prompt you to fill out the rest of the request process.
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