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Rich and Ginny Quackenbush - Retired Bucket list trip

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We are Richard, a recently retired pastor who has been on disability for 6 years, and Ginny who is a recently retired school teacher. We have lived in Florida most of our lives, and are eventually moving to Tennessee. We have just sold her mothers's place, where we had been living and purchased a pre-owned Gulf Stream BT Cruiser - 24 foot and tow a Nissan Versa four down, which is now our only home. This trip is a goal we have had to see as much of North America and it's beauty and it's people as possible before we settle down in Chattanooga TN. We are brand new to the RV world, although we pulled a pop=up since 2006, Our last trip with the popup was from Florida to Maine. We are looking to hear from those who have much more experience then we do in this endeavor, and to learn about things and people who live off the main highways. We have traveled quite a bit in our lifetime and have been to the Caribbean. Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Some day we hope to visit the land down under if our health and funding hold out. We are quiet campers and look forward to meeting so many of you on our way. We thank you for offering us a welcome respite from the noise of this world.

Favorite Boondocking Locations

we are looking to see as much of the US as possible - primary Pacific NW

PastorQ's Pets

Toby has been with us for 15 years, and is living out the last of his life. We are not sure how much longer he has, so we have been keeping him as comfortable as possible. Toby has recently passed so we are traveling with only memories of our pet and friend.

PastorQ's Rig

2006 Gulf Stream 24 foot BT Cruiser with 2016 Nissan Versa in tow - no decorations and no bumper stickers- just plain Jane - BT has one slide out

Skills or Expertise to Share

we have some expertise in electronics - can handle a computer pretty well, but not as mechanically inclined as was in the past

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Recommended by shadowtn
Nov 16, 2017

It was great to have PastorQ stop for a night with us. We were a little busy with other things but it all worked out ...

We got them hooked up to some electric and they set out to roam around our city for a bit ...

The next morning we had a nice visit and although they were on the last leg of their bucket list before settling into their new home we covered a bit of their journey with them ...

Welcome to Tennessee PastorQ ...

Keep on Keeping ON ...

Larry and Sarah ...

Recommended by cjnky
Nov 13, 2017

We really enjoyed having this couple stay with us. We sat around the kitchen table and chatted about our mutual travels, church, and other topics. We felt like we had known them a long time, and will look forward to a future visit!

Recommended by kanosh 700
Oct 14, 2017

It was our great pleasure to host such a nice couple. They were with us a few days and we enjoyed sharing stories with them. We wish them all that is good as they travel this land.